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  1. @KaKrackle You might have to file for divorce m8.
  2. I don't think it counts restarts as on steam I have 5hrs played but actual time is 16hrs. Or game doesn't track correctly at all as I apparently have 220hrs on PS4 and upon starting had 30 ish + straight away despite never playing it.
  3. Meh its just ps4 list with a few added. Free plat for anyone who is a huge DMC fan. Glad the S rank everything stayed.
  4. literally... why make the thing worse??? How they thought this was a good idea is baffling. Parties were fine before so whyyyyy change it
  5. have to if you want play anything mp related
  6. Can confirm its the update thats broken things. My friends invited me fine to a party I joined but got a message saying different software blah blah. So parties and friends work on update before. Wether this is an actual update bug or just servers no updating with new updateI dunno.
  7. People do realize they always listened?
  8. Is it just psn down? Or have they gone full retard ( like they do almost every major update ) and actually broke something. Like its just the friends list that doesn't work at all, parties I can join my own but seeing as I can't access friends list... I can't inv people... Gg Sony... Gg.
  9. Nice to see the friends list being down. Or possibly broken... And thanks for telling me we will possibly be recorded. Ill continue to say weird fucked up shit and whoever has to listen to it have fun.
  10. Rising guide? I just got my 3080 so ill be back on PC to get it done. Lost a lot of motivation as well.
  11. 100% agree. Any holes a goal with this guy right here.
  12. This is old.
  13. Games still broke and boring. I only play with friends to chill and talk. Ill probably get to 91% and delete as well seen as im close to level 40.
  14. Yup, same as those crystals that heal your team.
  15. I had to solo farm as exp share wasn't a thing till like yesterday... Have fun with the game, its a lot of fun.