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  1. I got the glitch near the end of the game, while going for the seeing red trophy during the battle with Ares. It didnt pop so i continued finishing the game to see if it was just this trophy that was glitched, but the trophy for defeating Ares and finishing the game also didnt pop. I shut down my vita (while still in-game), booted it back up, went straight back to the game and loaded my save just before the final battle. I did everything again and all trophies popped at the right time without issues.
  2. Trophy did not pop for me either when i wore the empress jaguar vestige... I did pop when i collected the nine strides boots from the crypt near Kuwaq Yaku and when i bought the nine strides' harness from the merchant in the same village. If you have the same issue, i think that is the earliest vestige you can get your hands on...
  3. Yup, what he said
  4. You can manually save the game if you press the options button... You will need this if you want to finish this game