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  1. Don't know what the heck you guys are talking about. Mars felt like a joyride compared to this boring garbage.
  2. That isn't what a "Remake" ever was for anything and you know that! This stupid re-interpretation nonsense does nothing but makes the original story no better than fanfiction.
  3. PSN: Not_Too_Sweet Need the two co-op trophies and 'Renaissance Man'.
  4. So glad that the days of buying all three systems to get the full experience of a game is dying a painful death. Exclusivity is always the bane of gaming livelihood.
  5. Agreed and I enjoyed playing it on PS3 years ago despite the sh*t framerate.
  6. I don't think it's terrible. But a definite step-down from 3, from its visuals to its features/gameplay. Even the barebones story felt abit more interesting in 3.
  7. Hell no. That would be a stupid waste of time based on YOUR perception of what is or isn't satisfactory for you.
  8. Black Ops II, but I assume you know why already.
  9. Honestly, I'm pretty much at that point too. Sometimes the time spent going for one trophy can be better used on 50 others.
  10. As if I needed another reason to hate online trophies.
  11. None of the Dead Space games are on PS Now.
  12. Can you just use one controller and put in a guest or do you NEED two?
  13. How do YOU know it? The only place I've heard of this is from some dumb opinion piece from Polygon of all places. Don't tell me you're dumb enough to actually believe this. 1st off, how would limiting themselves to the third place Xbone make ANY sense? EA games usually sell more on PS4. Battlefield 4, Hardline, 1, Battlefront EA Series, MA: Andromeda have at least that in common.
  14. Platinum Final Fantasy X-2 HD There is a good guide from StarDrop on youtube. (p.s. I only have PSNow right now)
  15. As if I needed another reason to not get into the Destiny series.