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  1. 100% agree. Any holes a goal with this guy right here.
  2. This is old.
  3. Games still broke and boring. I only play with friends to chill and talk. Ill probably get to 91% and delete as well seen as im close to level 40.
  4. Yup, same as those crystals that heal your team.
  5. I had to solo farm as exp share wasn't a thing till like yesterday... Have fun with the game, its a lot of fun.
  6. A few you do have to talk to which is annoying, but that said they are all easy to find. I find leveling easiest by just farming encounters, slap 4 lvl 3xp cores on + boosters you get from around the world, and then find an area wherr you have advantage. For water Desert outpost, electric, fire left of orphanage as these both have a healer nearby. Thiefs will still battle right away btw.
  7. You can fight them infinitely. I noticed tamers you already beat wont ask for a battle if you're 2 steps away so this helps with knowing who you beat once. Just go by area and talk to every tamer to re battle.
  8. I now currently stomp literally everything effective or not lol. As soon as you get massive damage moves say bye to everything. Just make them use more ST then destroy with anything that says massive damage like EMP, Tsunami, Solar flare ect. If effective its likely hitting 90s to 100+ depending on what level and cores you have
  9. I tend to not use exploits like this ever. I don't think I ever have as imo it ruins the point of the game. But yeah exactly like those games but no one cares about those I assume because they aren't hard.
  10. I like the game and I assume im getting unlucky or new patch helped a bit? I dunno but stuff ain't hitting as hard now which is weird. So far 15hrs in and im not bored at all, seeing each new mon and figuring out what moveset I want + cores is fun. I also like how the tamers will swap out to different mons and force you to switch it up if match up ain't great.
  11. Pretty much. Everyone here has used em on games.
  12. Yhhhhhhh I said this in the fall guys threads... Everyone lost their shit about the exploit but this site is full of that and the people usually complaining use said exploits in other games... I can never take the people here seriously.
  13. As title says does anyone think the balance is messed up? The game scales with you so leveling feels kinda useless ( this has benefits though ) main issue im seeing is none effective moves doing half your health or crits being way to common to a point it doesn't matter if its effective or not. Another thing is because of the issue mentioned before, you fight like 2 tamers and your likely losing a few mons or have to use a bunch of potions. I just feel like whats the point of having effective moves or none effective moves if a strong move will still obliterate my health? This is same for me on AI, I can 1 hit ( usually 2 as it leaves on 13 or less ) water and flying and even if it ain't effective its still likely 3 hitting them. To add, some boss battles against tamers are outright dumb at times. Has 4 mons or 5 and the powerful one on top? Boss battles in general feel really sadistic at times with healing, insane health, insane ST, insane damage. So pile on top crits, none effective moves and status affects being extremely common you're usually left with 1 mon half dead after battle. Cores can help some of these issues but if a boss hits you with an effective move its likely GG for that mon. Don't say switch to a different mon as they just get a free attack and because again issues mentioned before you're likely dead after 3 hits Im liking the game and haven't had a team fully die yet ( just beat the second shrine boss ) but yh this issue kinda makes battles feel all over the place.
  14. Hmm if its missable because Tyrants/legendary mons then ouch... Imagine getting all normal ones but missing those. Also I beat Fenrir first time last night. I assume I couldn't catch him so I killed him, am I out of catching him? Or does he show up late game as catchable?
  15. I personally never cared for difficulty in pkmn games as I focused on Shiny hunting and competitive battling. Its good to see this has a lot of content already though and that the devs listen. Ill keep this on my list of games to buy though.