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  1. You're welcome.... Very underrated Game ⚠️ I recommend this game to Everyone who likes puzzle games
  2. Puzzle 1-20 00:21 Puzzle 21-40 02:56 Puzzle 41-60 04:36 Puzzle 61-80 06:16 Puzzle 81-100 07:56 Puzzle 101-120 09:41 Puzzle 121-140 11:21 Puzzle 141-160 13:02 Puzzle 161-180 14:42 Puzzle 181-200 16:22
  3. Tutorial 01:06 Level 1 Iztali Point 04:36 Voices in the Water 05:49 Sky Shifter 07:25 The Beacons are Lit 11:03 That’s Not a Knife 25:46 Island Poet 35:17 Level 2 Nahele Rain 38:40 Ohh Banana! 39:37 Storm Bringer 42:14 Ribbit 48:13 Forest Poet 01:17:09 Level 3 Hyaku Lake 01:20:31 Not My Cabbages! 01:20:49 Snow Caller 01:23:16 Mountain Poet 02:03:33 Level 4 Desert of Naar 02:06:28 Wind Turner 02:15:14 Desert Poet 02:56:05 Rune Hunter 02:58:45 Key to the End 03:00:26 Kitty Paw Cottage 03:01:51 Nine Lives 03:02:50 Novus Bay 03:04:08 Passing the Torch 03:04:54 Charia Town 03:06:09 Mirror Mirror 03:07:04 The Kingdom of Dölle 03:08:24 The Man, The Myth, The Legend 03:09:11 Natia Village 03:10:39 A Bitter Pill 03:12:12 Losgann Creek 03:13:40 A River Flows, a Frog Jumps. 03:14:14 The Bedrieg 03:15:33 Savvy? 03:16:42 Nuria 03:18:06 The Quill is Mightier 03:18:56 Ice Scape 03:20:08 Hope Restored 03:27:18 Agnirok 03:28:43 A Good Leader 03:39:49
  4. Here is a video if someone interested Collector 11:17 Gathered 10 materials. Researcher 12:49 Cleared 10 types of Quests Beast Hunter 16:33 Turned 1 Beast into an Ally Proof of Travel 24:15 Unlocked 1 Caravan Post Battle Frenzy 30:39 Completed 10 battles. Quest for Companions 44:59 Turned 3 heroes into allies in story quests
  5. where you get that number ?
  6. There is a trophy for obtaining all weapons so maybe you have to play on the hardest difficulty to get all of these like in the other edf games
  7. I'm Not Even Supposed to Be Here 01:09 Is This A Dream? 01:33 I Was Free I Was New 05:33 I Could Be Me I Could Be You 06:04 I Was Just Having Fun 08:30 Bentley, What Have We Done? 09:31 You Are So Important To Me 12:39 I Can't Ever Lose You 14:35 That's A Feeling I've Forgotten 18:39 I Used to Not Worry About Any of This 20:34 Superstitious or Ambitious 24:29 Everyday Felt Like Halloween 25:32 How May I Help You? Cutscenes Choose “Yes” (not shown in the video) There's The Whole World Out There 25:55 There's Also A World Inside Of Me 25:55
  8. The fly cheat is not working on ps4
  9. You will need 30-45 minutes to get the platinum...the video was edited.. 😜🏆👍
  10. Reach Level 10-60 00:50 By this Axe I Rule! 02:45 Trophies for certain enemies 03:19 The Scarlet Citadel 06:16 O Sleeper Awake 06:33 The God in the Bowl 09:05 What do I know of Cultured Ways? 10:04 The Gilt, The Craft and the Lie 11:55 The Cliffs Reel 12:15 Wolves Beyond the Border 12:15 Dying Embers 13:10 Iron Shadows in the Moon 14:00 The Tower of the Elephant (Online ONLY) 14:56
  11. If a trap gets hit or slightly damaged a repair symbol will appear over the trap after you finished the wave. Move to the trap with the symbol and repair it. You can not repair barricades!
  12. Make a backup save and let you die so you can see how much more money you need to spend..... Then place the traps in front of each door and try to destroy all traps before the wave ends so you can spend a lot money in the next round.... You can also use the minigun and shoot your magazine empty buy ammo and repeat till the trophy pops
  13. Patch is online New time to beat is 1:30 for gold Edit: But the Trophy Faster than wind Is glitched at the moment
  14. With a boosting buddy all the online trophies can be done in 30 minutes The platinum can be done in 10 hours The Campaign is very short i beat all races in 5 hours Checkpoint and time trials are easy if you unlock the good cars Only the time for tokyo skyscraper is impossible to beat at the moment You need 1:21 for gold but i only can get 1:28 with the best car and almost perfekt driving I already contacted the devs about that....
  15. The limited edition is still available and 50% off now if anyone is interested now its a good time to get it Vesta Limited edition 50% off