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  1. awesome thank you
  2. Does anyone know can I just replay the levels on hard with hardcore on after I play through the game on easy with all the skills and items unlocked or do I have to start over all the way with a new save slot?
  3. confirmed still working as of June 2022 used a fisk base for it
  4. Thanks that's all really helpful thank you. lmao I will at some point dont you worry
  5. Good to know I'm not usually a huge rpg person but I have been intrigued by the game even if the trophy list is daunting as hell lol
  6. Probably gonna start the winner this weekend so lets get a few more votes
  7. just an update not sure how long I'm gonna run this poll for probably till I finish Life is Strange 2 which I should be done by this weekend at the latest
  8. Ahh looks like I'll have to buy royale since the ps plus collection is the original would rather not spend the money but what can ya do I'd rather play the best version of the game
  9. lmao right but I doubt I would go for the plat on that one but none the less its a classic and I'd like to give it a try at some point
  10. well dang I did not realize that. That changes everything lol
  11. keep those votes coming yall
  12. I know I was considering waiting but I don't know if I want to spend the money on it again lol
  13. Back again and I don't know what to play next so help a guy out. My back log is overstuffed and I have no idea where to go from here. For this poll I'm gonna concentrate on the few Ps5 games I have as well as any games with sequels (released or announced). I just finished playing Yakuza Kiwami 2 and will probably continue playing Life is strange 2 while I wait on the poll results. I won't necessarily be going for the platinum on the winning game. That will depend on how I am feeling and how much I like the game. I encourage you to comment as well any thoughts on the games or anything really.
  14. I did see that Sony said they will be adding some new menus and the ability to save anywhere in some of the classic games. They didn't say it will be across the board but hopefully some of the more annoying ones will have this option
  15. I'm in regardless I loved the first one probably the funniest game I've ever played. Never been a huge borderlands fan but I love the world and atmosphere.