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  1. Boss glitch...... something strange happened to me: i wanted to beat Laurence the First Vicar yesterday, failed many times. I rang the bell and had one online player summoned. I noticed that his health bar was completely empty (like in Dark Souls when summoning fails and he gets sent back to his world), but this guy stayed, wasn't sent back and everything worked. We entered through the boss fog and Laurence immediately died without a single hit. I was kinda disappointed cause the boss fight seemed enormously epic, especially the second half, which i have experienced only short time in my attempts before. Is this a known glitch or is it called a bug? I have heard about something similiar a few times but it never happened to me before that way.
  2. i love it really much. its soothing, and haunting at the same time. a nebulous cave with water dripping. despite i change the theme sometimes, especially when there are new ones, to try them out and use them for a couple days, but i often notice i keep coming back to the Dear Esther theme (free on German PSN).
  3. Its beautiful. But ouch indeed... Still... I'm thinking about it. Its not too expensive if comparing it to their other stuff, though ; )
  4. I want to confirm its still very active. The 2nd bonfire in Anor Londo (castle) i reached yesterday is literally overcrowded with summon signs : ) Really nice.
  5. Yea that might be true! i had the same with Bloodborne for example. Coming from this game, DS1 feels harder in any way, but i had a super hard time in Yharnam in the first hours ; ) Well DS1 holds such a great sadness and desolation because of feeling so weak and lost in the beginning... thats what i love about it. Being so underleveled and vulnerable... yea, bosses from the first areas can be such a pain in the ass and extremely difficult in that situation - so to me its kind of stupid making fun of people that are having trouble with the game, especially in the beginning. Also u're creating ur own personal difficulty-level by the paths u take, individual builts and the items u find or don't find... i have a huge lack of rings for example and didn't collect many items that i should have collected...
  6. Hah no, wanted to put that, just in case Thanks again man, u've been a huge help. And also thanks to all the users with useful tips here. Especially the ones that are so super smart and charming, by flaming some Dark Souls newbies that are having a hard time getting into the game.
  7. Well thanks very much, we made it. And nevermind but i'm female
  8. Hello, sorry to bother but i need so desperately help with Capra Demon... On PS3, lvl 27... If somebody could add me on PSN (my username) or just place a sign before the boss area... i'm standing there since a couple of days and there is rarely a summon sign. Please! Thanks in advance. Marion
  9. Hyped for The Last Guardian since 2009.........................
  10. I think Remember Me is pretty underrated. Not many seemed to realise the beauty and clever gameplay, then, and until today. Its a fantastic cyberpunk-themed game.
  11. Sorry, my english is not perfect... My experience with the PS4 is... in 2013 and 2014 i have returned it 4 times because of this and other problems (first was BLOD on day of release, second was eject button didn't work, and didn't take any discs at all etc) and the other one's because they made a HUGE fan noise with several games that weren't even on DISC. The WORST i experienced was Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes DIGITAL. i start the game, when it isn't even in the menu, just a few seconds after clicking "Start" the PS4 makes a noise as it would lift into space. like a helicopter. the sound is so loud that i can't undesrtand a single word of the game, literally, its really that extreme. so i even stopped playing the game completely, it just makes me sick and wrecks my mood for playing. the noise gets a LITTLE less loud during the game (maybe 5%) but still a very constant, much more loud noise than i experienced it with other games,... its very different. So i experienced there is absolutely no difference if its a game on Disc or Digital, some are HUGE like The Witcher III, the noise is louder than most other games but its tolerable when the TV sound is turned up a little more than usual. Can u believe the little game Rocket League (the game with the cars and soccer, Digital) makes an extreme noise that tops even Killzone Shadowfall or other hardware-challenging games? have some of u experienced the same? its pretty strange, since i don't think the graphics are that challenging for PS4 but maybe the constant multiplayer connection additionally. I come to the result that its not the heat, in first place, and its not depending on the disc-drive at all. of course i'm sure the fan works faster when u're playing for several hours, to keep it cool, but the helicopter noise just starts at the very beginning and stays, and has nothing to do with heat, i think... my consoles are in well circulated places, haven't experienced any difference. Though, i've read alot about Thermal Compound in some german boards, many people were saying they changed it and it went a little, or really better (its a quite complicated and lengthy work to get to that spot, parts are very fragile and u can wreck alot if u're not patient enough, but it might be worth it - im thinking about this since a while). also, some say Sony used too less of this thermal compound, and some reported they used different amounts even with each device, too much of it or too less. so that could be the reason some have problems with the loudness and some not?!