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  1. This was a big help. Thanks!
  2. Seems like this is the case because I just got 1,000,000% but am still missing 2 items (Death's List and Trisagion, only found in Devil and Angel rooms, respectively). Once I unlocked the remaining secret I needed other than #339 (1,000,000%), both of them popped at the same time and I got the trophy. And speaking of the Flat Stone, I ended up finding it with the D100 even though I hadn't unlocked it yet. Weird stuff.
  3. Not quite Super Meat Boy in terms of a challenge, but still a fun and satisfying game with simple but smart puzzle design. I thought I was in for a rough time when I started attempting to X-rank the marathon modes, but then I realized that the first world had stricter time requirements due to it having simpler solutions. The first world actually ended up being the most difficult. Still, each world takes some to practice to learn those precise movements and it feels great once you get the rhythm down.
  4. My gamertag back on xbox live, like in the early 2000's when I was in my early teens, was InfernalOverkil. Infernal Overkill is the name of an album by the German thrash band Destruction. I kept that all the way through most of the 360's life cycle. When I finally switched over to PS3, InfernalOverkil was taken, so I put in an "x" in the middle (which I actually prefer, aesthetically). At this point, if I'm looking at it from an outside perspective it looks like a try-hard kind of name, but I don't really think about it. I don't think I'm creative enough to come up with something better if I were given the choice, either.
  5. Hard to resist The Evil Within complete for $9. The game has it's faults from what I've heard, but I think I've watched enough gameplay to know that it's worth the purchase.
  6. #48 - Furi I grabbed this game back when it was free last Fall (I think?) and just got around to playing it. I love pretty much everything about this game. Responsive controls, fantastic soundtrack and presentation, and the story was way more interesting that it needed to be. You can just tell there was a lot of love put into the game. I actually just bought it on Steam just to support the game and the people who made it, as well as the soundtrack. Furi is like Hotline Miami in that it benefits so much from the music. The soundtrack really turns a good game into a great game. As for the platinum itself, it wasn't so bad. S-ranking Furier difficulty was challenging at points but it's very doable. Furier difficulty actually changes enemy attack patterns, which I always appreciate more than simply making you take more damage or something.
  7. #47 - Yakuza 0 Big fan of the Yakuza series, and 0 was everything I wanted from a current gen Yakuza game. There was one very grindy trophy that just took time, but overall getting 100% completion in this game was way easier than earlier games in the series. The game itself is just a treat to play, highly recommend it even if you're new to the series.
  8. The patch is out. I went out with a party of three level 6 heroes and one level 5 and when the latter got to level 6 it popped both trophies.
  9. Looks that way. I have several level 6 heroes and I did get the one for starting an expedition with 4 of them, so they're most likely bugged.
  10. Doesn't seem to be working for anyone, so I guess the server is down. The user CyricZ from GameFAQs made a very comprehensive guide that will hopefully help you out:
  11. Congrats!
  12. Kazuma Kiryu of the Yakuza series! One of my all-time favorite characters from anything.
  13. Probably my favorite video game gif ever, it's from Deus Ex for those who don't know.
  14. Mercenary Kings
  15. Proofs have been really tough to farm. For anyone who doesn't know, they're dropped by silver knights but the drop rate is extremely low. The best spot is the Anor Londo bonfire, there's two silver knights right up the stairs. There's a third one to the right afterward, but I don't think the run to him is worth it. This is what I'm using on regular new game: - Symbol of Avarice (treasure chest helmet, dropped randomly from mimics. I recommend uploading your data to PSN and farming a mimic to make sure you get one.) - Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (Irithyll Dungeon, reached from jumping through a window in Profaned Capital) - Crystal Sage Rapier (Created using the Soul of a Crystal Sage, adds +50 item discovery. Equip it to your off-hand) - Rusted coins If your level is high enough, you might even want to respec to get Luck to 99. Just make sure you don't gimp yourself offensively so you can still kill the silver knights with ease.