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  1. Wow I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a game since sekiro, this game is going to be fantastic.
  2. On another site I read that the character trophies unlock for all 3 party members, so you can get them all in 2 playthroughs. that being said apparently 3 playthroughs are necessary to get all boss trophies. I’m not familiar with the original, nor have I payed this one yet, but this is just the information that I’ve read.
  3. Oh ok! That doesn’t sound too bad actually. Hopefully they fix those buggy trophies soon, I will definitely go for the plat
  4. I really want to go for the platinum in this game, but I hate multiplayer trophies! I have slow internet and right now don’t even have ps+. How much of a grind is it to go for the 200 kills? Isn’t the multiplayer 2v1? That means best case scenario you would have to play like 100 matches, right?
  5. I’m hoping this is applicable still, because literally 10 mins after farming the dual swords to 180k I saw a patch came out that reduced farming requirements. Not aware of any other changes made. that being said, i suggest playing the boss daidara bocchi, the final boss of the mission “high spirited demon” over and over again to farm proficiency. Since each limb has 5 gemstones to attack, it seemed like it drastically improved the time in upgrading my dual swords, most likely because every attack was hitting 3 targets at once. If the patch makes this method somewhat quick to get a mystic art, I might just come back and snag this plat! hope everyone’s enjoying the game as much as I am!
  6. For the platinum. Like I said earlier though, I don’t think I have the patience for the platinum, I just want to at least compete all the missions.
  7. Damn, that’s super annoying, but I suppose I can handle it if I only have to grind out one weapon type.
  8. I’ve really been loving this game, and I wanted to get as many trophies as I can, but I’m not going for the plat because I don’t think I have that much grinding in me. that being said, I really want to get the trophy for completing all quests, but I just finished the 4th region and there’s a side quest requiring you to finish the dojo mission which is given after you reach 180k proficiency with dual swords! Is this required for the all missions trophy!? I really wish I had read about this earlier. if it is required, are there any sub missions like this for other weapons???
  9. Super disappointed about the 50 hour grind for the plat, definitely stoked to play this game, but I hate when heavy grinds like this are required for the platinum. will probably pick it up and play it once, and maybe return to it for the plat at a later time when there’s not anything else to play.
  10. I’ve played about ten hours, and I would say it’s a MAJOR grind
  11. I really don’t understand how this game works. Is there any way to make overall progression, or do you have to start over literally every time you die? I’ve Went through like 5 runs so far and keep getting to 1-3, but it’s already getting tedious having to play through the beginning levels each time I die. Am I missing something?
  12. As of now the algorithm trophy is certainly glitched. I’ve destroyed over 600 flying enemies and it hasn’t unlocked. Just an fyi, might want to hold off buying unless the devs fix it
  13. I just started playing this game, absolutely love it. If someone would help me get the challenge trophy I would really appreciate it!!! PSN- NashtyMouse
  14. Thank you! I was wondering what those were used for!
  15. I’m decently far in the game, and just got the dragon orb. I feel like there are many chests I have missed for being this far in the game. If I’m trying to 100% the game, is there ever any item that shows me which part of the map still has unopened chests?