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  1. Old but the games just terrible. Boring and the floaty controls ruin it further. Difficulty isn't hard tbh as although its a platformer there's hardly any actual platforming and when there is its just a simple jump to a large platform ( There's a few that require a small hop so holding R2 will fail you ) Speedruns, people HATE Speedruns... Especially trophy hunters and here there's 2. Easy or not sitting an hr or just under an hr trying to get deathless or a time will make most nervous near the end. Sitting 1hr or so just to fail on something that was easy for you ( or a part you practiced ) ain't fun.
  2. I would also like to add that 2,2,2 is coming to QP. This can hurt boosting and will likely make a fair amount of trophies harder as now you wont have 5 squishy targets to get certain ult trophies. Or people will likely play it as warm ups for comp making it again harder ( Well require more luck as the plat isn't hard )
  3. Pure and utter aids. I think that sums up the community, trophies and state of the game perfectly. This is coming from someone who has roughly 400hrs and is in Diamond. I would say avoid the game right now as its in a terrible state of low risk high reward. Getting trophies ain't fun either, its honestly not hard just pure dumb luck if the enemy are willing to stay brain dead long enough for you to pop em. Or get a friend to play zar and you will get a fair chunk.
  4. Found out I can turn them off. It just sets a level order so you don't have to manually go through each page.
  5. I was wondering if seeds worked for the cautious trophy?
  6. I think people need to understand that the os requires space. It also isn't expensive to up to 1tb or even 2. Xbox one is identical and same as PC.
  7. Could you by any chance make a video discussing the pros and cons of starting a worm farm? As you know shop bought fishing bait is very expensive, and I'm unsure as to wether or not it would be cheaper in the long run to produce my own. Thanks.
  8. I have 809 and my rarest is futuridium at 0.07%. Hopefully hit 900 by the end of the year
  9. Its on sale in EU as well but I just got Raiden V and don't wanna spend more money lol. Its still tempting lol
  10. Played this on xbox one and was surprised it came to ps4. Definitely getting this but probably gonna wait on starting or wait for a sale.
  11. Just because you think something is useless doesn't make it useless to someone else. I thought hobbies are for your own enjoyment? I don't like Football or sports but I wouldn't go around saying useless to everyone who enjoys it. I don't even really like speedrunning plats on my first ever go, but useless?
  12. Patch is out, auto pops trophies you already done.
  13. Right now without practice I can do the past without much deaths. Its just the future (Apart from Blight) where my deaths would stack up. Im more concerned about Ascension and Mega cart rn. Honestly im surprised 30+ trophies are broke... Did anyone test the game? Even beating final area is broke. I love this game but I dunno how long we will have to wait for fix, it isn't like its selling well either, so not a lot of complaints will be sent to em.
  14. I found blight rather easy compared to others and I would advise not to save scum. Just ruins the fun of getting better (Not intended to be towards you) Im at the point you are at, I can't unlock any more trophies. I only have a few mega tumors and carts to get so hopefully a patch is very soon. Annoyed as I 100% 4 carts already... Hopefully it pops trophies if I just re beat em.
  15. Its impossible. Doesn't matter how you do either