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  1. @MMDE I don't think it is a good idea if the one who flags irregular trophies is the same person to approve said flags. I wanted to PM you about that when I read about it in a different dispute thread, but as I mentioned elsewhere, I can no longer send PMs and I cannot be bothered to buy Premium because of a website coding problem caused by (obtrusive) ads that doesn't seem to be worthy of fixing for non-Premium members.
  2. @Crimson Idol @GoldenShaka thanks guys
  3. Nonsense. Boosters usually wouldn't play the mp if it wasn't for the trophies.
  4. I can reply to threads no problem, but I can no longer reply to messages. I can't click on the first unread content in certain forums either. @Valtekken173 fyi. I wanted to tell you that my last song was the one for completing all the stamp sets, as you can see from the order of my trophies.
  5. Same for me when I want to read the first new dispute in the according section. The second, third etc. entry will work. Also, which is much more of a problem, I can no longer send a message due to the button not working. Mobile user. So I'll need to buy premium in order for the messaging feature to be available for me again @Sly Ripper?
  6. Where did you buy your copy? The ones sold on any amazon I checked (DE, UK, COM/US) do not include the OST.
  7. Basically you are right. There's no shame in either. But boosting trophies usually isn't half as much fun.
  8. Spider-Man 2 for PC
  9. Looking to explain the most ridiculous lore twists. Playing the "troll" card. Fanboys be fanboying.
  10. Ok, there might be a game that can be completed within that time that's not auto-popped. Perhaps even two or three. P3DMN not being one of them.
  11. How many more of these threads. Report them, contact a mod if you can't. Hint: No, it's not possible to plat any game in 46 secs unless it's an auto-pop.
  12. Just fyi in case you didn't know, there is a workaround for ppl who have it on their dl list but deleted it
  13. That's bs and you know it. "Dude" might be interchangeable and people tend to use it for both sexes, "sis" is definitely not. Then again, to be bothered by it, you first need to give a damn. Your choice.
  14. @turdflingingape
  15. I am also in favor of a new sub 1% rarity category.