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  1. Final fantasy X, I would play it and plat it again and again.
  2. Cap 10 bugged on me. I finished the game but the trophy didn’t pop while playing coop with my wife. I had to replay the story level solo and it popped. Bummer.
  3. 111% Effort is bugged for me also. I have like 60/90 gold metals and it popped when I finished the arcade levels
  4. I don’t know about the pc version but you have to name the kart BOLLARD to be able to drive it
  5. Yeah probably should have worded it better, maybe immoral. Probably against the rules on psnp but how can they enforce it?
  6. For real, sorry if this is not the correct section or this was already reported but I didn't find anything. I was scrolling for games on ebay and found this (no link only images):
  7. You can add me too please, I have 4: GTA III GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City GTA 5
  8. Go for Detroit Become Human, it’s easy and it’s very good.
  9. If you like dinosaur JWE is a good game, not something like Operation Genesis but a good game. The trophies are not even so difficult. It’s ok to play with a controller. Two point Hospital is like Theme Hospital but with more everything! I love it. And of course Minecraft and LEGO worlds but I will never play them on my account because trophy-wise they are too much lol.
  10. Thanks everyone. So, I'll lowered the difficult to Very Easy and encountered no one BT in my 10 minutes play while at lunch. So far good. For everything else, Ziplines! You are talking to someone who can do magic: I can double the hours required to get the platinum even of the most easiest game! Medievil: 6-9h? 19 for me!
  11. Don't make fun of me, I like this game so far, but the BT are literally making me shiver and giving me tachycardia lol. I've just ended cap 2 and I had to turn off the console because I was shaking a lot. The worst for me so far is passing throught a bt zone, now I forgot to do a Sam Order and I have to crawl back to almost the home base, and I don't want to. Do you have any tips for me? I'm playing on hard.
  12. I just did it, here’s how: 1 playthrough as veteran no glitch; one another no death + intel and no trophy deleted saved data, and again no death on recruit, in 2 session, for sure i shooted some allies along the way but it didn’t cared. Hope this will help someone!
  13. Sign me on East Blue, I have pirate seeker. thank you!
  14. The digital version is more updated and it changed the requirements for some trophies making it more grinding than the non updated version.
  15. As title. I start with 2 games: No man’s sky, but only if you have a fisical copy Robinson the journey, VR