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  1. What I did do on my 2nd play was ignore the scientist who gets possessed, this was to make it quicker to complete the chapter.
  2. Got the trophy last night after First Night chapter, didnt feel as If I did anything different to my first play through.
  3. I know replaying chapters wont work, you need to go back and start from The condenser and play all the way through to First Night to unlock entities master I think I messed up on the entities somewhere in the condenser then, will replay it and hopefully kill them all.
  4. I dont remember failing QTES, however it could have been on some entities you need to pull the sticks close together and some you pull down so maybe I didnt kill one or two, i'm on my 2nd playthrough now for the last few trophies so fingers crossed I will get it this time I shut down the portal so I assumed I defeated all the entities
  5. Hi, On my first play through I got Portal Shutdown and also Entities Apprentice, according psnprofiles trophy guide if I get both those then Entities Master should unlock, it didn't? I'm sure I killed all the entities in the Condenser chapter. Any ideas ? Did I miss something ?
  6. I'm looking for someone to coop with on a new game save to get the forge done on 100% it's glitched on me. I've tried everything but not working at all. Could have been due to coop missions I did with a friend.
  7. So .. after the patch has the counter been fixed ? I am in 15km at the moment on one set of tyres, I still have a long way to go to get Stocked Trophy, hoping to unlock this as I play
  8. Looking to join some people to get this trophy done. Please add my psn id runuali - I need to join up with 3 more players