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  1. Such a boring weekend will be this one.
  2. Arrested for ilegal garage sales in summer.
  3. Surely is having and will have a blast with the new Soulcalibur game.
  4. but not Monopoly
  5. Platinumed his last game in -2 hours.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Venocide


      I had no idea a Sophitia statue was included in the CE. My favorite Soul Calibur fighter, I need to get my hands on this. 

    3. DarknessKey92


      That's a gorgeous statue in person.

    4. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      Unfortunately, it is just a dream vanishing in the air for me, No way I will gonna pay 150 bucks for this LE. xD Mainly because I have not the money, If I had it, I would buy it. xD

  6. José José
  7. Is waiting for the day that it will be raining cats and frogs.
  8. X-cutioner
  9. Exist
  10. For whom the bell tolls?
  11. Lonesome
  12. Johnny B. Good
  13. This weekend won't be so cool without you.