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  1. Yeah atm it is crashing a lot for me as well so probly best to wait couple hours then try again
  2. I can safely say that the 1.07 patch did pop all the glitches trophies for me :3 was stuck at 15/26 for about a month
  3. Once I save up for a new engraving pen I might do the other eevees just not had much money lately with everything slowly getting more expensive in the uk
  4. Nope they are eevee, espeon, glaceon and leafeon from Pokemon also sorry about posting it on my bf’s account only only woke up about 10 mins before I posted that so didn’t see I was logged into his account >.<
  5. Well rip me didn’t see that I wasn’t logged in sorry
  6. Because they have lots of details to do so that was better to do imo also here are 2 others that I did but wasn’t as good
  7. This is one of the ones I did couple years ago but currently saving up for a new engraving pen so haven’t been able to do any for the past 7 months now >.<
  8. So yeah hey everyone I am an old member to psnprofiles but kind of need to introduce myself So basically I’ve only been playing games since 2011 so not many games I’m good at hence all the ones I’ve got no platinum for i love mmorpg and jrpg and all them types of games also very relaxing games like everyone’s gone to the rapture there are other games like Diablo 2 but that’s not on PlayStation My hobby’s are gardening, glass engraving and collecting skulls not real one btw o.o oh and and couple things to note about me if you do ever add me as a friend on psn I have a bad speech problem so I pretty much can’t talk 99% of the time these days so nothing personal and sorry in advance if any you want to talk over psn party’s oh also ty to the people who had welcomed my rl partner aka Fluffy-Vulpix it means a lot to me to see how friendly people are in this forums so yeah I’m truly thankful and one one last note before I go bed me and my partner are both on the autistic spectrum so sorry in advance if ether me or him upsets any of you and please do notify us as it’s quite hard to tell if people are upset without seeing there face damn just took me over 30 mins to type this sorry for the wall of text
  9. Even though I’m stuck at 15/26 I’m still carrying on with doing the stuff related to the trophies as I love the game ^w^
  10. #32 MIDNIGHT DELUXE not very impressive but was bored and it was cheap so I got that and 3 other extremely cheap easy plats that day
  11. So far labyrinth of terror, ebon tower and lv60 hasn’t popped o I guess I’m screwed now seeing as all I have left is dungeons and get to 60/65
  12. I’m buying the royal edition later today off the psn store as I’m hoping to try get 100% on it ^w^
  13. Ty ^^ this has helped a lot and now I can focus on my main character without worrying about world bosses :3
  14. I will definitely play this And i would have to test each class out to see what i like the feel of so can't say what i would go with
  15. I was a miqo'te before sb come out but changed back to lalafell a day after the early access started