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  1. Thanks, Nate!
  2. Since this series is finally back:
  3. I thought the modern day portions of Black Flag were very interesting. The whole "the Assassin's Creed series exists within the games' world but the Templars made them biased towards them" concept is genius to me but after that game the modern day stuff just was clearly tacked on. Ezio's games and all the stuff in his story (including stuff like Embers) are the height of the series.
  4. Devil May Cry 5 was my game of the year, really should've been nominated.
  5. Dragon Ball FighterZ. Most of the trophies are straight-forward and the only ones that could actually stop you are the 5 million and 20 million zeni ones, those are just a long-ass grind, even with the exploit.
  6. Shortly after completing the first Tyranny of King Washington mission, I entered a loading screen that never ended, and after waiting 6 minutes, I closed the application, to find that all of my save data, for *every* game on the system, had been corrupted, without being able to bring it back from cloud storage. Miraculously, about an hour later, the save data somehow came back. But as a warning for anyone wanting to play the DLC, you may lose everything.
  7. At least it will always get to be a cult classic, no matter what, sequel or not.