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  1. Awesome news, Ive been holding off on PS VR because of this. Very curious about the new controllers, hopefully they have some kind of index like tech.
  2. Amazing, I forgot I had that from PS Plus, I just added it and never played it. Just a heads up, Hitman The First Season doesnt show up under PS Plus games, it shows under Game Colllection. Took me a bit to find it.
  3. Thanks for this, I was looking into getting 3 but the DLC seemed too expensive. Edit: I was under the impression that if I bought Hitman III and Hitman II Gold Edition I would have acess to everything (trophy wise) but it doesnt seem to be the case. What else do I need to buy? And what is cheapest way to get it?
  4. Yes, you will get every trophy on the new version if you have them on the old version. Auto-popl means exactly that, trophies will "pop" or unlock automataclly if you them on the PS4 version.
  5. You're playing on PS5 but its still a PS4 game, so it has a PS4 trophy list. The new version is a PS5 game so it has a PS5 trophy list.
  6. If you started on PS4 you should probably just finish the PS4 version. If you import your save to PS5 it will unlock all the trophies that you already earned on PS4. But if you finish those 7 levels on ps5, your ps4 list will NOT get the trophies. You will have 100% on PS5 but incomplete on PS4.
  7. There it is! I held off on it expecting this to happen. Hope I can do those time trials...
  8. Looking forward to it, I was going to pick up Yakuza 7 but the change to turn based combat has turned me off from it, this should be a good replacement. And I disagree with people saying it looks worse, it has cleaner models, better frame rate and even though I like the lighting on PS4, the changes just make it look more natural.
  9. Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance, this needs a sequel.
  10. You likely need to find each character on the store and download them, also you should check the first season pass, all those characters should be free for you.
  11. Not a premium member so I only have three slots and decided made a Haiku with games from my favorite genre. Edit: Was gifted a premium membership, so for now I have platinums from my favorite games.
  12. Stone age. I want to be a rock assassin, i shall beat my enemies over the head repeatedly with a massive rock, stealthily.
  13. Hello and welcome. The rarity displayed by default is for the website itself, as in how rare it is among the game owners in the website. When you hover over each trophy it and it shows the "pyramid", it's the rarity for PSN, meaning for every user who owns the game on PSN.
  14. Uncharted Lost Legacy The Order 1886
  15. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, I think they should bring this back, just put a bit more effort into this time tho.