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  1. The trophies graced by her presence AND the tiny floating whale approves aren’t unlocking. the in game “trophy” popped but not the psn trophy. Anyone know how to fix it without starting a new save?
  2. I just did a run of every location in the game and the trophy for that unlocked but not the trophy for every location on Pandora. For good measure I visit every location on pandora yet again and still nothing
  3. I JUST tried to do a run of every location in the game and only had a few more left before the game crashed on me as well. I have the trophies for edan 6, Promethea and nekrodefayo but with those I had to rerun through every location on each planet again. As for pandora, I can’t get the trophy to pop trying that same method. I visited every location on pandora twice and the trophy won’t unlock
  4. No one is playing multiplayer at all. I had no idea the servers on a PS4 game could be so dead. I’m trying to find people to play with and it’s pretty difficult. I’d like those multiplayer trophies also
  5. What do you do to access these servers? How does it work?
  6. Does anyone still play the multiplayer because the servers are beyond dead. I want the platinum trophy but I guess that ain’t happening. psn - monwoo10
  7. Fingers crossed 🤞
  8. My favorite is Mario & Luigi: Bowsers inside story on Nintendo DS
  9. If anyone is still playing this game add me
  10. Remember how I said this was impossible? Well I got the platinum a couple days ago. Everyone was right, just watch a legit video , take notes from it and practice your ass off
  11. All I have now is the last drifting challenge to do, I just can't seem to make it to 1 million. I guess I have to watch more legit videos of this challenge but I just can't maintain a drift long enough to rack up points
  12. Every single YouTube video I watch for tips just show them doing donuts, so I feel like nobody has done these legitimately
  13. Okay now that there was a patch on the game to stop dount drifting, I feel like the platinum is impossible to get. Is anyone having trouble getting the platinum after this patch was added? I feel like the last two drifting challenges in the super cars special events are impossible now that you cant dount drift. Has anyone done them legitimately? Because every YouTube video I see uses the dount drift technique.
  14. I'd like to volunteer as tribute!
  15. I say kingdom hearts 1 and 2. I hate JRPG's so much because I swear they are so overly complicated and time consuming in general to play, let alone to platinum. I do have the platinum in kingdom hearts chain of memories but that's all I could manage and I think I put 200 hours in that one game alone because the difficulty trophies don't stack and there are two separate character story modes so basically you have to beat the game 3 times with the first character and 3 times with the second.