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  1. No it doesn't. I've changed hundreds of times and my progress was not affected.
  2. I boosted online with 8 friends and it took 9 days (playing 3 hours a day) to get all the MP trophies (including DLC).
  3. F**kin' finally!! I've got around 12.3m km (30,72% progression). Still a long grind but at least now we have a tracking. Thanks everyone for pulling this out from Codemasters!
  4. I destroyed my HD, so I had to replace with a new one (a SSD). FYI, a SSD makes the game works smooth. Before it I had to reconect everytime a game ended, now it doesn't happen anymore.
  5. Sky Force Reloaded
  6. Skirmish (Deathmatch) - 250 matches with 2 players; Small Grav Skirmish (Gravity Slaughter / Grav Control / King of Gravity) - 750 matches with 2 players. There are the quad kills challenges where 4 players are needed. You'd better try them in a Gravity Slaughter match, as the damage in this mode is higher. Team Skirmish (Team Deathmatch) - 250 matches with 6 players; There's a fast way to grind it. One team quits the match, as the other don't. Like this, the remaining team will have the match counted. So, instead of 20 minutes a match, this will take around 3-4 (if done properly); Small Grav Objective (Assault / Hourglass) - 500 matches with 6 players. Can also be boosted with the quiting method; Big Team Skirmish (Team Deathmatch) - 8 players for the "Mr. Shot" challenge. You'll have to create a party in the main menu with 6 players, and the other 2 will simply search for the match. Like this the game will start with one team with 6 players and the other team with 2. You'll have to win both rounds for the challenge to pop. The quiting method doesn't work here; Survival - 30 matches with 4 players. But it might take you more, as there are a lot of challenges to be completed, but nothing impossible. The Weapon Challenges are quite simple. The Gravlink challenges don't count towards any thophy, but they give some good XP. But, the Heavy Machine Gun challenge (Precision Plus) requires you to kill 15 enemies in 1 minute. So, with at least 5 players, you can do this easily.
  7. Mad Max. I'm still afraid on going for the platinum, due to the glitched trophies.
  8. I got this trophy with a little different approach, as you may find below:
  9. I envy the ones who only needed a few tries to get this trophy. I tried over a thousand times until I got it. The M203 was the key to my success. Here's the video with my playthrough. Even though I suck in FPS games, I managed a time of 14.75. So, if even I succeded, you guys may succed too =)
  10. Could you provide us the link to the reffered guide? Thanks in advance and congrats!
  11. Green Goblin
  12. Congrats man! I think I spent over 30 days only playing this s**t until I get gold on every event. At first, I had the goal of achieving one gold per day, but some events took me 5-7 days to get it. But in others, they were quite easy.
  13. #71 F1 2014 (completed in 2 weeks, 14 hours) I'm one step closer to fullill my dream of getting the platinum on every F1 game, now, only F1 Race Stars is missing (which I'm playing, btw).
  14. I agree that the game is hard as f***. But it's not impossible. It took over a year for me to get the platinum, because for some trophies, I simply didn't know what to do. Thank god that a guide was made, so it made things a little bit (trip?) easier.
  15. I had the same problem with the Australian track. But, there's an easier way to get the trophy. After I won the WRC championship, I received new offers to race the same championship again, this time, I chose the Hyundai Shell World Rally Team, and I kept skipping the stages until the Coates Hire Rally Australia appeared. This time I managed to race the entire stage with no PS3 crash... Well, actually, it crashed in the first race, but I tried again and got it. Keep in mind that I was with the patch 1.01 installed, and was online on PSN.