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  1. I didn’t have any issues with either of these games when I went for my platinums. It’s probably quite hit and miss, and it seems I just got lucky with it.
  2. This is great news! Considering The Walking Dead is ultimately their baby, no one but them could finish this properly. And it means the people who were working on it can now have the chance to finish what they’ve been working on for all these years, must be a relief for them!
  3. @BlindMango Probably needs a rescan?
  4. Let’s Sing 2016 NA - EU - Asia - UK - FR -çais SP -ón-española Let’s Sing 2018 NA - (finally released in NA this year)
  5. And just like that there goes the rumour of PSN name changes being announced at PSX. 😝
  6. And in some extreme cases there’s even: UK - United Kingdom FR - France ES - Spain
  7. I'm not sure. Bear in mind though, PS1 games aren't playable on PS4, so the only ones that are released are remakes or remasters. There may be a list of remasters on PS4 kicking around the forums somewhere.
  8. Yeah, it’s confirmed not to be a remaster: “A port of the PS2 original running natively on PS4 with upscaled resolution”.
  9. Dream? Totally! But let’s face it, if the PS Classic does well then a mini PS2 will follow and that will be the death of PS2 on PS4 for sure. Tbh I think we’ve seen the most of PS2 on PS4 now. Our best hope is PS5 being more friendly to backwards compatibility.
  10. Glad I could help! 😊 I’ve gotten a good few of them myself. There’s actually a new one coming too: Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It’s available as a pre-order bonus with Ace Combat 7. 😉 As for Bully, what they did was make it so if played in a region where it’s retitled, it renames the list to Canis Canem Edit, rather than having two separate lists.
  11. Oh jeez that game icon is err... an “acquired taste” to say the least. 🤢 haha The trophies themselves look good though. Same deal as the first pretty much.
  12. Yeah I remember that. Just like you said, it's a weird situation now of do I or don't I... Ah who knows! Thanks anyway though
  13. Cool, thanks. And we are still meant to be updating it right? (I'm not sure)
  14. So quick question: who is the owner of the PP leaderboard Google doc these days? I've tried asking for editing permissions on there a few times over the years (yes years 😝) but have never been added. I did keep the learderboards of my PPs up to date for a while when it was open to everyone to edit, but after I brought attention to some vandalism, it was changed to only specific users.
  15. I would really vote “don’t care either way” but yeah, for the sake of backwards compatibility it must stay!