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  1. To add to this, it might also help to draw the square and its inner squares around the goat with a Sharpie marker for better visual aid. Keep fightin' the good fight.
  2. My 8 and 10 year old nephews were begging me to play this with them on their consoles, so I got it to secretly practice and get good at it so I could walk all over them (I don't play much Madden, and I don't like American Football enough to care who's who in the game, so they've been making me look like a chump). Aside from two trophies that require playing someone online, the rest of the trophies are a breeze. I've been effortlessly unlocking most of them this afternoon while I listen to podcasts with my wife. Some don't even require actually playing a game. Here's a link that'll help make obtaining the platinum nearly painless... https://nodegamers.com/2022/03/19/madden-nfl-22-trophy-guide/
  3. So I found this out today while I was trying to find help on one of the DLC trophies, and I thought since nobody has mentioned it in this forum, I'd include it in here, since Charly_Py was asking about a full, 100% release of the game. Up until today, I thought all of the DLC had been released, and for console gamers like myself, that is true, but not if you have the game on basically a non-console platform. Here's what I mean: https://civilization.com/news/entries/new-leaders-coming-to-civilization-vi/ That all looks fantastic if you've got it on Steam, for example. Before you ask why this is the case, I've already found, what many people, myself included, would agree is the theory that holds the most water. I'll include the reddit link to that theory now. Obviously there's just radio silence from the devs, but that only reinforces the theory a little bit. More evidence can be seen on their Twitter with the bombardment of people asking why not us console people without a single explanation. It's kind of maddening. At least for me it is, since when I bought all the DLC with whatever expansion pack that was, I was sold on it being ALL the DLC. Not "all the DLC... for now... maybe...". I think this is one of the first times in a long time where I've felt lied to by the devs. Sucks it had to be these guys. EA, Ubisoft, or Activision I wouldn't have been surprised. Sadness.
  4. Not that I really want to use the D-pad for hotkeys, I can't seem to figure out how to actually assign items. I did a half-assed search on the Googlizer, and didn't see much. I'd rather use the D-pad to move around than the left thumbstick anyway. I feel like it might be glitched, but could anyone please explain this for my own sanity? Stroke averted! Figured it out.
  5. I can't say I came up with this, but I stumbled upon a method suggested by user lemlem360 on xboxachievements.com 12 YEARS AGO (yep, this has been sitting in a thread on that site collecting dust while we piss and moan about how asinine this trophy is.... which it very much is). The more I read this thread, the more I wanted to write 2K a strongly worded letter about how I (and most of the Mafia franchise fanbase-at-large) feel about this Explorer trophy. I say this because at the end of the first page, user Gatar gave his fancy wancy method worth mentioning. And at the end of that first page, Gatar includes just one last piece of advice that I cannot believe either I hadn't thought of it already, or read about it more already. This slight adjustment in the way these couple of methods are utilized is probably going to be a game changer for me, and hopefully will allow me to acquire this badge of frustration, so I never have to put myself through this again. I hope I'm not overhyping this, but Gatar's biggest revelation was... If this is old news for everyone except me, then please ignore me and my excitement for this. 😜 If this is news to you as well, I hope sharing their replies here helps.
  6. I live in Chicago and if I'm doing the math correctly, and this is excluding a TON of variables, which I will point out in just a second, it would take someone 1833 hours (rounded to nearest hour) traveling at 30 mph to drive the entire Chicago area (234.5 mi sq) within the Chicago city limits, of course. This'll exclude the greater Chicagoland area and its nauseating amount of suburbs that reach across 3 states - Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. If I had to ballpark the additional time needed to cover the complete Chicagoland area, I'd say maybe 2 - 2.5 times longer to cover minimum. This calculation is assuming there are absolutely no other vehicles on the road, all traffic lights are always green, no trains passing through, no need to stop to refuel, and no bad weather impeding that person to maintain a 30 mph average. This ALSO does not take into account any kind of everyday traffic-related headaches Chicago is known to throw at commuters. This includes: - rush hour traffic - can either have a morning rush and evening rush, or a rush that starts in the morning and lasts until the late evening - depending on day and time of year - construction - regardless of whether it's on the expressway or on the streets - your location within the city - some areas are much more active than others - areas of activity can shift depending on... - time of day - weekday or weekend - weather - traffic flow based on neighborhood - an example being... - 2 east/west streets in two different neighborhoods... - 1 might get you from one north/south street to another across the city faster than the other I didn't even try to fathom factoring in traffic accidents... That's just... no. An example of how that alone can curb your travel time for an ungodly amount of time is an incident I saw last night. Driving down a two lane main road around 9PM, moderate rainfall, tiny construction zone already slowing down lane going east (I'm going west), and of course I watch one vehicle slam into the back of the vehicle in front of it, destroying its back end, and causing that vehicle to wipe out into two parked cars next to it. 4 cars, 3 which looked totaled, completely bringing that eastbound lane to a stand still. Eventually, in order to clear that mess up, both lanes would have to be either halted and/or diverted temporarily, causing more delays. Traffic accidents are like the wildcard of variables here. So yeah, I definitely feel like the map size is unreasonably small, given the fact that Empire "Carpet" Bay*** is supposed to be a major metropolis like New York City, moreso than the comfortably sized Lost Haven, IL map, which incidentally was supposed to be a reimagining of Chicago. *** Empire Carpet started as a Chicago area carpet store, and is now nationwide, hence the joke, and would explain why all my license plates in the game say C4RP3T. TLDR: I had some extra time on my hands while Jimmy and his quantum physics defying vehicle fall through matter into what I can only think to call "negative" or "null" space so I can be done with this damn Explorer trophy, and did some math... possibly poorly.
  7. It's been years for my wife and I. Went on this same rollercoaster ride on the 360 back in 2012. WOAAHHHHH!
  8. If you've played the Godfather games (PS2/Xbox 180 + PS3/Xbox 360 gen consoles), they're like that, but better. It's like if GTA was about the Italian-American mob, only less raunchy or lewd like GTA is. It's got a good story. All three do, in fact. Definitely worth playing. I also agree that LA Noire was amazing.
  9. This thread escalated rather quickly. I can't even keep track of who's trolling who, or if anyone is even trolling anyone, and for that reason, I'm out. lol
  10. These are the games I sit with my wife and spend more time cracking jokes and laughing at them than the devs put into making them. That's where the enjoyment for a very select few of these tire fires happens. I said in another post for this game that it's the same thing as watching bad movies. You don't watch a bad movie to enjoy as is, you find a really bad one, like the decaying garbage at a landfill bad, and you just laugh at it with your partner, group of friends, whoever. You just riff it. (see. Mystery Science Theater 3000). Also, once in a while, I like to check out a bad game or two, to see how low some of these devs can go in terms of quality. They never cease to amaze me.
  11. I've always had a fascination with bad games. It's like watching bad movies to laugh at them. I've considered so many times to start blogging my reviews on them, but just never got around to it. I've E.T. for the Atari way back in the 80s to thank for this. I knew even at 3 years old that there was something wrong with that game. When I was achievement hunting on the 360, I was so into racking up my gamerscore to see how high I could rank on one site or another, that I nearly sent a friend of mine in England money so he could purchase and ship an EU region 360 (PAL formatted) just because there was this one game that wasn't out here in the states called "My Horse & Me 2". I still think it's one of the funniest names used for a game unironically. It sounds like it could be a Beastiality movie (which isn't funny). It's an equestrian game, which is one of the least enjoyable game genres I could think to play. I was weirdly dedicated to this idea of trying to have a game list that was heavily peppered with horrible titles that are just as horrible to play, because the reactions I was getting from my friends and family who game a lot were worth the laughs I ended up having, either just showing them these games, or ultimately playing through them whilst riffing nonstop. That said, clearly I do like to trophy (formally achievement) hunt, but since I switched from Xbox 360 to the PS3 & PS4, I started to shamelessly hunt less and put more time into games that really could be anything from AAA to indie releases that I find enjoyable; however, there are games that were/are so bad on the PS4, I can't help but add them to my list (depending on price as well). These bad titles, as I said, are the video game equivalent to those bad movies I'll sit through with my wife, and/or with friends, and just riff the whole time. The TV show MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) did just that with movies that had no business being made, not even to say they're art. I'm rambling now, but yeah, that's my $.02 in Monopoly money on the subject.
  12. Why so? I didn't think I said anything that merits deletion. Or did I?
  13. Anyone else see this and think it was a really weird knockoff of Sonic the Hedgehog? Seeing this made me do a double take to make sure I read it right. Hasn't shown up in the PSN store yet, but just to get the same reaction I had out of my friends when they see this in my list of games, I'm definitely going to be checking every couple of hours or so to see if they added it. LOL I'm not even sure what genre this would fall under. There's a cat, dog, and hamster one already. Unique, maybe? And why use the word 'stroke'? Makes the whole experience sound dark. LOL
  14. Has anyone dealt with not only the game crashing for pick a reason, but also the save gets corrupt, forcing you to start a whole new save (unless you upload to the cloud from time to time)? I was doing jam sessions hoping getting those jam wins challenges would make some kind of dent in my slow, painstaking death march from 98 to 100. I was doing so well, too. I felt like I was actually doing well enough in multiplayer, if I were graded on it, I'd say, maybe exceeds expectations at this point. Next thing I know in the middle of one of the multiplayer game types (forget which), the game blue screens. I noticed that real quick, like, quick enough that if I hadn't been looking directly at the screen, I wouldn't have caught it, the screen saying the file was corrupt. Reload the game, and now I've got those lovely T's & C's I have to acknowledge like I did when I ran the game the first time. I all of a sudden notice too that everything I've done, all those get there's that pissed me off, every character was reset (I had just finished 100% every playable character, including a created skater, a few hours earlier). Getting to level 100 was the one thing in the way of the platinum, so you can image I was a little twitchy-eyed and pissed. Just wondering if this is a common thing or not. The one thing keeping me from going Office Space on my PS4 was my uploaded save to the cloud. Granted the save is a week old, but I'll take having to redo only half of the skaters as opposed to all of them. The get there's weren't affected thankfully. Still though, I feel irked about this corrupt save garbage. Thoughts?
  15. Wish I woulda seen this BEFORE I lived up to my middle name in the mid 90s (which is where I'm currently at), which is Tedioussucs, or, Teddy, T-Man, The Tedster, Deodore, or Ted Cruz (if you're a jerk) for short. Just gonna max everyone out and I should be good by then. Pretty awesome this exists though. A+ for effort, C++ for exe.