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  1. I got a 4KTV and had the money,thought why not. Also I was looking at upgrading the hard drive in my original, with a decent trade in offfe roast NYE it didn’t seem like a bad deal. Also my old PS4 was making some odd noises, in Australia new electronics have a 2 year warranty so that just sealed the deal.
  2. Is there anyway to stop people’s crap photos appearing on my map? Its not the end of the world but it’s slightly annoying.
  3. It’s great but I think some AC games got an undeserved bad rap. Syndicate was very underrated in my opinion.
  4. Did you try the Canadian store? On my phone it was saying $80 but I couldn't confirm if that was Canadian for certain. I logged in and it went back up to $100(au) so I think it was. Australian prices never have any relevance to American prices because the minimum wage is massively different.
  5. I believe it is available digitally in NA , Toronto Wolfpack are certainly advertising it as such on their Facebook page.
  6. Theres a Rugby League side in Toronto now (they feature i the game also), I wouldn't be shocked if you could import it from across the border.
  7. I understand that I was replying to the 'this is a more believable story comment'
  8. I doubt it the story had a very definate end and set it up for a whole new story arc.
  9. Yeah but in the case of Far Cry your a cop who's team have been taken out. Rather than going on a one man rampage why not just drive to the next county and get help?
  10. And obviously he couldn't get any backup? I like the idea but to try and say it makes sense is dumb.
  11. Deliverance wasn't about a cult was it? Its probably 10 years since I watched the film but weren't they just isolated rednecks?
  12. Whilst Ubi are known for collectables I did feel this game had a hell of a lot.
  13. I know people don't like paying to play online but i would be gutted if I was close to the plat and didn't have a backup.
  14. Mess he not backing up using PS+?
  15. This game requires playing with friends for a laugh. If your just going to try and push through it then it's grundy as hell. Im on the verge of the past now. Just need to finish the story and get the trophies for killing x people in one explosion.