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  1. This is getting better and better with each post. And I was looking forward for this game to be released on PS....
  2. Played PC version. Never had this problem. Anyway, was tearing between The SIMS and L.A.Noire. But after seeing this thread... I think I can wait a bit... 'till it's on sale.... aaaand they release a patch or smth. 🙂
  3. Imagine doing 26 generations trophy in one sitting because of this glitch
  4. Good thing I keep canceling the patch downloading even though it persistently keeps forcing itself on me every time I turn the PS on. 😃
  5. In case someone else needs it.
  6. Top Gun.
  7. As DamageDKami said, you should check in Chapter Select menu, if the game marked all Chapters as finished on Crushing. I myself had a difficulty glitch. About midway through the Crushing playthrough I found out that the game registered Chapter 6 as finished on Normal difficulty although I didn't change settings. What I did was finishing the game, then choosing Chapter 5 in Chapter select menu and playing all the way 'till Chapter 8. After that, I replayed Epilogue and the trophy popped.
  8. Yas! Been having JC3 on a wishlist for a while. Glad I didn't buy it! This month was bad for me (already have games they gave out), so the next month is a freaking Christmas for me. Offtop. Sony's been rolling last couple of months with awesome freebies. I wonder how long it will last. Probably, not long... *knocking on a wood*
  9. I think, it counts. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't, as long as you're doing full laps. You can check if it counts by doing this event couple of times and then check your stats by pressing R3 - Driver ID - Awards - Zones - Midwest.
  10. Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  11. As of June 7th 2017, tweaks exploit for digital copy of U3 still works even with patch 1.02
  12. In my case, they did count. But a friend of mine got a problem. He had 30 in-game plats, icluding those for heists, but didn't get a trophy. So, he had to do other tasks. I guess, it's glitchy.
  13. I just finished 1st Grounded Mode Playthrough. And it turned out to be not as hard as I thought it would. I rarely used guns, prefered stealth mode regardless of who I had to deal with: dead or alive; used mostly bricked, bottles, pipes and fists where I had to fight. The reason being, I wanted to save ammo for the last Hospital sequence, but as it turned out, I only needed a smoke bomb and a brick (or a bottle) for that. Overall, you just need to be patient and figure out the best strategy to beat a certain level. Just like a puzzle. All in all, it was a fun journey.
  14. Dying Light and GTA 5. AC: Brotherhood will start soon. + Indie games along the way.
  15. I feel that after this sale I'll be broke. Too many good stuff. Tomb Raider Uncharted 4 NFS Rivals Tropico 5 DLCs Mad Max Sherlock Holmes: Devil's Daughter Dying Light Unravel Batman - Telltale 101 ways to die Broken Age Brothers: A tale of two sons Not all, but most of 'em I'll definitely buy.