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  1. Made a gaming session for Minecraft check it out (:

  2. I will be entering for the U.S. Code (:
  3. Thank you =] I will be using this to solve my issue It's all been fixed. Thank you so much for the link (:
  4. I will give it till this weekend. I have never called sony before do I just call their support? =0
  5. I checked my email, PS3 & PS4 and still nothing. Should it take this long?
  6. I haven't gotten mine yet =/ Still waiting
  7. I am currently playing through this game and its very well made and enjoyable. Getting cards has been made very simple with purchasing card packs with game currency. The length is quite long as you are playing through the main duels in the arc of each story for the show. Online has its moments when its with players. I hope this helps you in some way. Have a good day C:
  8. Happy Birthday to me! C: Having such a great day. <3

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. JadedDragos


      Happy Late Level Up Day!!!

    3. Zombie-Outbreaks


      I will continue to survive C: Thanks for the birthday wish very enjoyable read Aela :P

      Thanks Jaded :D

    4. NotAFoxAnymore


      Aela - I remember when you used to copy that to everyone :P it's been a long time though...

  9. This is awesome! Working on getting Resident Evil 6 to 100%
  10. #8 Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires C:
  11. Happy to have my 100% Back for Minecraft (PS3) Cx

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zombie-Outbreaks


      Adventuring time D: it gave me a hassle to unlock

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      Oh I know what you mean ;u; I found a video that made things easier though

    4. Zombie-Outbreaks


      Lucky xD I ended up making multiple worlds exploring the whole map till it popped for me =0

  12. Beat Resident Evil Code Veronica X with Rank A!!! =D Hardest trophy out of the way. C:

    1. ronin_leon


      Wow, still have that one on the "to-do-list". Good one man.

    2. Zombie-Outbreaks


      Thank you =D You can totally knock this out! Believe C:

  13. Platinum #7 Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare (PS3 Version) :D Round 2 xD