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  1. You have all the abilities by the time you get to the Snowy planet in the story
  2. I'm at Rank D so I'm not even sure if i've got to Baccarat yet 😅
  3. What's the coop like?
  4. If anyone is still struggling, i suggest trying this method, it helped me alot and only took me 10 tries afterwards
  5. Kiryu after reading this post
  6. Jack of all Trades could be difficult because it has to be in Ranked
  7. I'm glad because Jack of All Trades could be difficult because of bans and not needing that operator
  8. You can do nearly all of them with bots, except for some of the medic challenges, fortunately there is a good boosting community going. There's also some good threads and videos regarding handy farming spots for things like "stun x amount of enemies"
  9. I only know the cheese way, you'll want to lure him to the catapult area. When he reaches that area, keep on pushing him to the opposite tower (the one where you took the Cling Ring at the basement). Once you both reach the tower, push him to the center of the tower to make him fall to his death.
  10. Minecraft Dungeons is a pretty chill coop game. Also RE5 & 6 are a great time in coop
  11. Mad Metal Gear Lad
  12. Doesn't look to grindy, alot of bronzes though
  13. Destroy 30 Spy Drones from RAGE 2
  14. Glad i decided to wait, this will be a good pick up for PS5
  15. Seems like a good way to replay the game as new character