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  1. Well, im having a lot of issues with this trophy popping. It simply won't even if I meet the requirements. Has this happened to anyone before?
  2. Well I think mine has truly glitched. I have every named location for the trophies then went to everywhere else and haven't got all named locations. I go to slaughter star and it says 0/1 locations... I also can't enter proving ground fervor... So either fervor is stopping me and slaughter star doesn't matter at 0/1 or both are stopping me
  3. Because it was different from every other mp. No running around wildly spraying at anything that moves. It required actual skill and when you win 1v4s because you understood the maps and mechanics it felt great. I understand not liking it because its slower but the reason you get punished is because you're trying to play it like UC or GoW.
  4. Is it concerning that my friend changed his middle name to The Ultimate Warrior because I said he should as a joke...
  5. So, looks like I got a threat off Hunter FR ( its like a 99.99% chance its him ) saying me and @KaKrackle better watch our backs and we attacked the wrong person. Oh also threatened our families. Funny as he said attacked and says I should watch out too... But then quickly changes subject to KaKrackle owing him money then saying I haven't done anything. Obviously after I call him out.


    Its a french acc with poor English (Just like hunter) has a guy following that acc with a similar name to hunter and his bro. So The_Something_FR ( I can't remember tbh ) then says his name is Bryan... Good times.   

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Helmet_time


      Good to see he's taking everything in a healthy, mature way.


      Pretty sure PSN has a report function too.

    3. DaivRules


      Definitely report it on PSN. then wait for the replacement account to message you. Rinse and repeat. 

    4. lilpain97


      Imagine getting that salty over being called out. Lul. Also on his actual acc, the first time I ever called him out with KaKrackle he changed his about me to something along the lines of I will destroy you... Think he's taking hunting waaaaay to serious lmao.

  6. Dunno if he's put it anywhere but he didn't do Trials fusion. He's told me his brother did it... Edit. Nvm his brother doesn't have Trials fusion 100% nor played it. I assume he will say he has on xbox or pc in which case pics plz. Even then it still puts him in the same situation of being a liar and not trustworthy.
  7. Hahahaha so he sent the same to us all. Still have the messages + one from a community where he said im lying and he never said that to me. He got really salty after calling him out.
  8. Always knew you was a cheat. Asking me to plat I am bread for an acc with 3 easy games lol. Editing time stamps again I see.
  9. Im level 21 and so far im enjoying every second of it. My only true issue is menu lag and the fps can tank in huge fights. Hopefully they fix those soon. As for maps, im liking them. Nothing special ( tbf nor was borderlands/2 maps any special ) but they do have some nice secrets.
  10. If you're using a dummy acc to play games because you don't want to lose %... Its time you took a step back and realized this ain't really a hobby no more. Tbf using a dummy doesn't make sense in any situation imo.
  11. Old but the games just terrible. Boring and the floaty controls ruin it further. Difficulty isn't hard tbh as although its a platformer there's hardly any actual platforming and when there is its just a simple jump to a large platform ( There's a few that require a small hop so holding R2 will fail you ) Speedruns, people HATE Speedruns... Especially trophy hunters and here there's 2. Easy or not sitting an hr or just under an hr trying to get deathless or a time will make most nervous near the end. Sitting 1hr or so just to fail on something that was easy for you ( or a part you practiced ) ain't fun.
  12. I would also like to add that 2,2,2 is coming to QP. This can hurt boosting and will likely make a fair amount of trophies harder as now you wont have 5 squishy targets to get certain ult trophies. Or people will likely play it as warm ups for comp making it again harder ( Well require more luck as the plat isn't hard )
  13. Pure and utter aids. I think that sums up the community, trophies and state of the game perfectly. This is coming from someone who has roughly 400hrs and is in Diamond. I would say avoid the game right now as its in a terrible state of low risk high reward. Getting trophies ain't fun either, its honestly not hard just pure dumb luck if the enemy are willing to stay brain dead long enough for you to pop em. Or get a friend to play zar and you will get a fair chunk.
  14. Found out I can turn them off. It just sets a level order so you don't have to manually go through each page.
  15. I was wondering if seeds worked for the cautious trophy?