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  1. You mean physical cards as in PlayStation Store cards?
  2. I have no idea why people are saying this is an easy 100%, this game's extremely difficult. The AI are unstoppable monsters, even on easy. Combined with the terrible hitboxes and blocking never working, it's not very fun. Don't know if it's just because it *used* to be good and it hasn't aged well, or it's just been garbage from the start.
  3. Just play the little yellow Multiverses, they give abilities often.
  4. Even the PS Now version of Sly 3 is extremely glitchy. At least twice the game suddenly muted and then froze, and I'm only on episode 2. Edit: On episode 4 right now and it's crashed at least once per episode. Clearly not playtested.
  5. Started playing this 40 seconds before the New Year's ball dropped, so that way the first chorus timed perfectly with the new year.