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  1. Is this trick working with 1.08?
  2. Is it possible to play game offline on disk version 1.0 and do glitch in one of described ways? That seems the easiest and best solution.
  3. Considering (on psnp latest players) nobody finished on maximum difficulty (including power pyx) for sure it is 7/8-10.
  4. Soooo…early players, how hard is maximum security ? 😂
  5. Yesss…I wasn’t sure expecting this…loved the game, love ALL games from Drinkbox…just bought DLC
  6. Thanks for the link, great guide...really relaxing and easygoing game...for me especially after RE2 😂
  7. for me 4 skull guys on the beginning are not dying? Black Widow thing Ageing is on, they refuse to die, im following bushido guide 😬 Edit: ok they can die, But not from this Illnes in first couple seconds, they die from old age. How to make them “Ill”
  8. have to sack everyone from reserves for new recruit to be least that worked for me
  9. I am not getting any new crew members to recruit, tab is all time empty. Did anybody experienced the same, how to fix annoying bug?
  10. I did it in 15 minutes…used zig zag technique…just do really small zigzags and ure good to go. Reading this thread it looks much more difficult then it really is.
  11. First i was trying to hit her with poison gun, it was almost impossible. Then i tried to kick her with foot on bottom level full of poison, got it from first try (couple days ago). Didnt even shoot her once, maybe thats causing bug. Just dont forget put trinket that allows you to breath in posion. That way you come from beneath and lure her down so she is in good position to be kicked.
  12. Whenever I try to join friends game or vice versa the game freezes on loading screen. First couple quests worked perfectly then at one point it just stopped working 😒 Anybody have similar problem, how to take care of it...the game is really fun to play in 2, reminds me bit of good old Diablo
  13. For me its Big Cure Bomb, last book i need for trophy. Probably its in snowy area 😑
  14. From what i remember it should be checked after you go to her house and finish quest. For your own good i hope im wrong😆
  15. That was one of the more annoying challenges, because game is not tracking them properly. Best to write them manually.