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  1. You are the best from futuridium at 0.03%
  2. Done, omfg its actually over lol. After putting it off for 3 years I finally did Trials fusion.  

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    2. lilpain97


      Thanks and I definitely agree about the platinum 

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. lilpain97
  3. Only 1 trophy was glitched 150 medals.
  4. Slowly getting more annoyed at Top Roach :| Im not making progress at all ( I got 6 fault run, 0 faults till last few jumps ) it feels like im not in control over the bike like I am with Pit Viper. There's to many variables for a perfect run to a point im now convinced its all up to luck.

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    2. Dark


      Yeah that jump alone turns most people off from continuing attempts. Getting the momentum makes zero sense. Pipe phobia also isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Didn't take long at all and it's not nearly as bullshit to practice. Pretty sure I skimmed my front wheel at one point and still got it. 

    3. lilpain97


      Well can't give in now lol 3 challenges left and got close twice on top roach. Im praying I get it within 3 weeks. 

    4. lilpain97


      Got it down to 2 faults. Sadly I failed the easy jump just after large 1 then failed the last hard jump up. Im getting pretty good at last jump but still suck at the 1st hard jump :|

  5. Well... Top Roach is a joke. After around 3 hrs I managed 13 as my lowest faults from 75 on my 1st run. Whoever made this challenge is a ♥... Seriously, this thing is brutal af.

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    2. lilpain97


      @Dark its honestly the hardest thing I have attempted on this game. I got to the 2nd to last jump on 0 faults but messed up :| on it. I now can't get past 4th jump anymore with 0 faults :( 

    3. Dark


      That's really good for the time you've put in though. I did mine in like 15-20 hours spread throughout 8 days because it gets really annoying. I think a bit of luck is involved with the bike physics too. There's times I'd replicate my successful cliff jumps and I'd go literally nowhere. To this day I still will never understand that jump. If it makes you feel any better, I got past the cliff like twice before my successful run. Second to last jump is really stupid but you're home free after that :)

    4. lilpain97


      Haha yay I actually got to the big jump with 0 faults again. Its weird, theres only 3 hard parts to the track. The bunny hop to the cube ( the two ramps broke up then you jump to the cube ) The large jump and the 2nd to last jump... God that jump is scary. I agree btw its definitely a bit of luck, I replicated my movements 3 times in a row 3rd time I hit the jump. I went to replay and nothing looked different in slow mo :|


      To redlynx... Why 

  6. Well got back into Trials and made really good progress after a 3 year brake. Need 5 challenges left 3 are hard the other 2 are easy, probably going to go insane doing inferno 4 invisible, top roach and pipe phobia...

    1. starcrunch061


      Sort of tangential, but congrats on the Jotun plat! I really need to get back to that. Just 2 more no-damage and 2 more no-power runs.

    2. lilpain97


      Thanks, no damage was a bitch on the electric god ( Forgot name ). Gl with the game m8, its a nice plat to own.

  7. Someone else had same problem. Sadly no fix was found so im assuming you have to restart.
  8. Crypt of the necrodancer... Easily hardest plat on ps4 ( Possibly psn ) 850hrs of pure insanity. Im 70hrs in at 70%, sounds good but no. No it isn't. A character called Coda takes 200+ hrs of practice to even have a chance, oh you may also need to buy a xim4 for keyboard support as controller isn't the best for Coda thanks to 2x speed without missing a beat. Also lowest of low is basically a 3 to 4hr run of 9 characters back to back without picking up a single item ( another 200+ hrs ). Basically Perfection for 3 to 4hrs on an already brutal game.
  9. Jotun plat worthy of legend. 0.97%.
  10. Editing trophies is possible... They have done this Overwatch a few times. Hopefully they don't change it. As for the petition, no why do people sit here and cry about a trophy. Either go for it or don't simple.
  11. If you want I can provide a pic of All my times to you in a message on PSN if thats all good?
  12. Personally none of my runs took more than 10hrs. My impossible boy run took 5 to 7hrs of practice ( ill put exact time when I do the math ) I felt that after I 106 % the game I was very prepared for the rest of my no death runs. Also watching speedruns really helped as I would usually copy a few time saves from them, obviously not the frame perfect ones but ones like in 7-7 where you can go straight to the top. With enough practice anyone can get this ( Just like any other 100% or plat ) To those giving up DON'T. You CAN and WILL do this. My exact time was 4.5hrs to do impossible boy... Yes it took me a while to do the math but I forgot.
  13. Try backing up save then delete then re download? I haven't got 150 medals so im assuming the games crashing because you had it before patch? I honestly don't know what the problem is.
  14. Ah well you got screwed