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  1. Your quote was braindead easy. Anyway im done here, just play the game for fun. I wanted Rising to be hard but I knew since I put time into fusion well after my 100% it wouldn't be that hard. Fusion DLC apart from 1 werent that hard either
  2. Correct me if im wrong but both MK9 and 10 weren't hard either? MK9 just took 350+ hrs? Reading both guides they both aren't rated past 5/10 so why are people complaining? I know I haven't played but em so again correct me if im wrong.
  3. So you literally only play for trophies. Obviously it's easier, even if you're new, but a 2/10 or 3/10 if you're new isn't exactly a true representation of what the difficulty is... Stop acting all high and mighty, people who are new will find this somewhat hard for the extremes alone. Lol at your plat story, platinum really ain't hard no more because Diamond medals are a thing. Would say go get Diamond on all again but you play solely for trophies so no point.
  4. Its pretty obvious? You got good from fusion I'm trying to find the point here? Trials is supposed to be hard... Yet you put in time to get good at Trials. Going into rising you had all the necessary skills just like I did, so obviously it isn't hard anymore (Base sp tracks) If you think its so easy go get Diamond on all tracks or go play the Ninja tracks in the community rated 6+.
  5. It's free content lol. Whats wrong with that? Its annoying... Very.
  6. Found a good seed for the Atlantis trophy that has a ruin near spawn, it can also pop shipwreck and the guardian trophy if needed. Seed: 655646328 coordinates are 37, 64, 69. Just swim down and trophy will pop. Just popped 7 seas with this seed as well, although its possible I had a biomes or 2 done before. As someone below said, there are 10 ocean biomes to find and the banner trophy you will need to use a loom along with paper and the enchanted apple. Trophies are Atlantis?- Find an underwater ruin. Organisational wizard- Name a Shulker Box with an Anvil. Fruit on the Loom- Craft a Banner with an Enchanted Apple. Plethora of cats- Befriend twenty stray cats. Sail the 7 seas- Visit all ocean biomes. I have received a few messages regarding the 7 seas trophy. I used the seed posted above and tutorial world. Im not 100% sure tutorial counts biomes but I don't ever recall finding a coral biome on any new seeds when that update came out. Another note is I got out of the boat and swam around a bit in each.
  7. If you are new to Trials or haven't played in a long time then I see this as being rather difficult. As someone put they have 1000 hrs in fusion so he did it with relative ease but it may take you 2+ hrs to get gold. Tips. Use either Helium or Rhino if you aren't confident with mantis. Like in Fusion Roach (Rhino) was the easiest bike to keep consistent wheelies. Other than that its your skills as a player.
  8. #WoodenTrophiesMatter!!!
  9. They should add it as the lowest trophy tier for all terrible easy games on this site. So like Ultra Rare, Very Rare, Uncommon, Common and then wooden spoon.
  10. #98 Space overlords...


    Difficulty: 1/10


    Omg this is bad, I did it for 20+ URs. Now to go play games that are good and considered hard. Hard reset and hopefully DMC5 for #100 

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    2. CriveL20


      This was seriously one of the worst games I've ever played haha. Congrats on the plat btw :)

    3. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      haha yeah, I'm working on the psvita version and its even worse... the loading screen takes forever. 😩

    4. lilpain97


      oh god lol. Good luck xD 

  11. Im not sure why this was reported. Its probably people thinking you cheated as a save was released and there's 0 ways of knowing if set up properly. Either way, anyone going for plat will likely have to deal with this which sucks.
  12. Ahhh very surprising then as the majority have been live. Thanks for explaining.
  13. Well yeah we know there's co-op, just BP would be perfect. Also its live people on M7 and 13 as I was able to play with a friend and taunt, also while farming orbs people would drop in and taunt with me after the room was cleared out.
  14. People will use supers.
  15. Im more disappointed that you can save in BP now. Also no co-op, so they made us wait a month for nothing as BP was in since day 1 and fully working. Im happy we have BP but a co-op BP would add infinite replay value on top of insane combos. V could use cain and Dante uses his summoned swords. Sadly as I put just because its in the files doesn't make it playable nor is it confirmed coming