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  1. This is true, I don't actually think most people in the week range or less bought the plat ( Apart from 1 guy ) considering its probably expensive. I probably shouldn't have said that.
  2. I can guarantee I know who it is and its more than likely the same person.
  3. I don't want to say who but someone in top 5 fastest has people do games for them from what I heard. I also know someone who has it in a couple days 100% gets people to do games for em as I have a pic saved of him asking me to a game
  4. 100% Sine Mora EX 


    Difficulty: 6.5


    Im disappointed with this tbh, game is rather annoying and the insane run is more bs than fair. Also 24hrs was annoying as I had to playthrough the game a few times to even get it to the 24hr mark ( around 5 hrs grinding ).

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. DeathShark22


      @KaKrackle I promise you i will buy it:D 

      @lilpain97 Thank you very much, right back at your super impressive list. My list misses a lot of the great games i would like to plat one day (Nuclear Throne, SMB, Ikaruga):D

    4. lilpain97


      If you need help on ika co-op 1cc if your Internet is fast enough ill help also thank you ^^

  5. Haha like that 1 guy you found or the other who also messaged me before we spoke. Ahhh my about me, sad you couldn't see it on this website lol. It basically No I won't plat games for you. On a different note its nice to see people still on here giving eachother motivation or tips even after all this time.
  6. If you read more on it, text is complicated to implement. A reddit user explains how complicated it can get.
  7. This. I see loads of accounts with almost no hard games but poof SMB done in 1 week. Not saying if you have 0 hard plats you can't plat SMB but it seems weird at times lol.
  8. 2 more A ranks, Insane run/no pick ups and a story primary only and I have my 100% in Sine Mora EX. Leaving the primary only last as its super easy. 

    1. UltraRareBoy


      Don't waste so much time for playing those easy games xD Try Midnight Deluxe! 

    2. lilpain97


      Haha naaa that games for the hardcore

  9. Right so... Here we go. A fair while back I let people in a community decided my 100th plat... They Crypt of the necrodancer... Shall I go through with it? 


    Ill let people here decide as well. If everyone says yes... I guess I need to find a way to get myself a xim

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    2. lilpain97


      Maybe, I know people hate it but I have a friend who has these on his account so there's a chance ill do both at some point. Although im not saying 100% happening.

    3. Spaz


      I played a little bit of Atari Flashbacks. 


      The first volume is pretty doable, but I will admit most of those titles have badly aged. The arcade games are still enjoyable. 


      Tried for a hour and a half to beat level 81 in Tempest. Still couldn’t beat it, which explains the sub 1 percent.

    4. lilpain97


      I would say 1st is around 5 to 6/10 im not really sure as I flew through it. I think my entire plat time was like 6 hrs? But I played the games with a friend for fun and went bed hence 1 day ( It has online no this doesn't make anything easier ).


      2nd was a bitch though, Asteroids really wasn't that bad but missile command was annoying on controller. I wouldn't say these are harder than SMB, IaB, Trials fusion ect these are games that have been out so long every strat is uncovered for you to use.


      Yh they aged poorly but they still work enough for you to understand them. I started to enjoy the stellar track game as you had to plan out everything. 

  10. I try report as many as I can, I don't remember this name ( I could have ) but someone else probably did it.
  11. Simple list tbh, nothing hard from just looking at it. 10 wins really ain't bad, just get a few friends and you will be done rather quick. The 100% all stars is what im looking at for being possibly hard but I dunno. Overall looks easy
  12. No lol. Not nice I wanted both of em back
  13. Im at 85 on ps4, 360 I had around 150. PC I have around 150 on standard ( Almost 20 hrs isn't even playing just modding also probably 50 of that is me looking at the 4k textures lol ) and around 50 on SE PC
  14. Huge congrats man
  15. #90 Resident Evil Revelations 2


    Difficulty: 7/10 ( Personal 4/10 ) 


    Didn't enjoy this and definitely wouldn't have bothered if I didn't start it 2+ years ago. Oh well free UR to goal of 700. Now something better???