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  1. will peep it out later.
  2. Game was hella fun here I am taking a break from gaming and come to find out the game servers are down. what a waste of 30 bucks game was hella fun too.
  3. This looks kinda easy but if it gets difficult with more bullet hell elements then eh i dunno. If it's cheap though however I'll give this a go I'm a sucker for anime art style games...
  4. lawd i'm kinda hyped for this. I was almost done with Tagers char challenges on BBCF so this may be a blessing from Yevon for real lol.
  5. it's a joke i didn't take your comment seriously you shouldn't take mine as such man.. lol
  6. Plat 100 God Of War Father and Son
  7. You're bitching because we bitched so we all bitching as a community lol. Seriously I got my plat that shit was laggy no need be upset with me pointing that out lol
  8. saiyanknight87 LittleBigPlanet 2 it's been so long I honestly don't remember and don't have much proof but please reinstate me if I can only have up to two games hidden. Thank you.
  9. I got the platinum last night i was so annoyed with this game. But man is are the controls really bad and I hate the rockets weapon selections i wish i could stick with one weapon but eh it doesn't matter it's been platinum'd lol.
  10. Yes I am complaining because the game skips and frame drops when it's too much on the screen. I was trying to make this plat no 99 as I wanted to make GOW plat 100 but the controls are bad bruh. I wish they wouldn't be so glitchy when it comes to slowing down time and dodging bullets. Very disappointed because I like a lot of the devs games (squareboy) but this was a bit of a disappointment.
  11. This man is a hero I support a few of you guys games like Square boy etc. keep giving us the filty! (John Campea reference)
  12. lol damn.
  13. That MP is simply atrocious and frustrating..
  14. I'm sure someone will create a better walk through of the game but I completed this trophy in like under 3 hours.
  15. hmmm this a crossbuy title too i'm on it..