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  1. Feel free to add me PSN : Eraserhead_981 Location : Europe (Croatia)
  2. Chest in Havana, found it last night, middle in the picture.
  3. Friend found chest at Long Bay 525.523 (i cannot enter it because location its open after sequence 10 :/)...but maybe it helps to someone
  4. Can someone help me with the social chest location? Thank you
  5. Eraserhead_981 Feel free to add me )
  6. PSN : Eraserhead_981 Im very active, playing all sort of games, feel free to add me ;-)
  7. This is not working for me. I cannot load my old save games if i dont update to latest version. Im getting next message: Your save games are using newer format then the game. Please exit the game and update the game version. If you continue our save games will be overwritten. And i, aswell have map glitch (cannot enter map)...thats just lame.
  8. Fallout 4 Uncharted Collection Just Cause 3 PES 2016
  9. Mad Max, from TGC
  10. Sleepy. Again.
  11. Shame there is no Taco Bell in my country, i like crappy food
  12. Just drive and when you see tower (in which you previously killed sniper) knock it down. I just did 10th challenge - by collapsing tower with cables in front of conquered camp. E, i pozdrav
  13. Fell free to add me. I play all sorts of games. PSN: Eraserhead_981