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  1. Black Friday Sale arrived in Hong Kong
  2. Looks good plays well and it's quite fun 👍
  3. Chapter 1 - 00:10 Chapter 2 - 23:40 Chapter 3 - 39:24 Chapter 4 - 55:10 Chapter 5 - 01:14:07 Chapter 6 - 01:38:58
  4. I recommend getting semispheres because the hkd version has a exclusive Platinum Store link: https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/grid/STORE-MSF86012-SL171113_1120/1 HKD PSN Cards: https://www.play-asia.com/search/psn+card?tagid=2347383#fc=v:19 For People who dont know how to create a hkd account
  5. i never expect such a good movie from korea awesome zombie movie best ive seen for awhile
  6. I missed sherlock holmes crimes and punishments 2/10 15 hours
  7. ►Trophy Guide http://bit.ly/2zybGTZ ►Shadowgate Text Guide Credit goes to http://bit.ly/2AyHmGR ►Dejavu Text Guide Credit goes to http://bit.ly/2mcxRKF ►Uninvited Text Guide Credit goes to http://bit.ly/2AsRIYf ►Trophies & Achievements All Deaths Melting Point Wait until the dragon breath gets through your shield 02:14 And beyond Break a mirror into space 03:25 A Danger to Yourself Set yourself on fire with a torch 00:10 Trolled Fall to your death after the troll removes the bridge 03:53 Damsel in Distress Killed by the werewolf girl 05:51 Almost There Killed by the warlock 08:06 Not a Racing Game After All Don't leave the car until it burns 14:30 Hello Beautiful Killed by the Belle 14:52 Consumed Carry the ruby until it posesses you 15:23 Persistence Eaten by the spider 17:34 Cloggage Drown in the bathroom 18:08 Welcome Home Consumed by the evil spirit from your sister 19:00 Street Violence Shot by the mugger 09:24 Urban Legend Eaten by the sewer gator 13:27 Oldest Trick Blown up in a car 10:02 100% Noir Shot by the lady in red 13:04 Desperate Try to rob the gun store 10:49 Brain Damage Die from amnesia 11:46
  8. Just a heads up 11.2 Thu - 11.15 wed https://store.playstation.com/#!/ja-jp/psストア-ベストヒットインディーズ-2017-autumn/cid=PN.CH.JP-PN.CH.MIXED.JP-CATEGORY00001710/1
  9. it looks terrible and the controls are bad but i really enjoyed it on ps4
  10. double discount sale in the hong kong store too https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-hk/playstationplus-double-discount/cid=STORE-MSF86012-SALE171101_1105
  11. there is also a double discount sale in the hong kong store splittet in 2 parts https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-hk/playstationplus-double-discount/cid=STORE-MSF86012-SALE171101_1105
  12. yes and a fun game too except on vita