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  1. This topic is so toxic... I love it!
  2. Wow thats a pretty big undertaking, you have some tough and time consuming games in there. But hey Im sure you can get there if focus on one at time and follow some guides to minimize the time spent on each one.
  3. Completely agree, not only that but, at least mine, didnt come with a sleeve which all steel books used to have... On topic, I didnt even know theres was a steelbook edition, wish I had known sooner.
  4. Some interviews are part of the flash drive collectibles, Ive found 9ish interviews that way and havent found most collectibles yet.
  5. As in SILENT HILLS PT? If so, not at all. I think the only resemblances are the actor for the main character and both having horror elements.
  6. I'm totally fine with the delay but they could've just held off on announcing the release date. Seems pretty pointless to announce it only to delay it a month later.
  7. Well that kinda sucks... I get its an extra mode but I could do without the VR trophies... Guess ill play it on an alt account or something.
  8. Pretty sure you have to get Gold in all 12 challenges, I did them as they came out and only got the trophy after the 12th. Unless theres some kind of Glitch Im unaware of.
  9. Until you finish the story and unlock Mayhem mode, the enemies in each area have fixed max levels. From what I understand, the only way that feature matters is if the higher level player is the host, as it makes strong enemies weaker to match the lower level player or when Mayhem is active as it matches both players regardless of level.
  10. Well were the enemies the same level as yours? Loot is also dependent on the enemies themselves.
  11. They were going for SoulsBorne type gameplay which is where most of tour complaints come from. Respwaning enemies, scarce checkpoints and easy deaths are all basic pillars for those games. But I understand its not a very polished game, manly due to it having the lowest budget in the trilogy. And the story was on par with the rest of the series to be honest.
  12. Its really surprising that it doesnt have any new trophies. But Im honestly glad it doesnt, I didnt really enjoy the multiplayer experience.
  13. In no particular order and I probably forgot some... 1. Fallout 3 2. God of War 2 3. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 4. Dragon Age: Origins 5. GTA: San Andreas 6. Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction 7. Dark Souls 8. Dead Space 9. Bioshock 10. Bayonetta
  14. My main boi was Hwoarang for the most part, I usually also play Lei but he was only released recently so didnt get a chance to try him.
  15. I can barely make a top 5, only played 6 games that released this year. Still want to try Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 but this is it for now. 1 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - I love FromSoftware's games, and this evolved their formula a bit, plus the new combat system is beautiful. 2 - Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled - Never played the original CTR but decided to give this a try and Im glad I did, it's just a really fun racer. 3 - Mortal Kombat 11 - One of the few fighting games I play, and while Im not good at it, I still enjoy it. Quite a bit of content and it looks amazing in motion. 4 - Kingdom Hearts 3 - I honestly only played KH2 so I never fully understand whats going on but just seeing the Pixar and Disney worlds like is worth the price of admission. 5 - Days Gone - Barely in front of Metro: Exodus but I liked the Horde mechanic enough to give 5th place, the characters and story are good and Im interested to see where it goes.