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  1. Lars and the Real Girl.
  2. Childish Gambino - This is America. And even though I don't live in USA, the music video sends chills down my spine. Mesmerizing and maybe cynical in a way...
  3. Sniper Elite 4 Better than the BestComplete the entire campaign on Authentic Plus difficulty with no manual saves The devil is not so black as he is painted. But I'm still very proud of that one.
  4. Authentic Plus for Sniper Elite 4
  5. I also had the same problem. It seemed like I completed all optional objectives but, as it turned out, in mission 7, I didn't blow up the boat (even though, at the end, all boxes next to Optional Objectives were checked). As soon as I started Mission 7 and blew the boat up (no need to go far ahead in the chapter, it will take less than 5 minutes), I got the trophy . So, if it didn't pop for you, that also might be the reason. 😁
  6. Got the trophy yesterday. I made a male sim and 8 female sims. All had Fertile trait. Females lived separately from a father. Afrer he woo-hood with all 8 of them I saved the game. Then I looked who got triplets, reload the save file and invited the 'lucky' mother to live with me. Then just waited and after she gave birth, the trophy popped. Got it on my second try (that's about 40 minutes in). Weird thing though. Mothers suppose to call you and say that they gave birth to your children. But some of them didn't (mostly those, who got twins and the triplets mother). So, I had to look manually in family tree.
  7. Wait, were you fullfilling those whims during the course of all those 50 tries or started doing so for the last attempt when you got triplets?
  8. I wish they worked on increasing chances for triplets, as well, while they were on it...
  9. I'm torn. (Mostly because of challenge related trophies.) But, like I said, I loved the game, so it would be nice to go back to it.
  10. I learn to look for good even in sad situations. So, bright side is, I'll get to keep me money and spend 'em on smth.... more enjoyable...
  11. Cool! I loved the first two games. (Hated Score Attacks though)
  12. Well, yeah, it has a few grindy trophies, but when assessing a game I try to do so regardless of a trophy list, merely a storyline, whether I enjoyed playing it before starting grinding or not, etc. Impressions of a game, not of trophies, so to speak, lol Trophies is a whole different matter. And yeah, I agree, trolls can ruin any game, but I got lucky to play with me trophy hunting friends, so it was mixing pleasure with business. The best combination there could possibly be!!
  13. Unless there are new trophies coming along, I'm not going back to this game. Even though I loved it.
  14. Another game to a bucketlist.
  15. Sofarsohorrible