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  1. I love the switch manage to get the red and blue joy con bundle. Currently playing Zelda and Bomberman r. Plan on getting Just dance 2017 and Binding of Isaac after birth. Waiting on ,Argo cart but really want xenoblade chronicles and Pokemon star!
  2. Killer is dead Goichi Suda makes awesome games sadly all his games are underrated but man there fun they have action, adventure, and crude sexual humor just my cup of tea!
  3. Can't wait I loved ff xii on the ps2 and with updated graphics and trophies must get it! Man can't wait atleast this gives me time to beat ffxv, world of ff, and ff X hd collection!
  4. Great game but watching the show and playing the game you get attach and that's a bad thing you'll never know what happens next!
  5. Fallout 4, digimon all star battle, batman arkhma knight, game of thrones, until dawn, and samurai warriors 4. Just got my 18th platinum gonna try for a 19th one. I like to earn 2 platinums a year would earn more but I am a floor supervisor at a grocery store some I am busy. Well happy gaming people!
  6. Yeah that is good cause I have friends that only play easy games multiple times to claimed they are better than me. Minus the telltale game which I do love I own all my platinum so the old fashion way. I know people who pay people to get trophies for them!
  7. It's up to you I have two accounts personally I plan on having one as a purely complete games one like 80% or higher and the other is my main account slash trial account. Mever hurts to start new especially if you ever get your account hack that's why I have two ones a back up. Well good luck and happy gaming. And a note on remasters think they are great but hope company's included all doc on disc on day one example borderlands why it needs a 10 gig day one update! Oh well have fun gaming!
  8. Nier 2 love the first game working on the platinum trophy for that one and can't wait to go for platinum for the second one hopefully they don't take forever making this game!
  9. If you love persona and can find it for real cheap. I found out mastering persona arena help you with persona ultimax! Get it if your a hardcore persona fan like me!
  10. Motorstorm love exploding while passing the finish line lol!
  11. What annoys me is people who have easy platinum a I have one friend he's always trying to beat me in trophies and plays easy games all the time. It bothers me because he just plays to gloat not for the enjoyment!
  12. PS4 Dead or Alive 5 ultimate resident evil Samurai warriors 4 Dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends Dynasty warriors empire 8 The evil within Akiba's trip undead and undress Omega quintet Toukiden Elder scrolls online The withcer 3 Bloodborne Knack Watchdogs Mortal kombat Borderlands collection Life is strange Game of thrones Tales of borderlands Xbox one Halo MCC Killer instinct State of decay Sunset overdrive Dead rising 3 Ryse Ps vita Freedom wars Persona 4 golden Tokyo abyss Hyperdimension pp Hyperdimension 2+3 remakes Tales of heart Mind zero PS3 Final fantasy xiii, xiii 2, and lightning returns Tales of graces f Hatsune miku project diva 1 and 2 Tales of xillia 1+2 Naruto ultimate Nina storm Naruto ultimate ninja storm revolutions Persona arena 1+2 Deception 4 Fatal frame 1+2+3 Dead space 1+2+3 Dead island Dead island riptide Deadly premonition Resident evil revelations 1+2 Lego Jurassic Park South Park and the stick of truth Sims 3 3ds Pokemon omega ruby Devil survivor 2 Xenoblades cronicles Bravely default
  13. Super Nintendo got it when I was 2 1/2 years old. Lol my mom says I shouldn't play to much games but she is the one that got me hook on them in the first place!
  14. Trying to platinum omega quintet, dead space, and super exploding zoo.