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  1. Seems those morons from LRG canceled the second chance to buy a game later the same day by splitting the stock and selling it 4 hours apart. And once again they snuck some shrinkwraps into the distribution of Chariot like they did with Firewatch. Fuck them. They seriously need more competition or, even better, a replacement of the execs with someone capable.
  2. Didn't even fully realize what you were talking about until some days after your last post. It's about another trophy-adding, priced DLC. My appreciation for DrinkBox definitely took harm.
  3. Yeah, so what. One of their fundamentals always was to create physical copies of the latest version including every patch and whatnot. It is known since a long time that N++ will get that free update which is around the same size as the main game. Leaving the buyers with a game that is 50% of the real deal.
  4. I see. We are talking about different DLCs. The most important one, Inferno, is already part of the STCE.
  5. The STCE comes with the DLC included.
  6. It's not the Ultimate Edition though, which is a shame. LRG started declining a while ago.
  7. Physical copy for Guacamelee STCE, available since yesterday, 3,800 copies total. I'd say hurry if you're interested.
  8. The game is digital only.
  9. Google says it is a known issue, yeah. Seems like the PaRappa remaster suffers from the same problem. That's a shame, I was really looking forward to playing these games.
  10. It's not possible to use an item more than once yourself. Like mentioned in a post above it IS possible to luck out and be granted the same item again at the spin machine though. Edit: If it was possible to use as many revives and bombs etc as you like everybody and their momma would have the 5km trophy without a problem, you see.
  11. Contrary to "I'll not die here" it seems that the Restart Section method won't work when it comes to the "finish chapter 5 of world X" trophies. At least it didn't work for me.
  12. Seems I was completely off base. My bad.
  13. That's definitely the case, as it's been like that for every LRG game.
  14. The trophy seems to be glitched/misprogrammed, but in a good way. I'm sure I died multiple times in the section in question, but at the end of the level there's the secret memory to be found, and when I came back from it and went thru the exit, it gave me the trophy. When you compare the rarity of this trophy with the rarity of the trophy "That's a sneaky one" for finding said secret (which is directly at the end of the level like mentioned, so that's the point where you'd get the trophy for not dying in any case), they are almost equal. So this seems to happen to practically everybody (perhaps not to those who overlook the obvious secret path or go thru the exit door as soon as they reach it). Or perhaps I just misunderstand the trophy's requirements.