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  1. Ill have to actually plat one of these at some point. Seems like a really good shmup although extremely long.
  2. Game was much harder before all the patches, they ended up nerfing stuff, adding healing crystals ect.
  3. Decided to hunt again, going to clean up all the easy trophies before heading back into a challenge. Get as much stuff out the way, but this time im doing it when I actually want to do it. Not sure what ill start as a challenge after I clean up though. Maybe Atari 3 or some other smaller game

  4. Well then about time they said something
  5. I doubt they will fix the game. They literally haven't even said anything about bugs in the patch notes and game STILL crashes like mad. Honestly games like this need to be removed from the store, don't fix anything and just add more cosmetics to a broken game. Im pretty sure the phantom bullet glitch is STILL in the game despite being an issue on xbox since release. Basically shoot with a full auto and a lot are blanks. Tested on ps and it seems the same as a VSS is a 2 shot but I put 5 rounds in a guy up close and he ran off then proceeded to take another 2 bullets. Not Internet related either ( well at least on my end )
  6. Well, I have pretty much quit hunting and been putting my PC to use. Picked up DJMax on it and I'm now grinding out songs on that in 4b. I probably should go back on PS4 to at least get the 30 10* difficulty Max combos as I'm 26/30 but going back feels weird. I have improved massively on PC and have been reaching into the 11* and 12* range of 4b, just got NB Ranger hard 12* Max and missed 2 notes on Nightmare Hard which is also a 12*. Coming from PS4 I would never of thought any of those would have been possible. Although I do find HAMSIN 4b NM on PS4 easier which is weird.


    I still have a lot to learn as some 10* charts have really weird patterns and it doesn't help there's 0 practice mode... Which they should add... Because it would help a ton. Also been playing Cyberpunk maxed out which at least on PC is really good. Feel bad for last gen console owners getting done over like that though and cant recommend it in its state on last gen consoles. Also wouldn't recommend it rn anyway despite me not having issues, as its best to just wait it out and get the best possible experience.


    So yh that's where I have been. Grinding away and chilling. Hope everyone here is doing good.

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    2. Nostalgy_Flow


      Btw I checked, I have 97.32% on Hamsin 4B MX

    3. lilpain97


      I play PC using 6.3x speed ( anything slower is literally tooooo slow for me I cant play on beat ) its just my fingers not being able to do what I want at that time. Nice job man highest clears at max are just 12* rn and I I broke once on Jinxed 4B Max which is 13*. Nightmare 4B NM I have a 99.16% iirc but I can deffo get that higher.


      I feel like I hit a wall as well as I can basically do all 10* songs Max at over 98% but 11* is random if I can do it, I have a few 12* as I said but I feel like they should really implement a practice mode. Allow you to go to each segment individually and slow them down if needed. 

    4. Nostalgy_Flow


      Getting skill walls in this games is normal, you'll get many of them down the road, you just need to play more man. Btw I don't think playing patterns slowed down would be that useful, just try hitting the patterns at normal speed, you'll learn em eventually

  7. I got my pre order on the pc version. Am I worried? No. Why? The Witcher 3 was very, very buggy at launch ( no excuses I know ) and people seem to forget that. I remember Roach flying, fps drops, stores not loading in correctly, characters in scenes having seizures, walking on water and so, so much more. Yet its still one of the best games I played and many agree. Yes it shouldn't be broken at all and the standard from the entire industry is release first, patch later but people going omg its buggy? But its CDPR... Well sorry but they always released buggy games. Also 8yrs or however long means nothing seen as they 100% remade it or added a crap ton to the engine so they likely sat a bunch re doing things. Andddd they can't really afford more delays. If its anything like The Witcher 3 story telling, quests and world then its going to be a great RPG. And looking through reviews it seems its outstanding in all of the above but buggy.
  8. @KaKrackle You might have to file for divorce m8.
  9. I don't think it counts restarts as on steam I have 5hrs played but actual time is 16hrs. Or game doesn't track correctly at all as I apparently have 220hrs on PS4 and upon starting had 30 ish + straight away despite never playing it.
  10. Meh its just ps4 list with a few added. Free plat for anyone who is a huge DMC fan. Glad the S rank everything stayed.
  11. literally... why make the thing worse??? How they thought this was a good idea is baffling. Parties were fine before so whyyyyy change it
  12. have to if you want play anything mp related
  13. Can confirm its the update thats broken things. My friends invited me fine to a party I joined but got a message saying different software blah blah. So parties and friends work on update before. Wether this is an actual update bug or just servers no updating with new updateI dunno.
  14. People do realize they always listened?
  15. Is it just psn down? Or have they gone full retard ( like they do almost every major update ) and actually broke something. Like its just the friends list that doesn't work at all, parties I can join my own but seeing as I can't access friends list... I can't inv people... Gg Sony... Gg.