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  1. The irony of me knowing about this game thanks to Hololive
  3. I wonder what the different modes are all about? 🤔
  4. A former World Record in AC Black Flag for being the first one to do x amount of assassinations in Havana
  5. Yes it's a free upgrade
  6. I wish Apex had a list like this
  7. Darkside Detective The Yakuza series Trigger Witch The South Park games All LEGO games Maneater
  8. Has anyone else experienced this issue? When I go to interact with door switches or key cards with the drone, the game just crashes. I can't progress through any locked doors on the right handside of the map because of this.
  9. Looks very reasonable, just wish they didn't recast Lo Wang
  10. I wonder what that could mean in terms of difficulty, a counter indicator like in the Batman games or perhaps damage sliders for enemies
  11. "A Friend in Need" is giving me flashbacks to the DL1 plat grind 😅
  12. Episode Gladiolus: Chapter 7. Episode Prompto: Chapter 11. Episode Ignis: after clearing the game as it spoils the ending. Comrades: After Chapter 13, but if you do it prior to Chapter 14 your avatar can be encountered during Chapter 14. Episode Ardyn: after clearing the game as it also spoils the ending.
  13. I read on Twitter that we were apparently getting Nioh 2 😅
  14. Definitely the most fun I've had with a game all year.
  15. Concrete Genie Control Operation Tango