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  1. They can still be done, yes. Milestone have a great history of keeping their servers open.
  2. Thank you. I've fixed and ordered correctly
  4. Mark out as below with and then hold on a blank cell. No need for a video on these. 54 - 55 - 56 -
  5. The latest instalment of the POWGI games releases with PS4/5 Cross Buy on Tuesday, April 27th and can be completed in a number of different ways. Solving 50 puzzles (including the first & last) will net you most of the trophies, with only a few miscellaneous ones to be completed too. My personal run through recording took me <15 mins and can be found below as another option. Text guide will also be available shortly. 😁
  6. In order to achieve the Platinum Trophy you simply need to make your way through the first 11 levels of the game. You will need to collect the relevant amount of Crystals per level in order to open the sealed door at the end of it. You start each level with 5 lives and if you fail the level you will go back to the beginning of that particular level. There is nothing else to worry about.
  7. Just seen on the PSN app that there are an additional 12 trophies labelled “House Flipper - Garden”. Hoping for another guide from @TrophyTomGuides 👍🏼 Additional Info -
  8. This (https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12005-darts/) is not an EU stack, as purchases from the EU & NA Store share the same trophy list.
  9. I had to do the same thing to get the Loser Trophy to pop.
  10. A trophy hunters dream.
  11. The guide linked is not even for this version of the game, as it doesn’t include the DLC trophies that are built in on the remastered trophy list. Would’ve been be great to not have to revert to a guide on another site, whilst checking your progress here.
  12. Physical games are fine to play on your Main Account, without the need for the "trick".
  13. Just started this game myself and wanted to share my video of arguably the "hardest" historic challenge there is. Hopefully it helps someone that is struggling with this, as previously it had been suggested that you would need to obtain this trophy on v1.00 for an easier time. This was my second attempt at the challenge on the latest patch (v1.17) and I win the race by over 6 seconds (Target 04.400 Seconds).
  14. Oh come on, that's a load of rubbish. I'm sure all the guys wants is to be able to view his updated profile like everyone else. You should be proud to have a GWR holder on site, being as he is the only one that is here.
  15. Thanks for the info. Surely this must need updating soon then, as the site is going to run into trouble when everyone else (eventually) gets to that level of games. I don't mean to speak out of line or anything, but I feel sorry for the guy. He holds a GWR that was verified from this site (?), plus holds a Lifetime Premium membership where he has given the site money. It's just a bit off that he is being treated differently (unfairly) through no fault of his own.