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  1. Yeah, buddy! Thank you. Worked out once I was able to start with the right kind of map.
  2. You'd be my hero. Seriously, you and I aren't above this kind of low hanging humor like the rest of these game elitists. I would, in fact, buy two copies. One that I'd open and play. The other, I'll keep wrapped and unopen. Who knows how much it'll be worth in like, 20-30 years Get it signed by the developers. Frame it, maybe. Do a Gofundme for their sequel. There WILL be a sequel. My only criticism, without having played the game yet (waiting for my two copies to arrive), is the name (there's no wrong way to make a game about flinging caca at people). The name, in my professional opinion, should've been called "Poop Shooter". Maybe they didn't want to offend anyone? I don't know. Name your price.
  3. Since your post, when you go to the website, sadly, it says the following:
  4. But you appreciate them making those suggestions regardless........ riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?
  5. I'm loving the in-game entertainment that's in addition to the story, in the form of mild glitches. Nothing that I'm concerned about so far, but a few things have happened, with like the liberation missions, where I was unable to complete said mission. I know they reset if you fail them, so I just kept trying until it allowed me to finish. It was one of the ones where they're roughing up vendors at the market, and it would just auto-fail me every time I got near it, instead of allowing me to chase down the guy and kill him.
  6. This was my third playthrough (Xbox 360, PS3 [streamed to PS4 on PS Now], and PS4/Ezio Collection), and this having happened made this playthrough worth playing, if not for the trophies or it being one of my favorite games period (in top 10 if not top 5). It happened in Venice, during Sequence 9, around the time when I'm trying to win the golden mask. I guess the game got sick of me bouncing around on rooftops. I don't know. Enjoy! Edit: I figure out how to get a handle on the glitch so the sake of comedy at 3:09, in case you don't want to watch from the beginning.
  7. AC2 is in my top 10, if not 5, games. I'm doing my 3rd playthrough of it and loving it. Glad you enjoyed it.
  8. After wrapping Syndicate up completely last night, and thoroughly enjoying the main story (I didn't think going with Jack the Ripper for the DLC was a good idea, even though in the AC Timeline he's mentioned as being an assassin), I can say without question the biggest accidentally entertaining part of the game was the glitches. I almost felt like I was playing Oblivion, and I was totally OK-a with it. I was able to separate that from the rest of the game play. That said, when I do finally get to Unity, I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hope I end up with situations like what the following video has going on. 😂
  9. Took the joke right out of my mouth.
  10. I've been a fanboy of the franchise since the start, and although I've enjoyed Origins so far (haven't played it in a while, but I'll get to that...) with how grand it is in terms of size, flexibility with how I want to advance the game, and the fact that this era was definitely in my top 3 "Where AC should go..." list. The problem I'm having with the direction Ubi has gone in with AC is this... Between AC 1 and 3, with Brotherhood and Revelations included (5 games total), there was this important story happening outside of the Animus that spanned every one of those games. Getting to know Desmond and watching him pick up on his ancestors' skills as the games progressed was really enjoyable and memorable. Learning about the First Civilization, putting together that video clip of Adam and Eve escaping with the Apple of Eden, was so enthralling. This is a game who's emblem I want inked on me as I do with Mass Effect (got an N7 on my right arm where it would be on the armor). This whole arch in this story was fully completed when the ending of AC3 happened (not spoiling it for the few who haven't played it yet). I thought that having that arch completed was a good way to close out the then 5 game series. It was an amazing and enjoyable start to finish story. AC2 is one of my top 5, probably (top 10 at the least) favorite games to date. Since then, with the addition of every game thereafter, the only two I've completed in their entirety (minus two trophies I'll be dealing with in the next 24 hours) are AC:BF and Syndicate. Even though Edward Kenway was an ancestor of Desmond's, the story felt detached from everything that we got to experienced in the 5 game arch. It didn't add to what we knew already aside from how Kenway became an assassin. I enjoyed the setting and ship battling, but what I realized after this was that despite how much fun I would have played any of these games henceforth following AC3, they played out in a game-to-game sort of way. There lacked this larger-than-life story arch taking place outside the Animus that connected each of the games. Sure, the silent protagonist you "play" in AC4 allows you to walk around outside the Animus, but I feel like it was just a weak reminder of a more important part of the previous titles. After that, it was just you being talked to by the present day Assassin's and told you're going here, then here, then here. Regardless of the ongoing struggle between the Templars and the Assassins, there isn't anything to make it seem a little more tangible and memorable, like experiencing it as Desmond. Syndicate was awesome in its own right, but I don't expect to ever see Jacob or Evie in another AC game again. I intend on playing the releases I missed, as well as the Ezio collection (which gives AC2 a third playthrough for me), so I can at least enjoy the games for what they are on their own. I just miss that larger arch that tied together a handful of games, and was more than each game being its own standalone title that covers different eras and time frames within the AC universe. An example that I came up with (albeit maybe not the greatest, but it's something) after reading the entire AC timeline (https://assassinscreed.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline) the other day was the following: In that timeline, at some point, a Templar and an Assassin use a piece of technology from the First Civilization to go back in time and kill Hitler. And while you, the player, are going into the Animus to relive this whole event (I would sell my soul to do that), you also get to meet and play as a new present day protagonist who is a descendant of either the Templar or Assassin (might work better if it was the Assassin), who has to deal with the Templars. Meanwhile the two in-Animus protagonists who go back in time are contacted by the First Civilization at some point. It might not be the most solid idea, but it's something that can span the course of several AC games. I'll go back to Origins soon, and enjoy it as much as I would any other AC game, but it won't have the kind of affect that larger multi-game arch that has been replaced with the game-to-game fact that there's this other thing going on outside the Animus that I don't get to really be a part of. Me.
  11. I just platinum'd Syndicate about a half hour ago and I think I would agree with this. I was invested in the twins characters, and enjoyed the ability to play as both, for almost two different experiences, given their polar opposite approaches to missions. The final battle though was almost comical. The shroud made Starrick look like if Daniel Day Lewis's character, Bill "the Butcher", from Gangs of New York had become Pope. As I was playing this though, I noticed the Ezio Collection being on sale for the PS4. AC2 is on my top 10 favorite games of all time, and this kind of had a slight nod to it. Nothing will ever come close though to AC2 in this franchise.
  12. I wish I had seen this earlier. This is the same AC soap box I stand on too! I'm glad I'm not alone on this. Thank you.
  13. My wife found this game while looking for something that was Souls-esque to take the edge off from waiting to repurchase DS3 (she's a maniac at DS/BB). This was almost the exact way she described the game to me, and I was instantly sold. I'm currently riding out the pandemic enjoying it for what it is. While it cannot (and should not) be regarded as highly as the DS/BB games, I appreciate so much that other game developers are making games that would fall under this genre that the DS/BB gave birth to essentially. This game is not perfect, and likes to crash a lot to add that extra challenge of having to redo post unsaved progress. But I am appreciating being able to play a Sci-Fi Souls-esque game and hope other developers follow suit.
  14. I have no shame and did that on the 360 for the lulz. Speaking of lulz, I was actually planning, at one point in life, on buying a PAL 360 from Europe just so I could add silly games such as My Horse & Me 2 to my list. The thought of having a game who's title can be easily and wildly mistaken for the title of a beastiality porn movie makes me laugh... a lot. 😁
  15. I know I'm way late answering this, but I thought I was having the same problem. It seems as though due to a patch, the wrestler you need to interact with is the blue one on the right. It only took learning a few wrestling moves for the trophy to pop. I saw a list of moves you can learn from the wrestler, and it was yet another staggering list, much like the drinks list at the bar. Thankfully though, you don't have to put in the kind of work you have to in order to drink every drink to get the Jobber trophy. Hope this helps if you still haven't gotten it.