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  1. Mine does this from time to time, it sounds like the disc is wobbling... I just turn it off and on again and adjust its position slightly.
  2. It depends on which mode youre playing on. Image Quality mode runs mostly at 60fps but has some noticible drops once in awhile, Performance is a pretty stable 60fps, and then theres a 120fps mode which isnt worth because its not stable and severely lowers image quality.
  3. I believe its the second best selling headset (5 million units as of 2019), next to Quest 2 (10 million units as of 2021). It makes more sense to keep pushing in a market that is fairly new and Sony is one of the few reference brands than to keep investing in an oversaturated market that is dominated by Nintendo and smartphones.
  4. Yes, its a free update.
  5. I hope this turns out well, I've always wanted to jump into a Sonic game, but nothing has really grabbed me, maybe this is the one. Only "bothered" by one thing, the art style. Sonic looks so out of place in a realistic environment. Either make the environment more stylized or adapt Sonic to fit a realistic world, add a fur texture, for example.
  6. This exactly. Just finished it and thought the "infiltration" missions were a great addition and more in line with earlier titles. And now they're going back to quantity over quality...
  7. Very buggy Imp Quest/Trophy. Had 47/50 without using a guide, redid chapter 3 following Nicco555's guide and ended up with 46/50... Will wait for a fix before retrying.
  8. Easiest way for smaller stuff like skins is make a thread and post the code. First come, first served.
  9. That seems like a more accurate way to describe it. Its more hub based with open areas or "fields". I really enjoyed my time with it, played about 7 to 8 hours, and thought the world was the right size, it feels quite dense and lived in. Unlike Elden Ring, other games with open worlds or areas often seem empty or lacking any meaningful encounters (looking at you Ubisoft).
  10. So pre orders are up before they even show the games... Thats an impressive level of, how can I put it, self confidence. And for something that comes out in a month, nonetheless.
  11. This is my first Far Cry game and Im really enjoying it. The only reason keeping me from going for 100% is other games. Ill explore plenty but wont do everything, for example I just finished the Montero story so I probably wont go back to that area.
  12. Thats way too expensive for what it seems to be, a 4K remaster. If this was anything more than that it wouldve been revealed by now. Was thinking about getting it, but ill skip it for now.
  13. Oh hell yeah, finally showing off those PS5 plats. Newest to oldest: 1- Life is Strange: True Colors 2- Hades 3- Scarlet Nexus 4- Returnal 5- A Plague Tale: Innocence 6- Residente Evil Village 7- Wreckfest 8- Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 9- Judgment 10- Hitman 3 11- Watch Dogs: Legion 12- Assassin's Creed Valhalla 13- Bugsnax 14- Maneater 15- Sackboy: A Big Adventure 16- Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales 17- Demon's Souls Not a bad first year, and ill get a few more before its done.
  14. Its included in the remastered version.
  15. Awesome news! It's one those games Ive always wanted to play but never got around to it. Would be great for PS+, perfect fit for October.