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  1. I just started playing this game, absolutely love it. If someone would help me get the challenge trophy I would really appreciate it!!! PSN- NashtyMouse
  2. Thank you! I was wondering what those were used for!
  3. I’m decently far in the game, and just got the dragon orb. I feel like there are many chests I have missed for being this far in the game. If I’m trying to 100% the game, is there ever any item that shows me which part of the map still has unopened chests?
  4. Thank you!!!
  5. Literally came here to ask the same question.. I’m like 20 minutes into the game and haven’t seen an option. Drinkbox has never made a game you couldnt plat in one play through though...
  6. I am super excited to play this game, been waiting a long time. Can someone who’s played it on PC confirm if anything is missable?
  7. Yes, but the trophy for getting all coins is still bugged.
  8. Damn, that’s too bad. I assumed as much when I saw that someone had collected all the trophies besides this one. Game is great though, hopefully the patch is available soon.
  9. Niice!! Can't wait to play this game!
  10. Thinking about starting this tonight, but cant find any trophy info online. To the people with the platinum, are there any missables?? thanks!
  11. Hopefully it's better than Aer, I really disliked that game. I think this game is gonna turn out good though!
  12. Interesting, I wouldn't never have guessed how to get it. Thanks for the replies!
  13. I'm getting close to the end of the game (100%ed the first 6 levels + beat their b-sides). Game is awesome. I refuse to use the auto assist, and am pretty bummed out that they even made it a thing... anyways, does anyone know what you have to do to get the 1-up trophy?
  14. Thanks for this! I've been debating on getting the game. did you enjoy it?
  15. I absolutely cannot find the last health pack! I've been stuck on 9 forever, and I'm at 46/50 artifacts. Quick question, in the dark blue area of the map, there is a room than I can't fill out the middle section of the map, is there anyway to get to this spot are is it impossible?
  16. Thanks for the info!
  17. thanks for the heads up. I'm planning on making a back up save right before the end of the game. At what point would you recommend backing up my save? (I don't want to accidentally beat it with a backup).
  18. I am also a little disappointed that the game is procedurally generated, but as a metroidvania fiend I will pick it up day 1. I don't think a good metroidvania has come out since forma.8. Trophy list looks simple enough, I wonder if the game is as short as jotun. Also, I am surprised at the list, it looks like only one playthrough is necessary even though it's been confirmed the game has multiple endings.
  19. I believe it's been patched as of now.
  20. So I just beat the game, and was looking forward to going back and collecting the 13 scrolls I didn't have yet. Unfortunately the game auto saves the instant you are about to walk into the final battle, which you cannot get out of. When I loaded my save file up, the entire screen turns blue, so I cannot see anything at all. A couple times I've gotten lucky and navigated to a new area, but when I get there I just fall underneath the map and the end game credits start rolling. very frusterating, because I do not want to replay this game just for the collectibles... I advise not beating the game until you have the collectibles (that is if you are going for them).
  21. This is my most anticipated game of the year. To me it looks like a mix of ico and the witness, two of my all time favorites.
  22. I have no idea. There's only 9 chapters, and I'm already on the 6th and haven't gotten a single one. im assuming they are collectible related, like teslagrad. When you look at the map and press triangle, there are 36 empty rectangles, which I assume correlate to the 36 trophies in the game (not including the plat). That being said, they look like the collectibles you get when you increase a character's life. They are the exact same shape. I've collected 2 or 3 of those though, and it doesn't fill in the missing shape in the menu nor give me a trophy. I'm stumped. EDIT: I just got two of them back to back. They are also the most common trophies attained on psn network. Looks like they just appear really late in the game. Very odd decision to implement them like this, but I'm just thankful I finally found out how to get them haha
  23. So I've gotten every trophy in the game besides this one. I've beaten the game 4-5 times and on each playthrough, I talk to all 8 of the randomized recruits at the table, but the trophy just will not unlock. Am I missin out on something or is the trophy just glitched??