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  1. I blame you because I only have this word about Zinedine Zidane: Genius!
  2. I blame you because my favorite FF character is Zidane.
  3. I blame you for inspiring me to play Mass Effect 3 just to create a character with blue/purple hair.
  4. It's a cucumber, so no.
  5. thinks my personality fits to a pervert. j/k lighten the mood just a bit.
  6. Arrested because I just did it for fun, not really interested on the trophy.
  7. I didn't know this was a recurrent joke, if so, well, I'm sure Stuart will gonna stop to make it if he reads that it's making people feel bad. Don't fret, he's not a bad guy. OT: he must not try to play Senran Kagura games.
  8. Arrested because I think Murdoc is the man behind Jigsaw's mask.
  9. Actually, Iris is a Sadistic Dominatrix, so... the outfit fits her. OT: must not take Stuart's jokes so seriously.
  10. Yes. Hi Iowa, how are you? Hmmmm, Melty?
  11. Dio
  12. Eu sou o escolhido Orgasmatron A mão com sede de sucesso Minha imagem é de agonia
  13. thinks that Murdoc could have a crush.
  14. Pain
  15. arrested for having a SUV.