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  1. Honestly no, a fight stick does not make you a better player. It depends on what you're comfortable with, if you have trouble with button placement on a regular controller, it will be worse with a stick as you have no muscle memory for it. However, IF you practice a lot it might be better for you in the longo run, but it takes effort. That said, if you want to try one get a Hori Fight Stick Mini, its very cheap compared to other sticks and youll be able to see if you like how it feels.
  2. Thanks for that! Very cash money of you.
  3. Try to download the game, it should be available after, worked for me.
  4. Its still updating but if you have the base version of Mafia III, you get upgraded to the defnitive edition and get all DLC for free. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.
  5. Unlucky me, only one DLC Im looking for is on sale and it only has 20% discount. Guess ill wait for the next one.
  6. Im pretty much in the position as you. But the thing thats stopping me from playing 3 through 5 is that I was expecting the Kiwami treatment, and Im dissapointed with their remasters. So Im interested in other peoples opinions.
  7. Good find, it's interesting to read about how everyone feels about the games' progress and their work environment. Seems there's a lot of different opinions especially on the creative director Adrian Ciszewski, aka "pyza" and the director Chris Avellone. The studio seems very devided which doesn't bode well, but only time will tell.
  8. Pretty good stuff. Recommend Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, started it a couple of days ago and its amazing. Plus its getting a couple of new modes and a new character tomorow for FREE.
  9. For this version its a single list for all seasons. I have it aswell. Edit: And I honestly prefer it this way.
  10. Just bought Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night First Metroidvania in a LONG time, bought it because I needed something different. And I like Iga's work.
  11. Oh I actually didnt know that, but after some searching, it seems your are right. Delayed with no new release date. Also here's a trailer for the cancelled Hellraid:
  12. The teaser. Im very surprised by this considering how close Dying Light 2 is. And wasnt Hellraid a game that got cancelled? If so, I assume they just took the assets and reused them here. Odd but should be good, I wonder if it will have trophies.
  13. I think its pretty unlikely, mostly because nothing is actually broken just a bit buggy. But it depends on future content, if they add more trophies they might fix the original ones.
  14. Oh, dont get me wrong, its beautiful looking game and a technical powerhouse but, looking back, the gameplay was very simple and got stale quick and while the suit was a cool idea it was underdeveloped in the first game. But hey glad someone is looking forward to it.
  15. Thats dissapointing... Was hoping for something new. I really dont see the point of this remaster, the original still looks good. And I understand most remakes coming out because people love the original and feel a sense of nostalgia but does anyone want to play Crysis on 2020? It felt more like a tech demo than a game.