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  1. MINE! Steal the flags from a friend. How exactly is this trophy obtained? Does it require multiple controllers?
  2. I am having trouble unlocking Living Room Legend trophy and I think it's glitched for me. I have gotten 41 gold stars (39 at the time i took the photo) and have not been able to get the trophy to pop. I have gold starred 2 DLC songs (which don't count towards the trophy) and I have always been signed into my profile in game. I am not sure what else I can do, is anyone else experiencing this? https://imgur.com/A1LhBIT https://imgur.com/6HEjeN7 https://imgur.com/zJrI3OT
  3. At the time of posting this, I didn't even own the Rival's expansion.
  4. I'm trying to get the trophies M.C., Face to Face, and Till Death Do Us Part and for some reason the online isn't working properly. I can download songs from GHMix and see that my friends are online in-game but when i go to search ( at the same time as my friends ) or invite them, the game gives us error messages. Is there any workarounds or tricks to get the online to work because I've seen people earn these trophies within the last week/month.
  5. For the trophies... "All Four One! - Complete a song with four band members" and "Practice Makes Perfect - All four band members score 100% notes hit" you need to play with four people (obviously), however the game doesn't have any online to boost this with other people so you have to do it locally. My dilemma is that the ps3 only have two usb ports on the front and prevents me from plugging in all four instruments simultaneously. Does anyone who has obtained these trophies or has previous experience with the Rock Band games know which usb hub works with the instruments on ps3? I know it can't just be any usb hub like it has to be powered or something but I don't know which one to buy. (preferably something i can buy off amazon and not have to hunt down the original rb usb hub)
  6. Kaiju Master Evolve every Kaiju to maximum level. Without a doubt this is the hardest and most grind-ish trophy in the game. Is there any tips some who have 100% the game can give me? Is there anyway to make the process faster? How long will it usually take?
  7. I guess, I just gotta keep playing til it pops at this point, it's aggravating that the game doesn't have a proper stats screen. Thank you for the advice.
  8. Thank you for letting me know. I still should have more than enough for the trophy, has this happened to anyone else? If I re gold star a song i could've got on story mode on quickplay would it count?
  9. There might be 1 or 2 that i got in career but 98% of them were all on quickplay. Is there a difference?
  10. I picked up all the instruments used and own a mix of Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers. I only have the dongles to connect the instruments to the ps3.
  11. I ended up just deleting my save and played the game all over again. I made sure to get every piece of yarn and shirt to get as many points as possible but I didn't collect everything. I tried replaying stages on my old save over and over but that didn't work, I assume the game saves your score when you beat the game and doesn't update it. Hopefully this helps!
  12. Triple the wool! Accumulate a total high score of 600.000 points I've been having trouble unlocking this trophy not to mention the game is rather vague as to what your total points are. Is it because I've already beaten the game that I can't increase my score? I've replayed around 20 or so stages and have had no luck of getting the trophy. Do I need to replay the game a second time to get the 600,000 points needed or is there something I'm missing?
  13. Considering how you can stack both the physical and digital versions, is it possible to beat the campaign in one version then autopop the campaign trophies in the digital version if you beat the last level? Do both versions use the same save file?
  14. Platinum Completed all chapters, earning the highest rank, on difficulty COMMANDER or greater. If I screw up on a mission and get a "C" rank, is the safest method to just quickly close the application or is there a much better way to restart the mission. Also is it recommended to backup a save after each mission?
  15. So should I just delete my save and start over? I've been replaying stages but it hasn't gotten me anywhere (I don't know how to check overall score).
  16. I got the Wooly Vaults all in my first playthrough and it didn't pop. Maybe it's glitched?
  17. How is the game, is it worth a go? Is there any trophy that requires a grind or is it an easy platinum similar to Rocket League?
  18. Do the kills you earn in the Zombie version of the Campaign (Nightmare Mode) count for the kills you need for the camos (for Personal Decorator)?
  19. I having the same issue, anyone know of a fix?
  20. Thanks for the help! I was able to get the four trophies in less than a hour.
  21. Are the Egg-stra XP challenges still doable without grinding hours of multiplayer to get a specific map? I managed to get Containment and get the egg there but is there any playlist that has all of the season pass maps in high rotation? I tried getting one of the eggs in a private match and nothing happened, I'd assume this is online only. Has anyone done these trophies recently that can help?
  22. I have all of the accolades but the progress on the calling card reads 175/176. I've checked all of the missions and I'm not missing any accolades. What do I do?
  23. I need 176 accolades to unlock the calling card. The calling card counter is reading 175/176. You need all of the calling cards for the "Personal Decorator" trophy.