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  1. Yes I was aware 1 day after I posted this. I already looked at the profile and saw everything. Pretty sad tbh.
  2. Look at his profile he just spams 'No' every once in a while.
  3. Naaa this games definitely hard and takes time. He's Probably an old time player
  4. For people who have a friend who is good you can essentially get S++ easier ( Still ridiculous) as you both get boss kill bonus, learning to kill the boss in around 73secs wilk get you around 700,000 score so you will get 1.4mil iirc.
  5. Forgot to post this but killing 2nd player off doesn't work. I got my friend in shareplay and asked him to just lose all 3 lives I finished mission but no trophy. Player 2 can't game over at all.
  6. This games been out long enough. Pretty sure 1 of the best only has the co-op trophies left to plat. I wouldn't be surprised if we see people with plat tomorrow. On my solo 1cc I got to 3rd boss almost did it too, the 4th chapter I need practice on but I think 1cc is very doable. Its the S++ thats hard, keeping a chain is pretty annoying never mind a whole level with stuff flying around.
  7. @Floriiss hmmmmmmm, you actually did this lmao.
  8. Duel mode doesn't allow co-op 1cc to be done. Just thought I would point that out.
  9. #86 Geometry wars 3


    Difficulty:5/10 this could have been brutal but 3 stars is easy and Retro once you learn AI a bit isn't to bad


    Another great game that has a stupid grind involved. Honestly what is it with devs and unnecessary grinds? 

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  10. Good luck man, I think you got this
  11. Why not? I said I wouldn't do anything harder than Surgeon Sim back when I first started. I always sit and think I can't do this... Its impossible? But I always seem to sit and try and before you know it I have plat it. Literally ask @KaKrackle I said on Stream ill probably never do Trials but 38hrs later I did it. It might take someone a few days and it might take you weeks or months but I can guarantee with time you could knock out 91% of this list ( co-op will be problematic ) If I can do this you sure as hell can.
  12. Pretty sure local co-op. I could be wrong though, either way this will probably be stupidly brutal even on easy. Shareplay is a no.. I have 250MB Download and like 10 upload and it still has delay. Pretty sure the 360 list is 9/10 and only requires A Ranks and a solo 1cc run. Ill check and edit mistakes in a sec. Ok I was right, 360 list is at a 9/10 and requires A Ranks and a sol 1cc run. S++ will bump that to a 10 easily and its local co-op only... Good luck finding a friend just as good as you and willing to put the time in. On true achievements around 17,000 people own it and 225 have 100%... Gl to all who attempt
  13. @KaKrackle oh man we gonna have fun with this. Day 1 and ill be practicing this daily along with Sine Mora. 1st plat owners ?
  14. I know its a year old but I noticed the Trophy Robot Destroyer is at 0.1% meaning someone out there has the trophy.
  15. #85 Nex Machina


    Ill say 5/10 difficulty as literally nothing was really challenging and incase people say co-op I played solo. Awesome game that had a unnecessary grind added to it.

    Really wondering why this is a UR rated 8/10? If you get Smartbomb and learn Dash Combo you're pretty much invincible. 

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    2. lilpain97


      @bezdomnekoty do it, its great fun and takes around 15+ hrs depending on skill. 

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯