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  1. All of the above plus terrible connection issues every now and then, like just now for me. Just like Sony, the messaging app straight out sucks. Reliability is a foreign concept to them, like customer service and whatnot. Thank heavens for Discord.
  2. You're welcome. One more thing, back then you didn't care about trophies, but you still remember the exact PS syncing error code until this day? Yeah right.
  3. So you a. weren't rewarded with but a couple trophies and b. for those couple trophies syncing wouldn't work. I a. don't believe any of your story and b. even if I did and that mattered, it wouldn't make a difference, as the timestamps are out of order and thus illegitimate. You'll either hide the game or won't be part of the leaderboards. Forgot c. some more of your “syncing problems“ surface and it won't matter if you hide that game, as you'll be gone from the leaderboards for good anyway.
  4. If you had had these multiple syncing issues and then suddenly, after getting the epilogue trophy, syncing worked, why would your PS3 or PSN only have synced that single trophy and not all the other ones? It's not like they would have got lost, all alleged syncing issues aside.
  5. There is and was no “sync problem“. The only sync problem could have been caused by you. Don't try to shift blame for stuff that only you could have messed up. Hide the game and move on. Or don't.
  6. I already got it from the other guy's comment. No need to explain it a second time. If there's someone who needs to use his brain it's still you though. Even if the EU thing might have been confusing, logic dictates that there's no EU-as-in-Europe game in the US (or any other non-EU) store. Should be easy enough.
  7. Hidden trophies can be detected, but how would you detect a deleted trophy list? 🤔
  8. Ah... gotcha.
  9. Yes, yes it does though (; what else would it mean. You seem to be a little confused I guess. No offense, just my impression.
  10. Plus you have the best mom in the world 🔙🔛🔝🔜
  11. Did you even read the thread? It's been mentioned repeatedly.
  12. This and ppl downplaying the whole trend. It's those moronic consumers buying these products, ignoring, accepting and even defending these business practises and belittling others who see the sign of the times which make that shit possible in the first place. Too bad the whole thing won't only affect these idiots but everyone.
  13. That was the game that instantly sprung to my mind as well
  14. There are people where the best education system would still fail. Just take a look at how he starts every single paragraph. This is less about age or anything, this is a case of intellackt. But I guess you were just being polite anyway.