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  1. It's the other way around. Patreon makes much more sense for a guy in his position than KS. Support ppl like him instead of buying AAA and wasting money on MTX and bs. Plus he's no idiot, on the contrary. Spend some time and read some of his stuff, he's a great mind. Don't judge him on grounds of a half-assed live stream.
  2. Already named: Alan Wake Banjo BattleBlock Theater Cuphead Gears Left 4 Dead Ori Quantum Break Ryse Plus: Alan Wake AN Alien Hominid HD Condemned CO Duke Nukem Manhattan Half-Minute Hero SMNC ilomilo The Maw Ms. Splosion Man Ninja Blade Splosion Man SpongeBob Truth or Square Trials
  3. Apology accepted. Please accept your leaderboard ban or start a new account w/o cheating.
  5. It would be a good idea if you could get yourself tagged and untagged in such a thread. Tagged - I want to boost, add me Untagged - no longer, invisible That way no one needs to be afraid of getting harassed after finishing the trophies.
  6. That's what he's saying. That sucks, they had enough typos in Search already.
  7. One official boosting thread, other threads insta-closed and deleted, handing out warning points instantly w/o any notice beforehand. Easy.
  8. That's the problem I'm trying to describe. Started on PS3. Progress transferred to the Vita fine, but won't transfer to the 4.
  9. What do you mean by that? I can't pull the save onto my PS4 and I played it on PS3 and PSV. (Why) is this an either/or case?
  10. Not the trilogy, "only" Tools & Booty. Crack in Time does have trophies. My list consists of games mostly already named, but some were missing imo: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Condemned 2 Dark Sector Darkness Heavenly Sword Orange Box (HL series and Portal) Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty Resistance: Fall of Man Silent Hill: Homecoming (but only if y-axis inversion was available) Edit: The Darkness had already been named, though only once. I'll keep it bold as the game is really underappreciated (like Dark Sector, which is another big shiny hidden gem).
  11. Usually that is correct. But in these specific cases those developers cater exactly to this trophy-whoring crowd.
  12. BioShock is an absolute classic though it took me some years to be able to appreciate it. Shooting mechanics work perfectly if that was your question.
  13. Especially not if they already had trophies before, which is a big selling point for the remasters in this period (trophy upgrade), at least for hunters.
  14. Similar to that other bs statement "if the PS5 will be bc, no one will buy PS5 games. Everyone will play their old games only." Yeah, for sure. Like I'm spending hundreds of €€/$$ on a new system only to solely play last gen games that I could have played on my last gen consoles.
  15. The glitch still works perfectly fine. Just tried it myself with an alt acc. 'Stats' X 'Rank 1' X Circle Circle (quick button combo) 'Unlocks' X Circle (quick button combo) 'Unlocks' again to see your newly gained wealth Play a match Trophies pop