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  1. Please Heart my levels / Author. Thanks!https://lbp.me/u/TonicMasculinity/levels?p=1&l=12 Will return favor too!
  2. And even that one sucks, I can't believe there's no screenshots or videos for trophy walkthroughs at all for this.
  3. P4P Please, I'll play your level 100% https://vita.lbp.me/v/sezrm NINJA EDIT: I've played everybody's level in the last 3 pages, just a heads up
  4. P4P please! Queue up ladies and gentleman! https://vita.lbp.me/v/sezrm
  5. DBZ0wnz Fuel 27/46 were hacked. I had come across everyone that had completed the game 100% all hacked EVERYTHING! At least I did half of Fuel legitimately, Including the online trophies. I've been collecting trophies since the early days too and know this game was very popular with being reported for hacking on this site. I believe before I did this, I did a mass reporting on users with the same timestamp on this very game. As I was pro against cheating. I read that savegame to unlock trophies will not be honored but hear me out.<br /> Years past and stopped trophy hunting (started back up recently). I immediately regretted it as I thought it was normal to hack this old game as it's a piece of shit. Noticed there are loads of videos on youtube that don't mention it was it was bad, so I took for granted it was a normal thing to do And I know not to hack any game ever again from this very stupid mistake and since have learned my lesson. Please forgive me psnprofile gods.<br /> Thank you for reading, have a nice day. <3
  6. Your right, I didn't notice that before. I don't remember, sorry.
  7. I was immature, okay. I had strong values when I was playing with no life. Took a few years off from my addiction, lost my values came back and made a stupid mistake, not to mention I was being honest, which is bloody ultra rare nowadays.
  8. I watched a youtube video, which had a link to a save game file and followed the instructions. I just don't want to hide any of my games. Straight edge trophy hunter yo.
  9. I know there's heavy rain, but with horror.
  10. Playstation All-Stars, Online sucks heaps.
  11. Simply put which game(s) if any would you consider easy - moderately medium difficulty, latest DBZ games I played was dbz budokai 1, 2 and 3 way back on the ps2, cheers. Thanks in adv.
  12. Hai Guies, D4D! need 10 downloads for each 3 types! :]
  13. Raiden IV: OverKill I haven't played Injustice yet, so I could be wrong.
  14. RL Grime x K Theory - Scylla 2.0 Fantastic Trap.
  15. Ring ya mate up and ask for it. I once thought about doing lots of easy games for more trophies back 4 years ago but anyone can do it, just put in 10 - 20 hours and boom easy plat done, but hey if you check out the most common platinum trophies you'll not be surprised, the top trophy hunters in the world have very little difficult games, as there are more easy games avaliable then hard or extreme games you can find that out on psntl which has better accurate stats.
  16. Start on Infamous, it's Very easy and Heaps of fun and then continue doing Uncharted and you'll have 2 platinum's and you'll get the lust and joy of earning trophies, play your absolute favorites and if their too long and tough just leave it for later when you feel like you've got the power within you to beat them, remember practice is futile and it will help you get the hardest trophies. Oh and an important note, it's not how much trophies you have, it's about challenging and pushing yourself to the limit because anybody can beat Lego games and japanese novels, this is how you start becoming a trophy hunter, feel free to msg as their are millions of more answers out there.
  17. I been looking around for those (glass cabinets) everywhere, nowhere to be seen!
  18. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Far Cry 2 Killzone 2 You completed Saw in 2 days... Lol.
  19. Cel Damage HD Purist
  20. Working on Jak and Daxter for a 2nd time on the PSV. Love the game to death!
  21. The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena
  22. I'm from Australia and pretty active on PS3T.org and thought I could involve myself here too! started trophy hunting in 2009 to 2011 then League of legends (season 1) happened... and I'm back here collecting awesome Platinum trophies and constantly challenging myself. Constantly challenge yourself with games that seem almost impossible to achieve, there's no limit unless the servers are taken down for good. My favorite would be FarCry 2 and Mirrors edge and Resistance 2. ~DBZ0wnz
  23. Thanks, although it has no trophies...