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  1. En anglais s'il vous plaƮt. Merci
  2. This will be the case and not crazy or even unusual in the slightest.
  3. Keep in mind that the glitched version is 2.40 for the NA region instead of 2.30 (EU region).
  4. Those daily police sirens seem to shift your focus to questionable goals. Whether it's a sob story like this here, another episode of a family saga or one of the countless glitch tales - you can instantly be sure TC is full of bullshit.
  5. Yes, it will work.
  6. Doing that right now, thanks anyway guys! Edit: Took me around 90mins for all online trophies w/o knowing what I'm doing, looking things up on the go and posting here. Easy!
  7. How did you handle Set for Life? Can't find dedicated trophy boosting contracts Great contribution, tfs
  8. Seems they are deleted after a certain time? Can't find any.
  9. While that is absolutely true, still - if sufficient people have their vote besides the usual 1/10 idiots and 10/10 trolls, a poll is usually suitable to get an overall feel for the difficulty. Combine that with your personal skill concerning the respective genre and you should get a good estimate on what to expect.
  10. Was one of my favorite classes tbh and made me become interested in languages in general.
  11. The word is "vita". "Vitae" would be plural or a certain case like genitive or dative.
  12. What's the online portion of this game about? At least there are no trophies attached to it Edit: fucKonami announced on 4/20 that the game and DLCs would no longer be available for purchase starting 4/16. Fully living up to their name
  13. I did it with my eyes closed using a controller that's missing half of the buttons and I barely ever played video games before
  14. Have the thread title changed by a mod and choose your words more wisely next time you start a topic. At least add a "?", but it'd be even better to refrain from taking wild guesses altogether.
  15. Step 1. Create a blank account w/o signing in to PSN. Play the game the account is meant for to a 100% (or less). Step 2. Delete your main account. Step 3. Link the blank account to your main account by signing in to PSN with your main account. Not three, but two accounts, one of which isn't even a "real" account (no e-mail linked). No "hacking" or anything remotely similar involved.