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  1. I just did it, here’s how: 1 playthrough as veteran no glitch; one another no death + intel and no trophy deleted saved data, and again no death on recruit, in 2 session, for sure i shooted some allies along the way but it didn’t cared. Hope this will help someone!
  2. Sign me on East Blue, I have pirate seeker. thank you!
  3. The digital version is more updated and it changed the requirements for some trophies making it more grinding than the non updated version.
  4. As title. I start with 2 games: No man’s sky, but only if you have a fisical copy Robinson the journey, VR
  5. Ah ok, cool. Thanks
  6. I have beaten the game on Titan legit, but missed some red orbs so I was trying to do the skip game glitch to get this one and the trophy popped after the arena, just when I was starting a new game, so still in the main screen. it’s normal?
  7. Count me in, I have: III San Andreas V
  8. I got the first 3 and lost legacy, thank you 🙂
  9. Just got that one and it’s pretty easy if you focus on it, done on the second hospital so it can still go without many problems.
  10. I played theme hospital on ps1 like a crazy when I was a kid, the only thing I don’t like so much are the trophy images.
  11. It’s also on psnow till 2 January 20
  12. I played a lot of the first game on the x360 with my friends and is exactly like this, plus a lot of snipers.
  13. Some of them are surely grindy but it seems to be a lot of fun. And I love the icons they used, many games don’t really put interesting images but those looks great to me.
  14. Ops written badly, fixed. Yes it's weird because I have already almost all other celestial weapon, i miss only Auron and Kimahri. I have both the sigil and the crest and somehow is like I don't have the sigil.
  15. Hi all, I was collecting the various celestial weapon, i got the murasame, and i have in my inventory both mars sigil and crest. But when i tried to full upgrade it the game tells me that i cannot do that yet. (i got only the first upgrade). Any ideas?