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  1. Ok I have an issue. Its definitely not on Sonys end in terms of psn being down and its definitely not on my end. Im trying to join a party with friends to play some R6, I can hear 1 of them. The rest infinitely 'load' and I cannot hear them. So I reset Internet and do a test... 200mb down and 10 up. Ok nothing new so whats up? This has ONLY happened since the 16 man party update. They use wifi and can speak with the other friend I can hear... Anyone know whats up? 

    1. HaserPL


      My first thought is that you NAT's may not be fully compatible, probably due to the patch which could have messed something up.

    2. lilpain97


      Im on a 2. Was working fine yesterday as well. 

  2. I guess we're the same lmfao. Very passionate in arguments or debates. Naaa not offended lol but I hope that sort of clears up where I sit here. Both sides are giving so little info or ACTUAL reviews its either looking like people are rimming him or they are outright hating him. Im now off to watch my friend for 6hrs again on it
  3. Ok cool. My opinion is ALL reviews for this are pretty ass. They all lack lots of key info on the game and most feel like they didn't play it. So maybe thats where I think the whole Kojima gets away with things. Either way we disagree, sorry for calling you an ass licker. Just pissed off and took it out here.
  4. Go on metacritic critics reviews. There's more than 1 10. As for fan scores... Yes loooooots of fanboys are saying 10/10 after like 4hrs of play. Barely played it but giving it a 10/10? Just as many haters are saying 0/10 which is also un called for.
  5. Jesus... Someones extremely salty. Not once have I said I hate the game. Just pointing out that the game gets a lot more praise because his names slapped on it. And go look at reviews... There's A LOT of 10s despite most agreeing it was boring. So calm down... Calls me a snowflake then breaks down??? Actually... I just realized how stupid that entire comment was/is... Apparently I said I hate him and his games and called em pretentious movie games... Where did I say that? Oh right no where, because that wasn't my argument. I forgot that simply stating something as simple as he's so important he gets away with things means I despise all he does and will forever shit on his fans!!! No. I stated MULTIPLE times I have 0 issues with him or the game... But you just see OMG HE SAID 1 BAD THING ABOUT OUR LORD HANG HIM!!!HE'S A DEGENERATE !!!. Now stop putting words into my mouth. I don't care if you GENUINELY like the game (From the looks of it you haven't played, or at least on this acc). Why can't people understand that? I WANTED and STILL want the game to do good. I just hate how so many are either giving it crazy scores without explaining why or why there's so many plebeians giving it 0 without playing. If YOU give a reason as to why you like it (That isn't something contradicting) by all means give it whatever scores you like. Also at the end of the day we are both sat still going at something literally meaningless so your just as much a degenerate. Now can we just both simply disagree?
  6. Also exactly this. This is perfectly said. Grrrrrr not a game for you? Grrrrr you're stupid go play cod and other mindless games... No just not a game for me.
  7. But the point of something hypothetical... Is that it hasn't happened... Point was he gets free passes... And seeing you rim him kinda proves that.
  8. There's a reason I put IF... Come on now, read before putting anything. Also notice I said IF it was an exact copy like its literally DS but EA... It would likely get hate. Do I have 100% proof it would get hate? Nope I don't nor have I claimed that. But its safe to say it would likely get torn apart. You even said he is an important figure in gaming and that alone will likely get him a lot of passes, and seeing as some 10s said they found it very boring and outright tedious shows exactly that sort of pass I am on about. My argument is not about how EA makes games or they would make a game like this. It was and always will be IF and how he gets free passes.
  9. Never wanted it to get hate nor do I agree with idiotic plebs giving it a 0 without playing. Just saying there's a fair amount of reviews saying it's boring tedious, repetitive ect but give it stuff like 9. While they say the same things about other games and give stuff like 6. Thats all, no hate towards the game at all nor those who are truly enjoying it.
  10. If this game was made or even published by ANY other devs/publisher I can safely say it would get a lot more hate and receive no way near the amount of 10/10 it got. I mean an exact copy from EA, Ubi ect would likely get torn to shreds saying its a lifeless repetitive open world game. Its fine if Kojima does it though. Heck most people ( Other than it being ass anyway ) laughed at how dead ghost recons world is and how it asks you to go from point A to B then back to A doing repetitive tasks... To anyone who replies, yes I get it's supposed to be dead... Doesn't magically make it good here, yes it's supposed to be walking around delivering cargo and again doesn't magically make it good. Im fine with those liking it and if you enjoy it by all means keep playing it but you can't not say there's a lot of biased reviews coming out. Not saying I hate the game btw just pointing out that it seems people are looking over everything that gets hate in any other open world game.
  11. I don't care about the game but I find it funny when people say reviews don't matter !!! But will gladly say look this games getting 10/10... Despite being the same exact review company that gave the review that doesn't matter. Its all good when the games you want get 10/10 or 9s but god forbid someone disagree. As for me I won't be buying it. I don't hate it, I just rather play other games or buy other games. For those playing I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Anyone else having issues with psn??? I can't appear online AND can't connect to parties at all. My Internet is fine at 200 download and like 50 up and can play games fine on my PC.  

    1. Arcesius


      No issues on my end.. was just playing Diablo III online and with party chat, no issues whatsoever 😐

  13. The pc version I got free upon purchasing an RTX 2060 Super. Decided huh ill install to my SSD... 128gb lmfao. Hopefully its at least playable
  14. Well, im having a lot of issues with this trophy popping. It simply won't even if I meet the requirements. Has this happened to anyone before?
  15. Well I think mine has truly glitched. I have every named location for the trophies then went to everywhere else and haven't got all named locations. I go to slaughter star and it says 0/1 locations... I also can't enter proving ground fervor... So either fervor is stopping me and slaughter star doesn't matter at 0/1 or both are stopping me