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  1. [SotC] 4:56:97 :dance:

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    2. Thoazol


      Weird, I had plenty of time to play hide and seek with the fourth one. Did you guys try full or half stabs?

    3. DamagingRob


      I don't remember. Whatever worked. Lol. It seemed a bit random how quickly he'd crouch down. If he does so pretty early, it shouldn't be too difficult to take him out. But when he messes around, and doesn't crouch right away.. Not really hard, in my opinion. But annoying to deal with. 

    4. Thoazol


      It was random on when he'd do it, but once he did it was just a matter of dealing with the constant shaking. Luckily half stabs were in just the right frequency to get in good damage and not get shaken off the charge.