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  1. I don’t, but if you find one, let me know. I still need the trophy!
  2. This club is no longer available to join, just FYI.
  3. I finally got it, can’t believe it took that long! I was firing it top shelf over and over and a weak backhand was the one that did it. Lol!
  4. As anyone who plays these games knows, the Not My Bottle trophy is the easiest one in the game, and normally the first trophy you earn. However, I can’t seem to knock the bottle off the net this year. I’ve played a ton of games, and scored with a variety of shots, speeds, and put the puck in different parts of the net and nothing! Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is this just bad luck?
  5. They are considering resetting rank? where was this announced? I haven’t seen anything on it. Kind of makes me want to wait before I play.
  6. Honestly, I’m not going to continue my platinum hunt on this game. I absolutely adored my experience, it did almost everything I wanted and more in a sequel, but these animal trophies are so unclear, potentially glitched, and just plain tedious. In my opinion if you love a game a lot, sometimes it’s best not to platinum it. can’t tell you the amount of games I’ve loved, and by the end of my grind I hate it with a passion. I don’t want this to happen with RDR2.
  7. That’s odd, when I switched to John, it kept all my health/stamina/dead eye at level 8. The only thing besides the horse that changed for me was the honour. It reverted back to the middle, where as Arthur I had it maxed out. Luckily I got the max honour trophy done before I finished the story! This would actually be a pretty fun, challenging platinum if it weren’t for those two animal trophies... the tedium (and lack of knowing if certain animals are missable or not) really makes me want to not plat this, as much as I loved it.
  8. I see that in order to get 100%, you need a check mark next to “max out health, stamina and dead eye” in the progress page. I am level 8, which is the highest level in all 3 categories but no check mark. I noticed there are still notches around each to be filled, but I don’t know how to do so. Anyone know?
  9. Ok everyone, I have earned the Lending a Hand Trophy. the thing that may be causing your trophy not to pop is the nun mission in chapter 6. Even though it is listed in PowerPyx’s guide, the marker didn’t actually show up on my map. I travelled to rhe church in Saint Denis (located near the E in Saint Denis) and the marker popped up. hope this helps! P.S - don’t worry about the last few money lending missions not appearing in the mission log, it doesn’t matter, at least in my case.
  10. I know there is already a topic discussing the Money Lending and Other Sins mission not registering in the mission log, and it has since been debated whether it’s glitched. I’ve done some research and found someone on YouTube who says it is GLITCHED. He told me he followed PowerPyx’s guide perfectly, and no trophy popped. This may or may not be true, just wanted to let you guys know to back up a save just in case! let me know if any of you have any more info
  11. Hi everyone, I’ve been monitoring the internet for a solution/answer for this problem and I found a thread on a YouTube video about it. Someone confirmed they followed the guide perfectly, and did ALL of the requirements listed, and no trophy popped. It seems as though this is indeed glitched. Back up your saves just in case! If someone has heard differently or has a solution, please let us/me know. You can message me on psn - frankenteen
  12. I had to keep reloading in order for the last gate to unlock...