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  1. It has finally happened... I recently bought Like a Dragon and now its coming to PS+. Good line up tho.
  2. After strugling with the idea of turn based combat, I finally decided to get 7. Havent started yet but Im hoping ill like it. My current problem with these series is that I like the combat in Judgment but I dont care about the detective story, and I like the Yakuza story but might not like the combat...
  3. After reading this whole thing I dont think Mario is a real word anymore. That said, its Mah-ri-o.
  4. Finally a release date! First Switch game Im buying this year, maybe the only one.
  5. New Dev Diary with some gameplay:
  6. Patch incoming with a fix.
  7. Interesting interview, it sounds like this will be at a halfway point between Ni-oh and Ninja Gaiden. A bit faster paced combat with less or no emphasis on stamina control. Also liked to hear that there will be less loot drops from enemies, Ni-oh had way too much useless equipment.
  8. Seems like an interesting setting but I wonder if its a "souls-like" or more action oriented. Actually would prefer a more hack and slash focused game, as those seem to be less common nowadays (good ones at least).
  9. New trailer from SGF:
  10. The gameplay reveal sure was something, I still dont understand the point of it being open world. Sonic seems to be collecting some items but what do they do? Just health upgrades? Open worlds need to reward exploration and stat buffs arent enough on their own. But its still early and we should get more info on the systems soon.
  11. As others have said its pretty common, same thing happened to mine. Im not sure how warranties work in the UK but I just took mine to the store where I bought it and got it replaced immediatly. Ive actually done it twice now, first a trigger and then an analog last week (about 16 months after buying it).
  12. I was hoping to this cleaned up but it sounds like its still pretty bad. Might just do the combat xp trophy, as they are giving (or going to give) double xp.
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2 Collecting the flowers, all the animals and getting gold on missions (pre-patch) and of course getting multiplayer rank 50. One of the slowest games ever made even more of a chore.
  14. Are you using ethernet or Wi-Fi? Mine has a finicky ethernet port and disconnects from time to time, usually adjusting it (aka shoving it in as far as possible) fixes it.
  15. Almost forgot about this. With that release date it would be a good PS Plus candidate.