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  1. I'm not a fighting game fan (or good at them) but Injustice 2 was great. Might hop back in to finish off the platinum
  2. You don't just have the cheats unlocked, you have to complete in game challenges which reward points to buy cheats. Cheats do disable trophies, I bought the invincibility cheat and the photo mode trophy wouldn't pop.
  3. Not a bad list, always appreciate the addition of " do this x times" trophy tracking, especially for JRPGs.
  4. It was great seeing a community come together like this, it's an awesome platinum to have, you love to see it.
  5. As long as Elias Toufexis comes back as well
  6. Grinding with bots isn't too bad, there are loads of video guides out there for cheese map set ups against bots. The only thing you need a real player for is the ammo cache, bot teammates won't use it.
  7. Missed opportunity to do this post in all caps
  8. According to CyricZ all those missions are in Onomichi
  9. I was really impressed, granted my expectations were low
  10. The irony of me knowing about this game thanks to Hololive
  12. I wonder what the different modes are all about? 🤔
  13. A former World Record in AC Black Flag for being the first one to do x amount of assassinations in Havana
  14. Yes it's a free upgrade
  15. I wish Apex had a list like this