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  1. if they have no money anymore, will they become homeless arrows now?
  2. Granted, unfortunately, it can drive by itself now too, so, just abandon your garage for having the most exciting adventure of its life. You weren't included in the travel. I wish for being able to backup the data from my out of order PC's HDD.
  3. Ariel
  5. Banned for invading our pool.
  6. Destruction
  7. Nioh
  8. This cold weather wasn't nice to me.
  9. Blame you because I am only fulfilling others's wishes.
  10. one of the most awesome members of this community.
  11. 9/10
  12. Reading my girlfriend's fanfics. ♥
  13. It's a siren.
  14. It's always my pleasure!
  15. We're not living in America!