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  1. Seeing as I can't find anyway to post a tip on the trophies themselves I thought I'd post it here for anyone who wants to save a bit of time when going for platinum. The final few trophies which made me really grind for them were never stop growing, just don't run with them and blinged up. Never stop growing I got with ease though when collecting mono coins for the other two and this is basically a quick way to buy the bling bullets and the different skills for genocide jack. You will still have to grind but not as much as you originally would have to. Make sure you have enough to get all of either the bling bullets or the skills for genocide jack and just before going to the shop to buy all of the skills or bullets be sure to save. Then buy all of the skills or bullets and the trophy for whichever will pop up, then just exit the game. Reload it and (depending on whichever you bought first) you then can buy the other set and get the other trophy. I recommend going for the bling bullets before the skills as there are two which are very expensive (one is around 3000 mono coins and the other is 10000) but either way I think has around the same grind time just if you go for the bullets first you can get both trophies back to back. This is also helpful if you want to buy the extras afterwards, just after buying the second set and gaining the trophy you exit the game again and go buy a big chunk of the extras. Hope this helps some of you!
  2. So I'm working on platinum and all the trophies that are left to get I know what I have to do and it's mainly about me putting in the time to get them but I'm struggling with this trophy I did what it says in the guide but no trophy popped up so can anyone tell me what exactly I have to do and what you did to get the trophy cause I'm a little confused. Also is there any trophies that any of you have got stuck on?
  3. I'm not to sure what I was doing wrong but I just got the trophy so it's all good. Thanks for your help!
  4. The songs were like the 5 hardest that let you change the costumes and I can't say for sure which costumes as I'm also working on the costume trophy but I know that the costumes I played the songs with were different than the ones originally intended for the songs.
  5. Yeah that's what I did I played 5 different songs with 5 different costumes and changed the skins each time so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong
  6. Yes this this is why I find IA/VT harder. I like playing tricky songs and trying to get a half decent score and the tricker the better, getting a perfect is nice but not what I'm really after. Project divas controls were too easy and I could get through the extreme songs and end with an excellent (except for the really tricky stuff) while IA/VT controls are harder meaning I'm not getting as high grades as I would like meaning I have to try harder and overall making it more fun for me.
  7. I played project diva f 2nd quite a lot and aside from a couple of the hardest songs on extreme I found it fairly easy after a while and I'm so glad I got IA/VT cause it provides the challenge I've been wanting. I think project diva is much better quality but I mainly want a challenge and not so much a diva room, so if I had to pick between the two I think IA/VT would just manage to beat project diva.
  8. Thread is kinda dead but I'll post anyway. I'm about to queue and play some of the more recent links posted.
  9. Chiaki and Komaeda. Definitely. Although first time playing the game, I liked Akane and Sonia as well as Chiaki. I was also fairly pissed at Komaeda for killing Chiaki but for some reason I've grown to love him.
  10. I found Mikan so annoying she was the only character that I truly hated, but I think over time I've slowly begun to stand her. I still dislike her though. As for the guys it was either teruteru or gundam. I don't hate either of them but both had their own traits I disliked.