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  1. Easy. You for one are a good example:
  2. Same stuff happened to me with "A Normal Lost Phone", a game you absolutely had to play on mobile (or so everyone seemed to keep telling). So I bought it on sale for 19ct or sth (I usually don't buy mobile games at all, this was the one and only time I did). Same shit, different color. Related topic trying to raise awareness or whatever. Gameplay was boring and I generally have a hard time enjoying things if sensitive topics are being shoved down one's throat. This is not how you create normalcy and acceptance. A good example how such a subject can be handled in a natural, non-obnoxious way is the case of Bill in TLoU imo.
  3. One of the most overrated games on any system. Played it on PC (how fitting for a trendy PC game). Boring crap and the overwhelmingly applausive reception was plain ridiculous.
  4. Sony.
  5. Yeah of course 😏 Stop embarrassing yourself. Your posts so far have been awkward enough already.
  6. git gud scrub 😘
  7. BS. Obviously he "got gud" if he achieved the plat. Ofc in a game like MK there will always be someone better, as in HM as well. Still he was able to plat the game. Also, "git gud" is an expression used by try-hards and bigmouths. Plus the "scrub" is completely unnecessary and uncalled for. One more thing, I love Hotline Miami.
  8. Please don't. Consider your privacy. Also, this does not matter at all concerning the dispute. P.S. Should you choose to remove your post, I will as well.
  9. I see what you did there
  10. This in general and this in particular could be hinting at a depression or at least a depressive mood. Keep an eye on it.
  11. At least there's Play Asia and now Strictly Limited Games from Germany. Also Signature Edition Games (but they don't seem to really produce limited amounts, only exclusives, for those who care about that) and Special Reserve Games, but they suck as well (they sometimes partner up with LRG, so no surprise there). Concerning your question, for some reason they produced a certain amount of games that had shrinkwraps instead of y-folds during the Firewatch and the Chariot run. Whether the games had already been opened and were resealed or they just ran out of y-folds I don't know. If you happened to receive a shrinkwrapped copy, you were SOL. Your problem. Just one of many classic LRG annoyances. All in all it's a shitty company with questionnable business ethics, bringing out some interesting exclusives plus a lot of shovelware.
  12. Just because you are not getting the gist doesn't mean something doesn't make sense. On the contrary, I'm not surprised. Or are you trying to present alternative facts? Let me spell it out for you: Whining about Trump bashing, then purposely misspelling Obama in the same sentence and implying "normal" people would prefer Trump to Obama is hypocritical and pathetic.
  13. Plus dozens of more games where he was removed for impossible scores. He even entered his own fake records into the TG stats.
  14. 1. There is no "crime" nor a "punishment". These are merely TROPHIES. 2. But if you want to use these terms: Yes, it already was a crime back then and frowned upon. It also violated Sony's ToS. How many more times do you need to hear that?