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  1. Banned because this is my first ban in eons.
  2. This fucking virus just ruined my plan to visit my beloved angel. Baby, I will visit you soon and we will have a great time, hopefully things will be back to normal soon and we will share a lot of beautiful things. My beloved Tanuzomi.
  3. I heard about the shortcut was buggy but I didn't have any problem because I get the Oxide's time trial done when they fixed it. But, for now, there must not be a big problem to do it well. I will show the videos of me beating those time trials and you will see that I wasn't even near to perfection and still, they were doable. Crash Cove Sewer Speedway Dragon Mines Oxide Station Tiny Temple (This one was the hardest for me)
  4. In my experience. the only levels that must be done almost perfect is Tiny Temple, Oxide Station, Dragon Mines and Sewer Speedway just because of the shortcut (and this is not really based on luck, you just need to place your kart straight towards the shortcut's entrance and jump in the right moment at the edge of the barrier and there is a 100% chance for you enetering into the shortcut, if you do it well, you don't even to get worried about the barrels.) But, really, once you dominate Turbo Drifting and Turbo Boost, the game is not so hard.
  5. Believe me, I sucked hard at the time trials and I even had to play for many hours to beat Crash Cove, Dragon Mines, Tiny Temple, Oxide Station and Sewer Speedway. I got the plat 3 weeks ago and I still feel my fingers all stiff and numb because of all the time that I played, but, you know? Once you know how to Turbo Boost and drifting, the game turns ridiculously easy. Just practice, practice and practice and you will be able to get the plat.
  6. if they have no money anymore, will they become homeless arrows now?
  7. Granted, unfortunately, it can drive by itself now too, so, just abandon your garage for having the most exciting adventure of its life. You weren't included in the travel. I wish for being able to backup the data from my out of order PC's HDD.
  8. Ariel
  10. Banned for invading our pool.
  11. Destruction
  12. Nioh
  13. This cold weather wasn't nice to me.
  14. Blame you because I am only fulfilling others's wishes.
  15. one of the most awesome members of this community.