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  1. The developers just messaged me and said that the patch has been pushed to fix this issue. Looks good now, with a few people obtaining the Platinum.
  2. This one is cross buy, yes.
  3. What Class bikes are you attempting this with? I know the previous years' version did have issues when you was attempting outside of the MotoGP Class.
  4. If you have a PS4 & PS5 available to you, you can utilise the cross-buy & cross-play to self boost - i.e. Play a PS4 Alt with you PS5 Main account online. This wasn't available in previous versions as the online was locked to PS5 Vs. PS5 etc.
  5. Negative. There is no auto-pop trophies within this game, as there is no option to save transfer.
  6. I personally enquired with them for both the HK & JP pricing, and they have confirmed on twitter that the pricing is wrong on the Asian store. They have also tweeted that the are working to get it fixed.
  7. There’s no real difficulty too the game. Everything can be done on the easiest setting. It’s about as easy as these games can get.
  8. Available in Australia - https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP2005-PPSA05911_00-AYOTHECLOWN00000
  9. You have the option to lower the difficulty during the NINE challenges/objectives, so if you're trying to get through it as quick as possibile you'll be able to play on 20% AI difficulty (Very Easy). Career wise you're given the option to do 8 race seasons, which will speed up the platinum time also. Lastly, and worth a mention, cross play (and cross buy) has been enabled on this one for the first time, so you're able to self boost PS4-PS5.
  10. Online was pretty active for the PS4 version recently, but not so much for the PS5. You’ll need a second to start the online race., but only one of you needs to finish for it to count.
  11. NA store is showing separate purchases for me, which is in line with the other games from Sometimes You. Unfortunately they do not normally offer crossbuy on their games.
  12. IDK tbh, but it is guaranteed to spawn with Seina. You can also get the trophy really quickly by player a Vs. match with both players being Seina, and letting player 1 win.
  13. Play a game with Seina (the 5th character). Maki spawns at the end of the match.
  14. This is PS4 & Vita combined now. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5497-さかあがりハリケーン-portable/
  15. I forgot to log my stats at the start.. 😠