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  1. I’m clearly an outlier here, but as someone who’s played every GoW game, this one is by far my favorite. I am not done (only 20 hours in), but so far it’s just gow 2018 except better everything (especially enemy variety). the Atreus bits definitely do get tedious but the story chunks they reveal have been nice so far… but the exploration is phenomenal imo.
  2. Thanks man, what a fantastic guide! Very well done!
  3. So annoying that there’s a trophy for beating the game under level 20, I hate those types of trophies. I like having to collect everything though. I wish they replaced that annoying trophy with one that required beating the game on the hardest mode.
  4. Anyone know if you have to have 1mil at once for the trophy to pop, or is it cumulative?
  5. Skillful trophy is bugged for me.
  6. I had a ton of chests opened in the floating palace which didn’t count towards completion. Game is a mess.
  7. I’m also now stuck in the fire dungeon because I can’t light the cauldron… also “a sword for Emil” quest is bugged for me since I picked up the sword before the quest became available, so I’m locked out. It looks like this happens with a couple different side quests if you meet the requirements before starting them.. these guys really didn’t bother testing their game, it’s a good game at its core but I’ve never seen a quality game release this broken.
  8. 70% through on warrior mode and it wiped my save. My file was at 47 hours. Most frustrating, difficult game Ive ever played. I backed it up about 12 hours ago, but I can’t redo all the bs I went through. I’m dropping this thing forever, literally fuck this game, I’m so angry. Even amidst the crazy frustration I was still enjoying it. I did almost every optional thing I could and the game was getting a tiny bit easier…. Pissed that I was so close to the end.
  9. Any strategies for the no death run? I died a ton on the first playthrough lol, the last boss was pretty hard.
  10. It’s asanine how difficult it is, I’m about 10 hours in on warrior now. My biggest complaint is the analog stick is sooooo sensitive in regards to ducking. It’s hard to fight because my character is constantly squatting down when I’m just trying to move left/right.
  11. The 2nd world boss trophy won’t pop for me. edit- ok I just replayed the boss and thankfully it popped. I got lucky, besides that trophy I had no issues.
  12. Not having to 100% this game should be a crime! but still happy to see trophies on these games…. But c’mon!! Every 3D platformer should require 100%!
  13. Does anyone know how to “make friends”? It looks like nobody has this trophy so far.
  14. Has anyone confirmed this?
  15. I was on the fence on this one, I hate that hard mode is locked, I will probably pass on picking it up. super sick of this practice in making trophy lists.