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  1. 100% lifesaver over here, thank you so much. I sort of had figured out the main menu was causing problems, because on my first playthrough I stopped receiving trophies after I first tried to access it, but I thought the costume trophy was unobtainable, I didn’t realize you could restart levels (it’s strangely under “options” on the pause menu). I thought I was doomed until reading this post haha
  2. That’s what I will do. I will let people know what happens when I finish
  3. So are we locked out of these trophies forever? This is gonna really piss me off none of the 6th level trophies unlocked for me either....
  4. People have the platinum though, I really don’t know what’s going on..
  5. So I got all the trophies in the skeletown level (they even popped up and everything) but they won’t sync to psn.. I’m very very confused about this. im playing the NA version if that makes a difference.
  6. I’m happy that most people seemed to have really enjoyed it, personally I found it more frustrating than enjoyable, which is a huge surprise since I love the original.
  7. Can I transfer my save if I don’t have the physical Nioh 2 disc anymore? I have my save file but I sold the game..
  8. I hope it’s slightly discounted compared to the other versions at least... (which I doubt), but I’m still going to buy it the day it releases. Props to one guy for making it, but the lack of updates PlayStation owners have received is just a slap in the face.
  9. I’ve been waiting ages for a release, hope it comes soon! Really stoked for this one!
  10. You can come back later, that’s what I did.
  11. Fair enough. I’m probably in the minority when I say I’m burnt out before even finishing my first playthrough. I like going for difficult accomplishments in games, I can’t honestly put my finger on why this game feels so unsatisfying to me. Maybe once I get past chapter 8 my motivation will return haha.
  12. The no health upgrade seems insanely difficult, as well as the 3 hour playthrough.. do you have the platinum?
  13. You are right, it’s super annoying that you cannot refight bosses. Man this one is gonna be a pain in the ass haha. Not to be a bummer, but after beating 5 levels in this game I’m finding it much more frustrating than enjoyable, which is odd because this game is right up my alley. Not sure if I’m gonna go for the plat in this one.
  14. The trophies being difficult doesn’t bother me, but I hate when there is no chapter select available in a game, especially of this genre. Hopefully they allow you to select levels post game? update: there is chapter select. At the beginning of every level there’s a stage selection machine. I don’t know how this works post game as I’ve only beat 2 levels though haha. This is gonna be a TOUGH plat.
  15. Bummer there’s no plat, but I will still be picking up. Are all the trophies story related?