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  1. I think the trailer is fantastic. I was not interested in this at all before watching it, and it sparked some curiosity. Jack Black sounds great as Bowser and Mario is going to be ok too. It feels like Detective Pikachu and Ryan Reynolds, sounded weird at first but you got used to it.
  2. Well yeah, but like you said you "don't care" about what anyone said so why bother replying? Anyway, 30 FPS isn't good, it's the bare minimum. And graphics modes have been a thing since last gen, every game should have a 60 FPS option.
  3. Then why bother posting this? Nobody here is stopping anyone from enjoying anything. Everyone is free to form their own opinion about the game, doesn't make it right or wrong. And I believe people should be demanding, if the Devs are charging 80€ for game the least they can do is make it run well.
  4. Got the perfect video for you:
  5. Yeah, Im on the fence too but I just want to get the trophies done.
  6. It looks similar in aesthetics but not in terms of asset quality. But you have defined a remake as something completely different, like RE2 or FF7, which changed much more significantly. The fact that gameplay and level design are similar doesn't mean it's not a remake, as shown by the Crash Bandicoot remake.
  7. Disagree, it's a beat for beat remake, follows the original game while using completely new assests. And even adds new features such as Isaac having actual voice lines, some new lore/story elements and quite a bit new tech in terms of audio and effects. If you think this looks similar to the original then you havent played it in awhile. That said, I think its overpriced, 70€ would be ideal.
  8. Heads up: All 3 DLC packs required for trophies are 40% off.
  9. Nah I think this free upgrade doesnt apply to Essential users, only Extra or above.
  10. Tried again through the console store and the PS5 version is 19,99€. If I select the free version I get the trial.
  11. Is it really? I have PS+ Essential version and I keep getting the PS5 trial when try to download the game. Man of Medan that is.
  12. Never played a game without one, but I do have a list without a Plat, Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Its a small list with extra trophies for the trilogy and I really dislike it, but mostly because it throws off the actual game count vs the fact that it doesnt have a Platinum.
  13. Hopefully this turns out ok, Iron Man has felt like a missesld opportunity in video games. Just seems odd giving this to Motive before their first big solo project is even out. From what Ive heard Anthem's best quality was its gameplay and the Javelin felt a lot like controlling Iron Man, so maybe EA can have their studios work together on this since BioWare is a more experienced studio.
  14. Tombs of the Fallen incoming:
  15. Any AAA day One release is cheaper physical. I buy most of my games on release for 45€, PSN prices are 70€. 15% pre-order discount and 3 for the price of 2 including pre-orders. Just need to pay attention to sales and plan ahead. I understand this cant be done everywhere but I bet alot of people do similar things.
  16. Decided to back to Dying Light 2 and try to finish it since they added the distance tracker and surprise, surprise yet another glitch, got 0m... Tried the method shown by @PureChaosAT but couldnt get it to run in game. So Im using PS4Macro with a Dualshock 4 in Remote Play. Works very well and you dont need the rubber bands since the Macro can do every input. Got 100km in about 4 hours.
  17. Good demo. Combat is very fast paced even more so than Nioh, I like that there isnt a stamina bar and that the game rewards aggressiveness. I do think healing takes a bit too long and the input seems to be hit or miss, also some of the bigger moves (red) are a bit hard to read due to too many effects.The devs said there would be less useless equipment in this but it seems about same as Nioh so far. The boss was a fun fight, you can pretty much stun lock the first phase with a Glaive and Martial Arts but the second was much tougher with some hard attacks to counter. Overall a really good experience and will most likely get it.
  18. I thought that was great! Tekken 8 looks incredible, never thought id see it here. Ishin was a great surprise, Eve still has me interested, Ragnarok got the its best trailer imo and Rise of the Ronin looks good but not sure where it fits ie more Souls or GoT. The PSVR2 stuff looked to me aswell.
  19. State of Play instead of a Showcase? They arent mutually exclusive but it does make it less likely for a Showcase to happen anytime soon. Still Im interested in PSVR2 content, hoping for a better look at the launch lineup *cough* Half-Life *cough*.
  20. Very good trailer BUT, like others have said, need gameplay before I can get excited. If this uses the same engine/base as the latest games, I wont touch it. Those systems are not made for stealth, they are way too clumsy.
  21. That's truly disappointing, I still miss the PS2 Quidditch game...
  22. I dont think anybody posted this so here it is: It's a website where you can get a couple of items for the game AND get sorted into a house, get your patronus and wand. I got Slytherin, Black Mamba and a Yew Wand with a Unicorn core. Pretty fun.
  23. Looks good so far, a bit too similar to Nioh's asthetic but thats to be expected. Looking forward to the trial, want to see how the lack of a stamina changes the gameplay.
  24. This looks pretty interesting, I like the arm abilities, similar to Sekiro and the setting is great aswell. But the problem with these souls likes is that its hard to get a sense of wheter they feel right or not until you play them, It could either be a Nioh or a Lords of the Fallen.
  25. Oh my... I was curious about this but that gameplay crushed my interest in it. The main character animation looks fine but enemies look so stilted and the screaming, my god the screaming! .