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  1. It has potencial but I need to see more. I like that you only play as Star Lord, it allows for more fleshed out gameplay.
  2. Absolutetly loved the first game. This is the first hit Im taking from Obsidian aquisition. Will have to get it on PC.
  3. Hahaha, you came to the wrong neighbourhood motherfucker! (joking)
  4. The RT Performance mode seems like the best option, I assume it sacrifices resolution to allow for 60fps, which im okay with.
  5. Just played the demo, the combat is pretty damn fun. I found it unique because there's a big emphasis on teamwork. Each character in your party has an ability that works somewhat like a buff, there's fire damage, damage protection, teleportation and the ability to see cloaked enemies. Plus you can get prompts during some combos for special team attacks. And of course, there's your own power of telekenisis which is seemlessly integrated into the combat. My only concern is that it might get stale a few hours in if there aren't more party members with different powers. Overall, Im much more interested after playing it.
  6. Awesome news! Bought it on a whim because I felt like playing a metroidvania and absolutely loved it.
  7. Never played the original, is this one of the good ones?
  8. Just the ones for the story mission, so no escalation or other missions.
  9. SASO is indeed required for this one. You need ALL challenges for Train Surfing.
  10. PSA: Bullet Train is now obtainable with Patch 3.30. I got it after the 3rd kill, had to do it in offline mode because of server issues.
  11. There is a trophy related to kills so I don't think its possible to do it that way.
  12. Gravity Rush is pretty good and a fairly easy plat. Heard Concrete Genie was good but havent played it myself, keep on mind you a PSVR for DLC trophies.
  13. New trailer: Female lombax's name is Rivet.
  14. Like I said, first time I get a game before release. Thanks for the explanation.
  15. Makes sense, I actually played a bit and ended up popping a trophy, doesn't show up anywhere though...