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  1. Awesome. I'm doing my first playthrough blind and not rushing, but I am bookmarking this for my NG+ run.
  2. Not sure if I am just having bad luck or this trophy was broken with a patch, but the computer near Room 211 is not possible to activate. 2 Separate playthroughs and the plug hanging from the ceiling on the left side is clipping completely through the desk and cannot be picked up. This is the PS4 version btw. Edit: well somehow I must have brute forced a keycode because the trophy unlocked while following a collectable guide. Sadly ive come across 2 missing Nanophage pages
  3. Took me around 150 hours and I never did finish all the free dlc trophies. I was way too burnt out after the gigantic slog this game is. I couldnt imagine paying for the Season Pass content without taking a break for a few months. They should have cut 50 hours of base game content and tightened this one up alot more. I swear they said Valhalla was less bloated than Odyssey, but its basically twice as long.
  4. Raidens 1,1,2 Combo was definitely what worked best for me against the invasion boss. Invasion fight popped after my second "Single Fight" Thanks to everyone who constantly updated and spammed the devs through forums and twitter...I can casually work my way through the rest of these trophies!
  5. Damn, i stop checking for 1 week!
  6. Maybe, but what makes me think they are less likely to reappear is that the Factions menu is basically broken and only seems to work for a few hours before the reset. Doesn't really seem like they are doing any kind of maintenance to make sure the game is working correctly.
  7. The Faction War page is working again. This seems to happen every time the weekly reset is about to happen I think. Not sure why it doesn't work all week except for the last few hours on Sunday. No active Invasion though Update: I sent off one of those bug reports to the WB Support and received a semi-generic email back saying "I understand your interest in completing a trophy on Mortal Kombat XL which requires the Invasion mode" and "I will be happy to forward this to the Game Team to let them know your interest in seeing this event featured more often"
  8. I noticed this too the Faction page was working and the War Tower. After the countdown finished though i got the old error and the infinite loading.
  9. Had a pop-up i haven't seen before when logging in today saying "Factions is disabled" due to a error. I quickly buttoned through it so i can remember if it said temporarily or not. Not sure if this is good or bad for Invasions returning or not. I couldn't reproduce the message when I restarted the game.
  10. So I plat'd this a few years ago and never touched any of the dlc. I recently purchased all the extra content during the Summer Sale, and am looking to do a full replay. Seems like some of the content is post-game and some looks like it affects the main story. What is the best way to approach the dlc trophy wise for somebody who already has the plat but is looking to replay the game and do all the new content?
  11. Snuck into CS finally. Was getting absolutely fucked by Chris Sale for 7 innings, then had some insane throw cancel glitch where my player refused to throw the ball for close to 10 seconds then whipped it into the crowd. I then whipped my coffee mug across the room. Hit a 3 run bomb in the next inning and the dude quit. Now i dont have to sweat any of the trophies anymore, and i can just relax and play online only when i want to.
  12. Im definitely getting used to it, but the blur is brutal. Far worse than Red Dead,