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  1. np just thought I'd remind you cause I'm interested as well. Patch - idk about an announcement
  2. C64 Gateway to Apshai PS1 bought because of (a/k/a the PlayStation saga begins): Crash Bandicoot Resident Evil PS1 came bundled with (fell off the truck, so I couldn't choose): Cybersled Ridge Racer Street Fighter - The Movie Tobal No.1 PS2 came bundled with (2 years internet provider contract with free PS2+game): Jak & Dexter (game of choice, "free") PSP: LocoRoco Patapon PS3 came bundled with (PS3 pre-order sale): Resistance: Fall of Man (game of choice, free) Xbox 360 bought because of: Alan Wake Xbox 360 came bundled with: Metro 2033 (game of choice, free) Wii bought because of: House of the Dead II & III Wii first game: Red Steel PS Vita: Uncharted: Golden Abyss PS4 (local store sale around the time I bought the PS4: 3 games for €50; at that time each game was ~€35 regularly) AC IV Black Flag Shadow of Mordor Watch_Dogs "Game of choice": ~4 (PS2, X360) to ~8 (PS3 pre-order) games to choose from back then "Local store sale" (PS4; 3 games for €50): ~30-40 games to choose from
  3. E 3/17
  4. E.
  5. I'll admit I had trouble with this game in the later levels. Seems this is not my type of game. If you are encountering similar issues with FFF, I'll show you an exploit I found (that I couldn't find anywhere else in the web) that will get you your 100% as well. Step 0 * You should have maxed out all your cards using Uncharted: Golden Abyss, as this is of great help in any case. See any trophy guide. Step 1 * Start any level you want to beat. Step 2 * You'll want to have at least one (preferably low-cost) faction card in your deck that gives you extra faction points each round, preferably an All Player Factions +1 card (Sir Francis Drake, Esteban the Moor), but any other Faction +x card (King Solomon, Queen Elizabeth, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Friar Marcos, Marco Polo, T. E. Lawrence) can be good as well, depending on the rest of the deck you were dealt. This is optional though and not directly related to the exploit. * You'll NEED to have at least one (preferably low-cost) faction card in your deck that lets you deal instant damage to any enemy card of your choice (not to a random target though). These cards are (costs in parentheses): Eddy Raja (2) Mercenaries (3) Blaine (4) Mac (5) Rameses' Pirates (5) Charlie Cutter (6) Should you not have any of these guys in your deck, restart the level. Step 3 * Play a card that nets you faction points every round. Place it in a corner and protect it with a defense-up resource card or, if you received a high fortune, but no defense, play an instant banking resource card. OR * Strategically place any card you like anywhere (but usually not in the middle where it is likely to be instantly attacked. That depends on the used tactic though). "Strategically" meaning you can enhance the card by placing another card next to it. As the next card you will be playing in the upcoming round will be the instant damage card mentioned in step 2, it's a good idea to choose a card now that will be enhanced by (or will enhance) the instant damage card later. * Also a good choice is to pick a card that lets you bank a fortune card every round (Young Drake, Vincent Perez, Gabriel Roman, Archaeologist, Bedouine Horsemen, [Katherine Marlowe]). IN ANY CASE * Pick a card in such a way that leaves you with enough points to play the instant damage card in the next round (round 2). So if it'll be Eddy Raja for instance, you'll need to have at least 2 Villain faction points in round 2. Remember that all your faction points are increased by 1 anyway after each round. Step 4 - Exploit * Play your instant damage card. As by now there should be two enemy cards on the playing field, the game wants you to pick which of the enemy cards you'll want to attack. * Exit the screen by tapping anywhere on the screen (excluding the command fields that let you attack one of the enemy cards, duh). The game will zoom out again and show the whole overview including your deck. * Tap either your own or the enemy's icon to display your or their stats. Tap back to leave the stats screen. This is the crucial step enabling the exploit. * Pick a new card of your deck and place it strategically reasonable. * Repeat the stats screen view, tap the now available back button (it's not available in the first stats screen view when starting the exploit), then strategically pick and place another one of your cards until all your spaces are occupied. Note that you can pick any card that you could afford BEFORE playing the instant damage card. So let's say you had 7 Villains faction points and played Eddy Raja as the instant damage card which left you with 5 Villains faction points. You'll still be able to play Rameses for 6 Villains faction points as part of this extremely useful exploit, but not Skelzor for 10. (IF Rameses was part of the deck you were dealt, of course). * When you are done and all spaces are occupied, choose the enemy card you want to attack, then finish the round. * By the time one of your cards "dies", you should be able to replace it instantly, especially if you had placed a card mentioned in step 2 giving you faction points every new round at the beginning of the level. * Should you still lose more than 1 card after making use of the exploit in a level, you can repeat the exploit with another instant damage card. Using this exploit I was able to reach 100% easily, and so will you. Enjoy!
  6. I hate Japanese games in general (exceptions ofc) and VNs in particular and LOVE my Vita. Meaning to say, even if you leave out all the weeb stuff, there are so many good games for the system plus the trophy-on-the-go/play-in-between reasons, using the bathroom or travelling, having a break while at work and so on. It's the best handheld ever made and I still hope for a Vita II.
  7. A game that was totally capable of scratching my puzzle game itch while providing me with trophies is the kind of obscure "Hamilton's Great Adventure". Further recommendations are: Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent The Cave (great game) Dokuro (puzzle-heavy platformer, loved it) Labyrinth Legends Cuboid Nihilumbra The Swapper Road Not Taken Hitman: GO Stealth Inc. Portal Portal 2 Quantum Conundrum Art of Balance Quell Memento Edit: I see MMDE already mentioned HGA. Well, I can confirm that choice (: And I'll add Limbo and Inside to the list.
  8. You are absolutely correct, and giving it a second thought, I'd say definitely go for it AFTER unlocking all worlds. It's a classical higher risk, higher reward situation. Thing is, especially the gravity levels can absolutely screw you over, while the fiery "cannibal" type piece levels even give you a higher multiplier despite being much easier. I think it was really lazy by the developers not to give each level an individual multiplier based on its specific difficulty, as there are easier and more difficult levels in every world. It's a good idea to identify and practise those levels that you have the most issues with. I repeated them until I was able to finish them successfully three times in a row. To answer your question, it was annoying, but doable. Take a look at the gap between my last three trophies to get an idea of how long it took me. I took a break and did the tower tumble trophy in between, then I pushed through until it was done. So around two days of trying, some hours every day. The method and the will to do it are the most important elements. But that sounds like a platitude (:
  9. Does anyone know whether the 25 in-game awards net you anything when completed? Like extra coins perhaps? One can dream? Edit: It avails to nothing in case anyone else is wondering. Edit 2: Finally got my last missing award (germaphobe ofc) and can confirm myself: no bonus whatsoever.
  10. This is as PSNP as it gets.
  11. True. I hope I can muster the motivation to finish AA some day and then no more Batman for me. Except Blackgate perhaps.
  12. Damn, I was planning to do this over summer.
  13. I see. But as there is no dispute anyway it just doesn't matter.
  14. Altering the requirements for CB1 and making it easier just plain sucks.