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  1. I think they messed it up by adding 10 collectibles for that event. It is very frustrating at the moment. I'm trying to get a hold of Bioware via EA, Facebook and Twitter to bring the issue to their attention but no response yet.
  2. Like I don't know if that last update or patch on October 16th messed up the spawn for Arcanist and Sentinel collectibles. I have a feeling that it might have. Because 2 days prior I had found 1 Arcanist collectible. But since the last update I have poured in 25 hours flying around and searching and not a single Arcanist or Sentinel archives could be found by me.
  3. I read 3 trophy guides including the one you're quoting, countless YouTube videos and countless maps. 25 hrs later, still no Arcanist or Sentinel archives found. Good luck on finding 1 Arcanist or Sentinel archives. And if you do you better wish that there are no other players on that server with or it will stop spawning. Let me know how you fare on your search for Arcanist and Sentinel collectibles.
  4. Let me start by saying what a pile of bull crap getting these 2 set of collectibles is. I have over 25 hours of flying around and searching. Tried so many different routes and I haven't gotten a single one to spawn yet. Common, this is just absurd. I can understand randomized weapons and loot to keep players interested but collectibles too!!! This is the last trophy that I am missing. I have taken this issue to EA, Bioware, Facebook and Twitter. They need to Fix This on the next patch or server Update. Either revamp it completely or significantly increase the spawn rates and locations of these 2 set of collectibles. If you're going for platinum I suggest you go and ask the developers to look into that issue like I'm doing. Seriously who thought this was a fun and creative idea?
  5. Hey man, could you check your messages?

  6. As of now, we can do nothing but wait for a patch to fix it from the developers. Keep the issue alive by asking them on Facebook.
  7. We need more people to contact the developers. Right now they can only be reached via Facebook. So head there and make sure that we bring the issue to their attention. Only then will they act and fix it. As of now they seem to be content with the game they released.
  8. I have won more than 15 times as a human and still no Evacuation Complete trophy. I have killed more than 50 players during the dusk phase and still no I'm not a Husky trophy. At this point I don't know what to do.
  9. I just won again as a human and "Complete Evacution did not popped"
  10. Did you kill with your bare hand or did you use a melee weapon when it popped? Got home and the game has been updated to version 1.04 maybe they fixed them
  11. Did you kill with your bare hand or did you use a melee weapon when it popped?
  12. I am having the same problem too. "I'm not a Husky" won't popped for me and it's the same with "Evacuation Complete". I have won like 8 matches. Let us try to contact Sony or the developers to bring it to their attention because the game is fun.... Also, maybe if someone want to try to delete the game and the savefile and try to download it again and start from scratch to see if it works.