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  1. I'm absolutely not into this kind of music, but there's one track I really liked that I guess reminded me of my short-lived RATM / Bad Religion (member when? Oh, I member) period. (I researched some more of their stuff after that and, well, yeah. I still like this one though.)
  2. The most ridiculous aspect is that sex (=life giving) seems to be more threatening to these prudes than violence and murder (=life taking)
  3. We're going in circles. One last time: if someone promises you something that sounds too good to be true (max level in no time), you'd better confirm the legitimacy beforehand or deal with the possible consequences later.
  4. No, and he doesn't need to be. The disputes are public.
  5. The other way around. No need to stumble upon a warning, but to confirm the so-called “power levelling“ was legit.
  6. And again, that doesn't make sense given his trophy level. No one with that experience in trophy hunting would just accept some shady “power levelling“ before confirming via guides or sites that it was legitimate. And then claim the guy somehow did it for him, “like idk, turning in a quest, power levelling, everyone knows it, just google it.“ But even though “everyone knows it“, not being able to present any proof whatsoever. Except for a video showing a modded lobby.
  7. A video of someone cheating / hacking will not prove anything. Like I said, you are too experienced to act like you didn't know. You can upload to imgur, it's self-explanatory. Take a pic with your cell phone and transfer that if necessary.
  8. @Sergen take a look at his account and stop acting like OP was some kind of n00b who didn't know what he did and now was in need of a white knight.
  9. It's not a glitch. It's a hack, a modded save file. And you are well aware of that.
  10. So the 'rewards' are ways to spend even more money disguised as saving opportunities. Time to renew my subscription, I guess.
  11. Avg completion = 18% Completion needed for A = 1.55 * 18% = 27.9% 51% > 27.9% You'll have an A grade long before the plat. Grading not related to your completion compared to total amount of trophies (or 100%), but your completion in relation to general completion. And yes, DLC is taken into account.
  12. One of my top favorite indie studios. Even though it seems they somewhat botched G2 🤔
  13. Nothing's been proven. No one needs to apologize for anything. The other guy with the same flags gets it.
  14. The gods of shitty trophy lists maybe
  15. I couldn't find any vanilla game data, but de- and reinstalling of both Move Edition game data somehow fixed the problem anyway. Not sure why, but it worked in that starting Taxidermist no longer takes me to the mockup store, but to the episode's menu. Thank you for your help.