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  1. maybe in update 7.79 fix this trophy
  2. tell me how to contact that person please
  3. continuing to buy rogues seems like the only solution right now I have a question, your progress changed from 88 to 100% after the last patch automatically?
  4. Oh I didn't know this, thank you. But I do not have ps plus in this account, I think it will not serve me to "buy it" with the alt account then
  5. Only for you
  6. Above I mentioned that the same thing happened to me, change from 12 to 25% without playing. Winning with any rogue does not increase the percentage, you have to buy new characters (they are very expensive) and win with them or wait for these cretins to fix the trophy
  7. my progress advanced from 12 to 25% without playing any games 🤔 I will try to test if you count wins now
  8. I just updated to version 1.48 in the hope that they would have fixed the trophy of winning with 8 different rogues. I can't even log into the game with any account, this already sucks Hi-Rez
  9. Boosting session and they get it easy
  10. Imzahel is infallible now 😎
  11. This mode has a 7 day counter right now, so you might be right. If the glitch still works it will be much easier and faster to achieve. Personally, in all accounts I always come out in the back row, if the 5 in front do not fail, I do not depend on me at all, repeating this situation 5 times in a row, it seems very complicated to me and more with the randomness that they added
  12. It seems that in this mode everything ends in ultra-random mountain, it is still very complicated, sorry
  13. Vita or PS3?
  14. don't be fooled anymore!!! 119101010 hours with this trophy 🙇
  15. Probando probando Mantente sidoso