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  1. Oh come on, that's a load of rubbish. I'm sure all the guys wants is to be able to view his updated profile like everyone else. You should be proud to have a GWR holder on site, being as he is the only one that is here.
  2. Thanks for the info. Surely this must need updating soon then, as the site is going to run into trouble when everyone else (eventually) gets to that level of games. I don't mean to speak out of line or anything, but I feel sorry for the guy. He holds a GWR that was verified from this site (?), plus holds a Lifetime Premium membership where he has given the site money. It's just a bit off that he is being treated differently (unfairly) through no fault of his own.
  3. Looks like you may need to request again. I hope they come up with a fix as you’d be showing as number 1 now if updated correctly. Congrats on that btw! 👍🏼
  4. MotoGP 18 trophy icons have been updated on PSN to reflect the correct amount of Online Wins, however on here they still show the incorrect values. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7745-motogp-18/ https://imgur.com/a/hqfuUSB
  5. Confirmed to release 9th Oct. They were just waiting on Q&A before setting a date. Got confirmation this morning. 😁
  6. Master of Dragons is the plat title too.
  7. I’ll be able to tell you in 40 mins when I can sync my alt again. I just got the Bronze 3 Headshot Trophy on my system.
  8. Anyone got any tips for “Bedroom Story”? I’ve played through the game three times now (Twice collecting all coins as well as animals) and it seems to refuse to pop.
  9. Correct, but why use an alt account as mentioned before? You would just need "x" number of USB sticks.
  10. But, you wouldn’t need to do it on an alt. The trophies don’t pop until right after the last choice in the playthrough.
  11. I'm playing this now and all trophies pop at the end of the relevant playthrough, so i can see how people are holding off on doing the final steps for that playthrough and saving them to USB's. You would need to save to different USB's though i think. The game saves when you switch scenes, but not sure what it does with your previous playthroughs collectibles if you start a new game. I think the collectibles are saved automatically at the end of each scene.
  12. Games take 15-20 mins tops. Text walkthrough available in the description. Hope either can help with the Platinum.
  13. EU Vita version now available in the store.
  14. Please find my video of the first 30 levels completed in order to obtain the Platinum. Timestamps available in the pinned comment.
  15. Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90's Collected myself some Panties today with Platinum #1108. This game runs like crap on the Vita and crashed on me multiple times, resetting the game completely! 😡