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  1. is a great person and it's awesome chatting with her.
  2. Hmhmhmhm, don't you think that asking me for playing as a certain sadistic goddess is a bit dangerous? is your body ready for it?
  3. Is Iris Heart good enough for Melty?
  4. Cool, the art is sick. I love it. I didn't know that you were a writer. I will give it a try.
  5. Long time no see buddy, should i bother with Nep 7R on sale when i own Original already?

    1. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      I suppose you mean Nep VR. Well, not really, since it is basically the same than VII. You could buy it if you wanna get every Nep platinum, just like I did, even I have not played VIIR yet. I bought it cheap. So you could do the same.

  6. Wow, so much drama for only a few visits. You don't want for visitors? Just take the visitors frame off your profile and voilá!, You won't know who visits you. You don't want for me not visiting you? Well, welcome to internet, where if you have a public profile, you are visited by anyone. At least I am only visiting you and not commenting stuff of posting crap on forum games making a drama out of nowhere. That really is better. Booo, he dislikes me and visits me, just grow up. That's the risk for having a public profile. I have been visited by people that I don't like and you don't see me posting crap about it, that's the difference between you and me. Enough, I won't be posting more about this nonsense anymore. Thanks and don't worry, once this guy gets ignored, he will gonna stop to do this. LOL, he could say that I started this for visiting him, he's wrong because I only visited, i wasn't looking for a confrontation, but well, his own inner demons are haunting him, I recommend that just ignore him. Yup. hope you are having fun in forum games as always. I really had a nice time here thanks to people like you and many others as cyberslice.
  7. Yeah, because I am having a crush on you. LOL Funny thing that you cannot catch irony and sarcasm. I will take back the first line from this post or you could believe it's for real. Kuekuekuekue.
  8. Sure, believe what you want.
  9. Don't get used to it, tho. I have more importat things to do. No need to say thanks at all.
  10. Just monitoring you. Notice me senpai.
  11. Well, I just decided on not posting on forum games anymore because of reasons. I had fun with all of you and even I had to deal with bad times, there were more good days than bad ones. I'm sorry that you lost your husband, I just can offer my condolences. I see, well, dunno what happened between you and your friend but surely you will be leaving this in the past and you will find some peace in the future. Thanks for your kind words, but I never did something special here, I only wanted for all of us had fun with funny postings in forum games, unfortunately, some people never understand that. But, oh well, that's water under the bridge now. I really hope that things will be better for you soon, I know that losing a special someone is one of the worse things that could happen to anyone. It's only a matter of time for recovering about this. Hope forums or real life can offer you some kind of relief.
  12. I have not been really active here since several months, but I just checked for posts today and I found this one. Hope you are doing it well, sorry to hear about your loses. *hugs*
  13. May I ask for my name being retired from the Sega Player list, please? Thanks in advance.
  14. Don't know the answer for that question. Death Heart?
  15. And I finally get the 50 unique players. Thanks everyone for your help, Good luck at the platinum.