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  1. Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90's Collected myself some Panties today with Platinum #1108. This game runs like crap on the Vita and crashed on me multiple times, resetting the game completely! 😡
  2. These type of games from Milestone did not have an upgrade for years, which is disappointing to someone who enjoys their games. Even when it comes to Motorcycles Racing games i found that MotoGP 09/10 & 10/11 had beeter graphics and gameplay until the recent MotoGP games.
  3. There’s a decent selection listed here - https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/general-games-discussion/344822-playstation-now-quick-platinums.html
  4. As a guide writer this can be very frustrating, but on the other side I understand how websites like this mostly have volunteers working for them and they have their own real world lives. It will inevitably also help the speed of the process if your guide is for a AAA game...:
  5. Just clutching at straws here, but are you sure the game is not hidden? You've got 40 hidden trophies on your profile so...
  6. Perhaps someone can confirm?
  7. So glad I did this before the patch!
  8. Thanks for the confirmation!
  9. Is it actually fixed? Can anyone confirm? Wonder if it’ll just pop on startup or we’d have to do the kills again...
  10. You could try reaching out to them on twitter as they are fairly active. (‪@NamiTentou‬) If you have no luck I can send them an email, as I have a contact there.
  11. The requirements for the trophies have been mixed up as mentioned during their reply to the tweet below. The trophy has been achieved by @caro3c-gabber9 by opening and closing the phone numerous times whilst on the knees. Hopefully this helps you?
  12. 5 minutes. 😀
  13. @silnev - Checked your trophies and see that you still hadn’t achieved. It may be a long shot, but I noticed that for some of the tracks (Silverstone GP & Tokyo) even if you did the race in “dusk”, the “day” badge would appear (despite for the rest dusk counting as “night”). It might be worth trying those particular ones again with day/night specifically....
  14. @HopDreama - Are you saying that you didn't shoot and score from your own half to achieve? By the description of the trophy it leads me to believe that it has to be a shot from your own half, but with what you have written it seems you may have got it from starting an attack from your own half....? Most of my attacks are from my own half, as I play "counter" too, but I am yet to achieve this way.
  15. Awesome! @HopDreama