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  1. ok thanks for that info, I also wonder if due to TSW2 my trophy's have stoped syncing as I cant get any trophy from any game to sync now hope it goes back to normal soon!
  2. Does PSN profiles support games with bigger lists as Train Sim world 2 does not have all the trophy's and on one set of dlc, only shows a few of its trophys? This is a game with over 300 trophy's
  3. one dlc pack only has a few tophies shown, its been a bit of a rough situation for this game. I'm guessing PSN profiles cant handle games with this many trophies
  4. I thought some of my trophies were not showing up on PSN profiles TSW2 has 328 trophies! Hope its sorted soon!
  5. I got the (cement circle snemario) full circle trophy after the update worked first time!
  6. the patch has now been released and the trophy has unlocked for me