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  1. I have done the boss fight several times without missing either a tentacle or an eye. anyone know of any bug related to the boss fight? *edit must be a bug, done at least five perfect runs where he didn’t even toggle the eyes and got the tentacle spawns with marginal.
  2. Finnished anarchy man and got all 6 tapes, but can’t get the trophies to pop..
  3. I have all the characters on lvl 6 or above, but still havn’t got the badge. Anyone else that have had this glitch? **it did pop after playing a drop with every character once they all hit lvl 6.
  4. All my wins were earned after the patch.
  5. Thanks for the reply yuri! Although it says that it should pop with a total of 10 wins, all modes combined. Guess I’ll just have to win a few more until it pops.
  6. Do they all have to be in the same match type? Squads/duo/solo. Got ten wins but divided over the different types of matches.
  7. I got a bugged trophy in a good way instead. Got geared out when I opened my first chest my first game!
  8. Even after the fight there is no chance to look at the map to find the Älfar camp. Any known fix?
  9. Bullshit droprate even in the "golden" crates. Always gets the shitty rpg or machine gun... Total bullshit...
  10. Anyone else had this issue? Getting the in game achievements but the trophy aint popping.
  11. But not on playstation... giving me false hope like that ...
  12. That's weird, maybe just occured for me then.
  13. Seems like it is only possible to get one kill per match with the bottle. All five matches the other bottle locations wouldn't spawn a bottle after I got a kill. Tried it out and camped one location for the remaining of the match, but it wouldnt spawn for me. Even saw another guy pick it up. (I did not pick up this bottle prior to getting the kill either.)
  14. Anyone willing to lend me a very rare item for the trophy? Got two crates for for you to keep! Will retrade after trophy popping.