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  1. Hi does anyone know if both players collect the Alma Dolls when playing in co op? I already have a session and other players but am always looking for help
  2. iinzane_Atomz I have also forwarded your details to Gearbox on Facebook.
  3. I tried to auto Platinum back in September and only got 50% of the trophies. Ubisoft Connect is broken and another player only had 10% auto pop. I've given Ubisoft hundreds of PSN ID's and they couldn't care less. It's impossible for me to track every player but if this does happen to you please send me your PSN ID
  4. If trophies aren't popping for you leave me your PSN ID. I'm posting on the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Facebook and Twitter every time they post. I've also been sending 2k support links to my YouTube channel for evidence of the issues. Strength in numbers then Gearbox will have to fix this damn game.
  5. Trophies for side missions on PS4 and PS5 still aren't popping. I've put in a ticket with 2k support.
  6. Do PS4 games on the PlayStation EU/UK Store have the same region code on Disc?
  7. I checked my System Storage and there's 2 different Saves for Resident Evil 5. I need to figure out if the difference is the Disc or region
  8. Hi I completed Resident Evil 5 PS4 on Disc back in 2016. I just recently brought the Digital version from the EU Store but my Data isn't compatible. I downloaded my save data from the Online Storage but it doesn't work. Does anyone know what the issue is?
  9. Hi does anyone know if you can play Wolfenstein: The Old Blood German version in English?
  10. Gafneves and lostforever77 I've been on to Ubisoft constantly about my Rainbow Six Siege Platinum trophy not auto popping. PSN ID Remix_MCKL_1989 has also been in contact with them as well. I've messaged Ubisoft on Twitter and Facebook. Various excuses keep get given to why we aren't getting our auto pops. If anyone else reads this message please be careful of trying to auto pop from PS4. I'm happy to play some of the game for now I have a headset. Add to the post if you want to but would be better if you add me on PSN or if you're having the same issue get on to Ubisoft and them there attitude is disgusting enough is enough! I've even got screenshots of Ubisoft support telling me the game didn't come out when I said it did disgraceful!
  11. I'm having the same problem myself. I've been between both PS4 and PS5 versions of the game and even tried Ubisoft Connect but still no luck!
  12. Can you update me please I have the Platinum trophy on Final Fantasy VII Remake
  13. Update me I have the Platinum trophy on Umbrella Corps
  14. Hi can anyone confirm if the trophies still auto pop since the servers closed down. I did the EU version then auto popped the trophies on the US. I was maybe looking to do the AS version