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    I prefer the harder platinums and 100%. I will never not play a game just because of trophies. If the games good I will play it. Games I want in my collection are DMC1, DMC2, DMC3, NG2, and many more but sadly I don't really like the ps3 controller but I have heard using DS4 is possible so getting a full DMC collection is still possible.

    Road to 100 plats
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    The binding of Isaac ( save corrupt ) so I may never bother
    Mega Man collection

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  1. See you are making a good point, just make the in game scenes skippable. I had 1 run made it an hr in an decided to call it quits, I don't think it will take too long before I get it. Gl with your runs dude.
  2. Yh but you aren't asking for a change and are actually attempting it I mean those who haven't bothered
  3. They already said they aren't changing it. For the people crying its a difficulty it isn't supposed to be accessible to everyone hence why lower difficulties are made... Im actually so confused why people are crying because they cant do it. As for the drinking trophy a friend who is a very casual gamer got it before patch and I too gave it a go at his and it wasn't impossible just annoying at best.
  4. Its impossible remember Cheers this is probably the only part that will be somewhat hard other than this its pretty easy.
  5. True and its AAA so people instantly hate hard AAA games. Btw is your YouTube the same as psn name? Want to see what you do at courtroom/ final fight.
  6. This is easily doable... How people said its impossible
  7. I just need to get motivated to start the crap. I don't think it will be too bad after a few runs though but I see it getting annoying at the courtroom. Thanks lol. Ok yh this isn't bad tbh im just over an hr, I expect to die in courtroom but honestly even if I do I have a save at it to practice. Im gonna quit and do another run tomorrow.
  8. Im just going to wing it tbh.
  9. Anyone know a great way to practice these harder parts? Im going to start soon but I kinda want to practice. If not im just going to wing it.
  10. Am I the only person that thinks this game is bad? Ill do Mein Leben just because but this games not as good as people said.
  11. The game took me on IADI around 12hrs although I did search areas before leaving them. It was also my 1st time with 0 guides/ knowledge of what to expect. The length felt fine imo.
  12. Just Picked this up now to add another Ultra Rare to my collection
  13. Another hacker... Thats 2 now. Sony need to stop this quick.
  14. Lol I enjoyed the game but as its my 1st guide I simply get Lost and lose motivation thinking it will suck. Wonder if someone will make a wolfenstein 2 guide?
  15. Im currently typing up a guide for Atari flashback 2 and 1 but I lost motivation.