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  1. At launch it would be 10/10 but now 7/10 since there's some guides for the game. Share percentage during Ch.12 determines the ending. Supposedly, having 50/50 before the end of Ch. 11 leads to the True End path but I'm not sure that's even true as I got the Normal Ending the first time around, reloaded my previous save and decreased my shares to 50/50 again (thanks to all the battles increasing them) and managed to get the True Ending like the old Re;Birth1 trick. There's 3 endings (Normal, True and Bad) but the Bad one isn't required for the Platinum and is just for completionist purposes. PS: The EXTREME grind required for killing 10,000 enemies after beating the game is the true challenge that turns many off from getting Platinum.
  2. Do you think is has be done before defeating Quark? Or maybe you need to be disguised as him for it to work. His lounge can be seen in the cutscene when Ratchet gets captured so I know it's in the location.
  3. The trophy is located within that area. Try walking up to all the doors and standing there for a few seconds (upper and lower area) or against the end of the walls (which is out of bounds on the map).
  4. Safecracker When Sheep Fly Death By disco These are the only trophies that I think are permanently missable as pressing square once during the mandatory trespasser hacks voids the trophy (Optional ones CAN'T be hacked BTW) and certain enemies don't appear to respawn when revisiting a planet. Not really missable but Master of War Maximising Potential Having infinite ammo on prevents weapon growth. You won't get any weapon exp so the best option is to repeatedly commit suicide if you keep running ammo when it comes to weapon farming. Cha-Ching The bolt multiplier resets even WITH invincibility turned on (The Clank and flying missions too I think) so make sure to never get hit until the multiplier reaches x20.
  5. The trophy is hidden in the corridor with the 2 short bars on the map. Just teleport to the Core then travel backwards and search the lower bar.