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  1. If you followed the guide ALMOST to the T, you should've been in a pretty good position to do the subsequent playthrough's. It's been quite a long time since I made that guide but I re-watched some of it a few months ago, apart from a few audio issues and some stuff I said that just simply wasn't true (it wasn't too important in the grand scheme of things but I facepalmed a lot when I heard what I was saying) for the most part the guide should've worked pretty well. If I could do it again, I'd do pretty much exactly the same thing just faster and with less audio screw ups. I'm also pretty sure that @Xillia above me here had exactly what I had in terms of playthroughs. After having made the guide and played that game many times over, there really is only one fast way of doing it and I'm pretty confident it's the way I did it in the guide. Anyway regardless, if you're not up for doing it right now, you can always leave it and come back another time. Even I feel like playing it a little bit now and it's only been around 2 years since I made it, time goes by fast man, you'll feel the urge again. Thanks again for the mention, I'm pretty sure this is the first time to my knowledge that I've been mentioned on a site other than YouTube, at least to my knowledge, so that's really cool. Thanks again and I hope you work it out. I'd recommend that you watch the whole thing as well, I'm pretty sure I missed a chest also and if you followed me exactly or "ALMOST to the T" as you said then maybe it's the same chest.
  2. I've actually been wanting the patch to arrive for this game for a while and I just checked MixedBagGames Twitter, it seems like they sent a patch to SonyQA for testing on the 17th March according to a tweet, so with any luck we'll see the update soon and everyone can get their gold trophy finally. And because I've made like less than 10 forum posts in my life I have no idea how to embed the actual tweet so I'll do the next best thing and add the web address. Source: https://twitter.com/MixedBagGames/status/710426110169894912
  3. @leandrorhcp Nps
  4. If anyone is still going for this I created a video based on Scar-Vince's roadmap. I gave you credit for it also Scar-Vince, it was very helpful and I completed it in 7 hours total. Here is the link to my video:
  5. Hey everyone, a little late on this reply but I've been meaning to over the past week while I've been working on it. I've actually gone ahead and also made videos for all 50 levels myself, I will be uploading them soon after posting this message. @Stig_the_pig I will be putting a message in the description of the first video that mentions you as you were the inspiration for me going ahead and trying my best to make these videos. Originally I intended to only make the ones you had not done which were 28, 32 and the rest up to 49 not including 45 and 35 but I decided to do them all once I succeeded in completing all from 28 to 50. A lot of time and effort has gone into making these videos but if it allows people to figure out how to beat this game then it will be worth it. I could make a Flappyridium video too but I don't know if I will. I have been working on Classic mode on 1 credit for a while now and will try my best to record a perfect run assuming that completing Classic mode on 1 credit only means completing it on Normal on 1 credit and not having to complete it on the other 3 modes. For those curious I have unlocked them all now and they are Insane, Soundspeed and Futuridium. Each subsequent mode is the same thing just faster and still no turbo on any of them. If the trophy ends up being completing Normal, Insane, Soundspeed, and Futuridium on 1 credit then well that will suck. *UPDATE* OMG I DID IT, I GOT THAT DAMN CLASSIC STUPID PIECE OF CRAP DONE!!!!!! Ok I'll stop caps now but it's finally done. I recorded the video, I will edit it and post it on my channel tomorrow (as it's 3.23am at the time of posting this) also so you can see the absolute trainwreck that was the end lol. All the stages are effectively routed, except for stage 12, it is rather hard to route, I had to try and overcompensate on energy in order to get it. I hope you enjoy the video, this world first trophy means so much to me. Never thought it would happen. Anyway here's the link to the playlist I'm uploading videos right now so it'll be a little while before they're all up.