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  1. if you can't download a patch you should try to download it in "Standby mode", is a Ps3 feature for PSPlus members only that allow the Ps3 to turn on on its own, download all the games and patches then install them, and turn off on its own when finished. i had a download patch problem with a couple of games 1-2 ago and this worked for me. one of the game was Battlefiled 4 (Disc) [EU, Italy] if I'm not wrong. it's obvious that you have to insert Disc games in the Ps3 and download the patch one by one but better than nothing
  2. yes you can do a lot of saves, but the cross-save slot is only one unfortunately,so every time you upload a save you must start the Ps4 version a download it. you can read how trophies works with cross save in this guide https://psnprofiles.com/guide/2934-borderlands-2-cross-save-quick-reference-trophy-guide the only trophies that you can't auto pop with cross saves are the story related ones so use the cross save at the start of each mission or you have to play the whole game again in NG+, but onestly it's not a big deal and took only 2-3 hours to beat the game on NG+ i can help you to beat terramorphus, but only on the Ps4 version because on the Ps3 version i have a really low badass rank
  3. yes there is a cross save feature in the game that allow you to use saves from Ps3 to Ps4 and vice versa. but you ONLY upload your character not the profile data so your badass rank will be 0, and it's a problem because a lot of trophies are not instant and you have to redo a lot of them like beat terramorphus that is impossible to do solo without a decent badass rank
  4. Persona Strikers came out on PC and Switch too beacause is considered a spin off by Atlus even if technically is a sequel. Both Persona Arena and Arena ultimax (sequel of Persona 3 & 4) too are multiplatform, only Persona Dancing 3-4-5 are PlayStation esclusives at the moment but i'm sure that is temporary
  5. It's Sega, one of most gold digger japanese SH like square enix, they will release the game everywhere sooner or later but due to their schedule they cant at the moment. They want to bring both of Yakuza Inshin to the west too but they don't want to release to much remastered and new game this moment (or so they said in the Yakuza anniversary livestream last December)
  6. .
  7. not really, you must do all "Friend request" and some are missable (sort of side quests) and you must cook 12 different dishes and it's missable beacause recipes are missable that's all
  8. an easy 50hrs platinum with 2 missables. there are a lot of guides out there since the japanese release
  9. you must save citizen in danger when you find them, if you go to sleep they die and you can't get weapons/collectibles trophies anymore. in the pacifist run you will be ALWAYS very underleveled so learn to play and spend your exp almost only on health, stamina and blood bar and use two handed weapons and stakes or surgical knives for blood. you can kill citizen only if they become hunters or vampires, but never kill district pillar (the citizien at the center of the district menu)
  10. The last 4 trophies in the list are online trophies, you need to play a total of 25 user-generated missions (5 from the "Newest" section) and create a mission. if servers still works you'll get these trophies in 30 minutes
  11. I play Smite from almost two years and i've tried to unlock these trophies only a couples of times with other 3 friends but without success and now i'm thinking: are these trophies doable with the current God roster and balances? Even if we are dominating the match in the first 5-10 minutes (spawn time) i feel both Gold fury but espacially the Fire giant are too much strong for Early build and levels. Any advice?
  12. The latest patch bugged a lot of trophies, i got the "play 25 assault" trophy on my 26th match. Maybe you can get the "Mastery 10" trophy after rank up mastery with a god (0 to 1, 3 to 4 etc) or by reaching mastery 10 with another God. It Won't take to much, espacially with the x2-x3 worshipper weekend that they do really often
  13. Sales for Psvita digital games comes always during christmas period and "Big in japan" sale period (usually april/may); rarely in random moments through the year. Sales on Ps3 are more common than Psvita's sales
  14. 🤓
  15. Hi people! I nave a problem with this game. The truck go straight without touch R2 but like i'm pressing it and i also cant use brakes.