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  1. Not really having a hard time with my extreme run, using a magic build. Was only hard in the beginning. Useful trick for money though, would have been handy in the beginning of my extreme run as money is hard to get...doesn't matter much now because as a magic user, can't wear much of anything What's up with this weird glitch where you get two Aphras after saving her buddies though? On normal mode I didn't get that, but on my extreme run I got two Aphras on the mission where you save her friends. o_O
  2. So it did work, but the thing that happened last time I played happened again. I can't just run into him, the fight won't trigger. As @Optinooby says, I had to spam X near his ass for the fight to start. So weird. Guides just say to run into him. Oh well, got him, he's done for. Without cheats. Kind of wish I could have seen The End, just wasn't happening. Never saw it once. Not even going to look it up, need to get it myself. Thanks for the input guys.
  3. Do hero drinks and holy wars stack if you use them a second time before the first one's effect are up? I'm actually really worried about this boss. Back when I played I never got to fight him. I did everything right, and he popped up. A big purple monster, yeah? But when I ran into his legs or interacted with him, nothing ever happened and he just dissappears when the timer's up. :/ Tried time and time again, same crap always happened. Hope it doesn't do that now.
  4. I gathered that from your username lol. Josh la brioche lol
  5. Yes, it worked great for me too. He has videos for all places with random and same/plus, very useful. How the hell did anyone ever figure out that you need to inspect draw points certain amounts of time though lol.
  6. When you visit Trabia Garden after the major story plot, go to the basketball court. All the way to the left are two people, one of them a girl squatting down. If you look at her arms animation it looks like she takes a cigarette to her mouth, puffs at it and then brings her arm down again. She keeps doing that so it looks like she's smoking. There is no cigarette graphic in her hand though. Probably wasn't in the PS1 version either, hell if I can remember, plus that's probably not even what it's supposed to depict at all. I'm just weirdly reminded of cigarettes in games after playing La Pucelle Tactics and seeing Croix's victory animation where he smokes, but no cig is there. Yet if you look up official artwork of that game, so many characters smoke. :/
  7. ^ The mark of a true warrior. But seriously, what the hell kind of fight was that? Tonberry King was a joke. NO, I did not use any cheats. What I did learn though, was that using Meltdown on the little Tonberries and keeping Squall on low health so he could use Renzokuken on them worked extremely well. So I figured, I'll do that on the big guy. So Squall was stuck on 600 hp throughout most little Tonberry guys, and stayed like that until the king showed up. Squall was lv 70, Quistis 36 and Zell 40. I used Meltdown on him once, then went nuts with Renzokuken, if it didn't prompt, I'd skip until I got it. Now guides say to use Diablo with 1000 comp, which I had with Quistis, but the one time I used it it missed...plus apparently this fight lasts like half an hour? Mine was barely 3 minutes long. Just Meltdown and don't heal Squall, or if he dies use a regular phoenix down so his health is always low. Guides also say that several Tonberries might be with the king when he shows up, but I had him alone. May have to do with me exiting and saving after every one when I got to 17 little Tonberries killed?
  8. Thanks. For the timer, mine left after I got Odin.
  9. Watched White Zombie. I'm in my old black and white horror movie phase. It comes and goes. Disturbing enough, would be even more so if it didn't star Bela Lugosi as an antagonist because you just know he was born for that...I mean, you see it coming. Still, he delivers as always, love that little beard he has plus the classic Dracula hair. This is before Lucio Fulci and George Romero made flesh eating zombies so here the zombies don't do much besides being slaves, but that's what the movie's plot centers itself with, I thought it was great. The way they move around is creepy haha.
  10. I know that you need to kill about 20 normal Tonberry guys for this boss to appear, in the Centra Ruins. What I would like to know is, say you killed 10 of them, exit and go back in, does the counter reset? If I remember right, it doesn't hut I'm not sure anymore...killed 5 of them and saved, will continue later. Also, any good strategies to beat this guy? I remember he was pretty tough but I don’t remember a damn thing about how I got him.
  11. Junk attacks? What's that? Normal attacks? Ok. I never use magic, I understand that much. Except for stocks of Cura I keep, and use out of battle. Not too far in right now, I'm at Balamb Garden while it's being attacked, so there's not much cool magic I can find so far for my junctions that I don't already have. I remember a lot of them being in the end, can't wait for those few spells that boost two stats at once. That WAS a thing, if I should recall right and proper? Looked it up in the game's help menu, seems right.
  12. Eh I get it now. I don't remember doing tests much when I first played this but money was never really an issue. So like a mad newbie I finished the SeeD test in Dollet with rank 3 this time around, which gave me an upper hand for getting rank A through tests. Thing is I wasn't thinking about this trophy at all until test 14. By then I was lv 51 so I just looked up the answers online like a weakling, and had enough tests left to get A. Reloaded after the trophy because personally I think those tests are fun. Kind of reminds me of all those "which sailormoon character are you" quizzes I wasted so much time on in the late 90's, learning all outcomes by heart until I got the results I wanted. SAILOR LAGUNA FOREVER
  13. ^ Aye, I played this way long ago and am far enough now to remember that getting magic isn't so bad. It sucks at first because you end up spending so much time drawing it but soon enough, you can mod a whole bunch of stuff, aaaand if I remember right in the end of the game there are hell and heaven islands with some useful magic to draw. Using GF abilities is way faster, making the battles quicker and more fun. Just need to give the game a little chance.
  14. Thanks. Just got the upgrade from the guy in jail, didn't remember that at all, nor do I recall the CC group guy giving out a third upgrade. Know I beat those guys way back, because of...who must not be named...but damn this game feels so new to me lol.
  15. Doesn't the battle meter tell you how many fights you've won right from the start? What's this about the prison guy upgrading it? I got it from Cid in the beginning of the game right after graduation. In the menu it tells me how many battles I've won and what I ran away from. So does the prison guy upgrade it so you see how many things you actually killed?