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  1. My answer for this type of question will always be Cat Fight (from Injustice 2). The trophy sounds easy enough: "Catwoman must defeat Cheetah with the final hit coming from Cat Call", and there are plenty of other trophies related to specific character moves. However in this case, this is the ONE trophy tied to a move unlocked through the RNG loot boxes. Whether this was an oversight from the developers or an intentional choice I have no idea. But I'm still going back to this game every once and a while these days in hopes of unlocking it.
  2. Going to be brief with a top 5: 1. Horizon Zero Dawn 2. God of War 3. Final Fantasy XV 4. Watch Dogs 2 5. Infamous Second Son
  3. As a big fan of Tony Jaa, this one was a bit disappointing. Out of the Ong Bak trilogy, Killzone 2, and The Protector, this is probably the worst (Although Ong Bak 3 is a mess too). An over emphasis on drama with poor acting and writing makes the story sections a slog. Towards the end there are some good fights, but I would only watch this one if you're really hurting for a martial arts film and have exhausted all your better options.
  4. Decent thriller with strong performances from Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.
  5. Def Jam Icon and Stranglehold. Just bought Afro Samurai yesterday but haven't started it yet.
  6. The Killer, Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, No Country for Old Men, The Raid 2, Terminator 2, Ong Bak 1 and 2, Goodfellas, Alien, Blade Runner 2049 (probably my newest pick) Honorable Mentions: Watchmen, 300 (I even have a soft spot for Rise of the Empire lol), SPL 2 aka Killzone 2 (have to let this one sink in a bit more), The Shining, Superbad, Scott Pilgrim... I could keep going forever but I'm gonna stop here.
  7. cat call in injustice 2, fairly easy fighting game but they had throw in one rng trophy to mess it all up.
  8. Mr. Robot
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Ghost of Tsushima were my two favorite games. I'll definitely buy Spiderman and TLOU 2. Death Stranding and Cyperpunk both look cool but I need to know a bit more lol. I'll buy Assassin's Creed too, not that excited for it though. DMC5 has me interested in playing the older games in the series. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this year's conferences.
  10. Assassin's Creed 3 - 85%: It's not so much that this game was critically mixed but more so that the fanbase was pretty split. I for one loved the setting, story, and didn't mind the slow parts, though I can see how they could be off putting to someone. The Order 1886 - 63%: I really enjoyed this game, but maybe it's because of the circumstances I played it under, having only payed $10 for it. I thought the graphics and world were stunning, the story actually held my attention, and the gameplay, while basic, was solid enough especially with the interesting guns and visceral effects. Wanted: Weapons of Fate - 61%: This is kind of a similar situation to The Order, as I got this one for $3 or $5. A couple years ago Wanted was one of my favorite movies, so to be able to play a half decent shooter based off the movie with some cool abilities and easy trophies was more than enough for me to have some fun. I've kind of run out of ideas lol so I'm just putting this one here too: COD Advanced Warfare - 83%: Like AC3, this game was received well by critics, but its the fan reaction I'm more interested in. I thought the exo suits were a good addition, because we'd had over 10 years of boots on the ground COD (although they are definitely overused now). This is definitely my favorite PS4 Call of Duty game.
  11. I played through the story once and got 36% of the trophies. The ones I still need that I am not sure about how to accomplish are Mickey Finn, Rat in the Trap, Stalker, Chinatown, The Killer Unmasked, Night Moves, Dressed to Kill, Trust, Antitrust, Red Wire Blue Wire, Bomb Squad, Gross Misconduct, Dead or Alive, Truth Hurts, Fourth Degree, Wipeout, Goodbye World, and Blue Movies. Yes, I know thats a ton lol and I plan to play more tonight so it's very possible I'll have completed more trophies by then. But if anyone has info on how to accomplish these it would be much appreciated.
  12. thanks!