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  1. I decided to actually play this. Thats it... Thats the horror story because this game is not good imo.
  2. Actually it isn't luck based if you take damage. Its all momentum based. I used this method for speedrunning it and just playing normally. Just run/jump and build up speed and dash through it. As simple as that.
  3. This things still going on? Damn... Those giving it a 10/10 on a boring scale are over exaggerating and likely just trying to get a response out of people.
  4. This is the day KaKrackle became my step dad. Met him on PSNP then ended up not living far... Ended up platting Ikaruga and in the process became my step dad. Ikaruga will be my favorite plat for this reason.
  5. So will this cause gang war if people don't like it? Like the Purps will just run up on you and pop a cap in ya ass? Or just throw some purp on you? Would honestly like to know how you purps deal with the hate.
  6. I can stream through Twitch if you ever wanted to. I did that originally but went back to a few on Viper and found it way faster lol.
  7. Hahaha we said someone would say that. That vid was his first clear for the Challenge iirc. Yes im consistent at it. It comes naturally after a certain point because I hadn't touched Fusion in months went back and was consistent at Top Roach because my time spent on Rising ( I still obviously lose runs ) I could always livestream a tutorial like I did for Angus ( Im not the best at explaining and can tend to ramble on but yeah lol ) if you ever wanted an explanation or just seeing someone do it over and over to see bike/rider positioning ill happily stream it. Good luck for when you start your runs for Top Roach!!! The skill gap goes 100x further than the 100%. Im grinding diamonds and there's a track that im around .200 off and keep getting stupidly close but stuffing the ending up... Looked at the LB and you need a top 80 time for the Diamond... Same goes for 2 other tracks im close to. Also NJ tracks... Black belt makes Fusion 100% look easy lol. Then you have NJ levels 7 and 8... Watch RJ or Scottah ( I think its Scottah ) they just go faaaaaaarrr beyond the skill gap.
  8. Hmmmm don't need to beat it because I already beat all your times on Fusion and Rising while getting 100% in under the amount of total time you put in Think you're still at more time on Fusion than me ( could be me at more now ) gotta love our rivalry haha. Not hard to beat btw just trying to drop times on tracks and climb the LB. Huuuuuuge congrats on getting the trophy!!! The dreaded tire glitch... Sigh that glitch ruined so many good runs for me. Had a run over 4 secs faster than my top 900 time putting my run roughly top 200 and the dreaded tire glitch happened on a fall... Safe to say I haven't bothered to go back to it lol.
  9. Oi, less of that around here. Only I can call peoples mums gey, at least you got the gey part right though so ill let it pass.
  10. I actually laughed out loud when dying to the wall pig lol. Same thing happened on SMB last lvl for impossible boy. I just laugh mostly... Mostly. As for Aria yeah you're definitely getting it done, 2-3 is great if you haven't played much. The current situation does and doesn't help... Doesn't because I'm stuck inside and can't really go out to keep my mind off things. Does because as soon as its over... Work will be extremely awkward to work with the person. But oh well, enough of that. Yeah thats why I was gonna buy it to basically force myself into plating lol and you definitely get your money out of it if you do. Nope lol, I played first on PC but didn't beat everyone, I then went to ps4 got the hang of it then went back to PC and did an all chars run. Good luck with the 100% and I know for sure you will get it if you keep at it. Now to take a break from this site.
  11. Thats true lol, you can get messed up by it all considering so many enemies share the same health pool and items have similar costs ect. Blood weapon sounds great on that lol, I can imagine thinking its food but finding out its useless. But blood weapon just kill 10 enemies? Or half with thorns??? And you're set for healing. All chars DLC I assume its mary... She's a... Yeah you know lol. Aria is weird af, as I could do Cadence so consistent without dropping beat or no damage with dagger but Aria took a good few attempts. I took a 5 month break came back and got a run... Died to wall pig after killing final boss... Next few runs I got it though. You got this for sure, you have some hard shit done and seem to have the dedication for it. Are you stacking Aria low btw%? I stopped playing for the same reason I sort of stopped playing games now. Won't go into detail but yeah. Life just kinda took a huge nose dive when everything was starting to go well so I lost a ton of motivation and its happened again. Weird because I was plating/100% games but I couldn't do long sessions no more and CoTND was something I felt I would need to dedicate most my time to so dropped it. Aside from that I burnt myself out on it because I did play PC ver as well, I have actually done all Chars on PC and have Coda. Iirc the furthest I got with her was 1-3 after like an hr or so but only hit it once and I didn't get close after a few more hrs lol. So I was very capable of getting a run going for PS4 ver. Also... Buying a xim lmao
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can sort of guess enemies by putting the hearts option on. They pop up above the head and although not perfect you can get some idea of them. Haven't playing in so long... I probably should go back plat and call it quits lol. Huge congrats on everything btw
  13. I wouldn't say its extremely hard... Like at all. Maybe UR but the % is because it was broken for like 2 years??? Longer??? As I put its possible that it would be UR without the incident but 0.07% or so is extremely off. There's faaaaaaaaaaaarrrr harder games out there that have a higher number of people who 100%. I would give it a 6/10 since the flappy trophy is kinda RNG based and I got it in just a few attempts. I see most putting it at around 8/10 but I saw someone put a similar thing that without the flappy trophy it would be 6.
  14. Hit my personal goal of top 500 on Fusion at 480, and top 100 in UK putting me at 83rd place. Still have a fair few plats to get on it as well so top 200 may be very possible. Mostly just shitty FMX or some skill games but around 5 tracks I think. WOTM is my final plat I need for all extremes and honestly feeling really good about that... Managed to go from 18 to 3 faults all on easy parts in just a few attempts. Also went back and cut a few times down to top 200 ish. 


    Thanks to Fusion I have basically quit every other game... Although I only play a few hours a day. Next goal top 500 on Rising.

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    2. BB-BakkerJ


      Nice work! You’re really good at the game. I could never beat your ghosts.

    3. det_gittes


      Congrats, that's an impressive achievement given how big the player base is for this game! As for your plans wrt Trials Rising, you may want to check out the tourney I linked in a thread on TR's board, top of the leaderboards will be there, starts in 40 minutes. 

    4. lilpain97


      Thanks you lot :) ooooooooo imma go check that out

  15. Can't you tell I been living under a rock... Didn't even see this come out for ps4. Gj on the vids and plat if I ever pick this up and come back to hunting ill be sure to use them