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  1. Update me to Gotham's Protector please, got all 5 platinum
  2. Hey guys, the Brazilian site uses a rarity system, with points called PDM (medium points of difficult) they are calculed different for every trophy, based on rarity of the trophy, using logarithmic math. Most of the ratalaika trophy's gives you 0.5 points (minimum for a 100% rarity game) when a hard game like Arkham series platinum gives you 300 pt Or metal gear revengeance 600 pt Meat boy above 1k pts It's by far, the best way to make a rarity rank
  3. Can you sign me as Fan: i have Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 (i'll get the platinum tomorrow :D)
  4. Can you sign me up as Beginner Dead Rising 2: Of The Record Dead Island Dead Island Riptide
  5. Yes, I thought i posted, but i realize these is my first
  6. Please, update me to SSJ3
  7. This is what I've done so far... FULLY COMPLETED: Ratchet and Clank God of War inFamous Jak and Daxter Saints Row Sly Cooper Darksiders Prince of Persia ONE GAME MISSING: Batman arkham series (missing Batman: Arkham Knight) Borderlands (missing borderlands 3)
  8. Can you share this script to make only the platinum matters?
  9. I follow this ideia of not having a goal at all, I always make some goal about a game or two, but when I start to play I totally don't care about it.
  10. we could low the requirements of posts to 100 or less, so more ppl could help to take care of PPs I want to make 2 PP - Fallout(3, NV, 4, shelter and 76) and LOTR (has four games and one more to come)
  11. resident evil 5 is one the best to co-op.
  12. i read again, still need five obtainable platinum, and 200 post, so i'll be more participate to get my 200 posts
  13. even if you can't speak correct, is good to use, because someone else can take the leadership and coordinate the boost. Some trophies need coordination.
  14. One question, conquest still counts as one of five games needed to start the pp? Or I need 5 games with obtainable platinum?