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  1. I do not got the option to add to library, even with disc inserted.
  2. Yeah, I emailed them as well, just hoping for a quick answer/fix!
  3. Does not seem to work for complete edition..
  4. Complete edition includes the tourist edition bonuses, but does not seem to enable the free upgrade …
  5. It is easy, go for it
  6. Yeah I saw another post that you needed to be in close proximity to others for it to raise. Did trioval with 2 bots, 10 laps and got it in less than 2 hours. thanks for the tip though!
  7. I am having trouble raising the safety license though… matches work fine
  8. not without glitches, might take a lot longer for them to pop than the stated requirements, but eventually they will.
  9. I got a theory for the gear trophy, if you got full inventory and it sends it right to the stash it wont count. At least it does not count the in game challenges..
  10. Be aware that it does not work to well on ps5, at least not for me. had to restart it several times on every map because suddenly some actions stopped working (might be the same on ps4, I do not know) e.g. Couldn’t shoot/jump etc
  11. Anything done offline doesnt seem to autopop though. edit: that was not the case. Just forgot to go online on ps4 version. After redownloading ps4-version and going online, the trophies popped on the ps5.
  12. I am having a hard time with act 5 on no hope and would appreciate if some people shared their build they used for clearing it solo.
  13. But the 1.16 patch doesnt seem to be found anywere. Not possible without that patch.
  14. I got a fun one, only played hardcore, and the lvl 99 shows 15% while the hc lvl99 shows 10%. But it is tracking the same character..
  15. Feels like it is inpossiblr to get above 40% legit. Done it several times now and best I’ve got is 38%. And I am positive I did not miss more then a couple of them…