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  1. I played a lot of the first game on the x360 with my friends and is exactly like this, plus a lot of snipers.
  2. Some of them are surely grindy but it seems to be a lot of fun. And I love the icons they used, many games don’t really put interesting images but those looks great to me.
  3. Ops written badly, fixed. Yes it's weird because I have already almost all other celestial weapon, i miss only Auron and Kimahri. I have both the sigil and the crest and somehow is like I don't have the sigil.
  4. Hi all, I was collecting the various celestial weapon, i got the murasame, and i have in my inventory both mars sigil and crest. But when i tried to full upgrade it the game tells me that i cannot do that yet. (i got only the first upgrade). Any ideas?
  5. Good morning everyone, this little thing bother me since the new website was unveiled. Don't know if it was posted elsewhere, in case sorry. When you click on the "Go Premium" menù this is what now appears: To me, change the order of Perks will be better, like this: Didn't make enough A/B test to demonstrate this, but i'm pretty confident about it.
  6. What do you think about this stand I've made with my lego? I didn't want to buy a 20€ stand because i'm a bit scrooge, so I ended up with this instead.
  7. Just 2 game! (I'm a filthy casual) (Actually Close Shave is one of my favourite trophy)
  8. I guess you're right! The mp is quite fun indeed.
  9. And what about this trophy? It's 53% here and at 40,60% on psn. It means that almost half of the people who bought gta v on ps4 (i think that it selled more than 5million copies only on ps4) never finished it, and never arrived to the half of the game. Kinda sad.
  10. I really want back: Theme Hospital Micro Machines
  11. Sure! This is a photo of the live setting (is quite big): http://postimg.org/image/ugwyq3k91/full/ This is the model: http://postimg.org/image/3kav8xy9x/ I've used all black bricks ofc and a little help of my friend glue
  12. All the way. Probably i'll get this on day1.
  13. Why don't you build yourself something? I've build a vertical stand with my lego and the air flow nicely under it.
  14. This is exactly what I mean. Buy the game > Can't figure how to press start > Rage quit and sell the ps?
  15. First post yeah! There is one thing that bugs me A LOT. Whenever i buy a game, i see the trophy list, and almost every game have a trophy for finishing the first mission, like: 1 - 2 - 3 None of those trophy are at 100%, even they are the most simple trophy ever! Who would buy a game and then not even finish the first mission? I'm confused.