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  1. Does anyone know if it can be played alone? I remember the devs said it was meant to be played in coop
  2. More killer moves and cosmetics
  3. I believe all tge PC cheats were done from the command console so I dont think they work on Xbox or PlayStation
  4. You absolute mad lad, hats off to you 👏
  5. Hi, I sent a friendrequest on PSN for the 9 monkeys of shaolin trophies but couldn't add a message to the request.

    I just noticed you already got the trophies but would you still be able to help me out?
    It's the main reason I didn't start the game yet...


    1. Kolm


      Apparently it's possible to get the trophies in local co-op with 2 controllers so I was able to get them already as well :) 

  6. CyricZ on GameFAQs has done amazing guides for all the Yakuza games, he's the go to for extensive tips and walkthroughs.
  7. Is the sequel xbox exclusive?
  8. Seems alright, bit of a grind but at least I don't have to get into Gold Rank 😅
  9. From around 14 chalices onwards I haven't been getting any rewards. I show up at the end of a level with 100% and none of the hero statues have a glow and sometimes even the upper stairs are active. Is it looking like a fresh new game for me?
  10. I would recommend taking a class that has incendiary ammo (like the Soldier or Vanguard) for the Merciless trophy. That way you don't have to wait for a squad mate to get group ammo or try to constantly knock people off edges.
  11. Think of it like RE2 Remake but you can't move when you shoot
  12. Collecting minerals is just a good way to get alot of money especially if you scan a rare metal
  13. The game looks incredible and is the main reason I plan on getting a PS5. Favourite weapon has to be Mr Zurkon
  14. Did I miss something or am I just stupid? The game keeps recommending me to Overwatch but I don't know which button it is, can only certain characters do it?
  15. So the romance trophies are all in the additional list then? Gonna need to do another separate playthrough if you want to romance Liara all the way