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  1. In the end had to resort to uninstalling the patches to get Fang and ClawPut a stop to the strange animal attacks at Trademeet. Finally have the platinum, hope this helps anyone. Not sure if it was just me.
  2. A quick update, this one actually unlocked but wasn't until after the fight with the traitor. I was expecting this to unlock during the reveal that we had been betrayed. Friends Like TheseDiscovered a traitor in your midst.
  3. Ive managed to get through BG EE and SODS trophies without too much trouble. Now quite far into my SOA playthrough I am noticing a lot of trophies not unlocking when they should, is this common? Are there any work arounds anyone has used? I have the disk edition of the game and I have the patches installed. Any other trophies that are broken? So far these haven't popped for me... Fang and ClawPut a stop to the strange animal attacks at Trademeet. Friends Like TheseDiscovered a traitor in your midst. This will take multiple playthroughs and given I played this when it came out 20 years ago, I still love it. But this is a worry when the simple trophies aren't popping and I have "Legacy of Bhall" difficutly to do afterwards
  4. My latest platinum trophy was for Sword Coast Legends, 51st person to get this and my rarest trophy to date! 16 left on my road to 100.

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      Very nice! This game has been in my backlog for a very long time. I'll get to it...someday...

  5. I know this is like flogging a dead horse and despite the runs people have suggested on inferno difficulty (master 1 and then 5 when you are geared enough), there must be a quicker way. I think I've played Diablo 3 to death on xbox 360, ps4 and pc. I attempted a run on Inferno act 3 (easy, as I'm not geared for master 1 yet) and was lucky to get 50,000 gold. I've come back to get the platinum and I don't like the thought of spending 30-40 hours of pure collecting gold. Anyone recently found a set up that works more effectively?
  6. May have taken nearly a month but finally go the platinum for Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age!


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      Great game, its my first entry into the DQ series, seem to have missed the boat on that one. I had to immediately go into the settings and turn the music down to 0 however. I couldn't stand it which is a shame and given the privacy settings of the game it doesn't allow you to run Spotify in the background of it. :facepalm:


      Its a long game, longer than I had expected. I picked it up for £16, so this was a bargain.

      I recommend playing it but there were times I found myself wondering if I was enjoying the game at all due to the amount of back and forth. 



  7. This fight was a pain compared to the rest of the game, use the wolves as a summon they work wonders! Higher your tier the less damage you take but its very minimal differences if the stats on the gear you are sacrificing aren't great. Takes a few tries but am sure you will do it. Everything you've used in in the game up until now essentially tweak and play around with. Use all your abilities every chance you get and don't stop moving...
  8. Current goal is to reach 100 platinum trophies. 

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      Any suggestions on some good games I can play that aren't just easy plats?

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Do you have the Jak collection for PS3?  Not counting the first game, the other two aren't exactly a walk in the park (especially Jak II).

    4. Dark_Iceraven


      Thanks, I will need to dig out the old ps3 to hunt on there! But Ive heard they are good to run through.