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  1. Any reason why these have been skipped over? Just wondering if there’s a reason so I don’t end up making the same mistake twice. 😇 Oh and the three Lara Croft games are missing from the Tomb Raider series group, and pontientally could have their own sub-series too as I’ve seen you do with some games: COD and COD: Black Ops series’ for instance.
  2. They picked the right one. 😶
  3. Well just going by the assets they used in the teaser trailer (the graphics are certainly the PSP remake and, on a lesser note, the logo they've used is the PSP one rather than the original PS1 one). Also bearing in mind they used the PSP version of PaRappa the Rapper for its remaster instead of the original. Having said that though nothing is certain until we get more details.
  4. Just want to make sure everyone realises this will be a remaster of the PSP remake (MediEvil Resurrection) rather than the original PS1 version. Nonetheless it’s sooooo good to see the series return! 😁
  5. What are you talking about? It’s been two years already since Rise came out.
  6. I would hope after the backlash they received the last time they will have, however nothing surprises me these days. It’s been doing the rounds, not sure who discovered it to be honest.
  7. So a new Tomb Raider game is coming, who knew? Oh and it’s definitely, most certainly called Shadow of the Tomb Raider, probably. It was leaked a while ago, now finally teased officially with a proper announcement coming in the new year. With the film coming out in March it wouldn’t be unthinkable to presume the game will release around the same time. Square... Honestly... A new... Driven by... Our journey... We simply...
  8. They sure do. Telltale sure shafted us big time with this. Surely a collection is meant to be more, err... complete but in the case of trophies we're missing 3/4 of the goods, so to speak. It’s a botch job guys, let’s face it. Edit: Post 666! Mwahahaha 😈
  9. The hot coffee trophy is interesting. I see what you did there Sony... 😏 Glad they made cool trophy images to match the trilogy! Wasn’t sure they would after some of the “car crash” images they’ve done for other PS2 classics.
  10. This happened to me also but what I did was just kept placing large gardens around the place until the environmentalists reached 100 and the trophy soon popped. Interestingly though my overall approval rating was 100% so that could be the key for those who are having trouble: get all factions above 90 and have 100% popular support.
  11. *Sees three gold trophies* Hmm I guess they must be one for completing each season. *Sees season one has no gold* Okay... that’s strange. *Sees season two has no gold* Right this is getting weird... *Sees season three has no gold* No... they can’t be... *Sees all three golds are for Michonne, the smallest game in the set* Dafuk?
  12. There’s a whole lot of DLC achievements missing from the Xbox version for, well, no good reason. I mean three measly bronze trophies per DLC hardly even scratches the point allowance Sony gives for DLCs. Bizarre.
  13. Not sure if there are tags available on the site for some of these regions but here it goes... Let’s Sing 2018 EU - GER - FR -çais-et-internationaux SP - Let’s Sing 2017 EU - UK - GER - FR - SP -ón-española Let’s Sing 2016 NA - EU - Asia - UK - FR -çais SP -ón-española Rayman Origins PS3 Main - PS3 JP - PS3 RU - Vita - Dead Nation PS3 - Vita - PS4 Main - PS4 JP -黙示録 Also MySims SkyHeroes is missing from The Sims series. Oh and a small yet niggling mistake: it should be “Jak and Daxter” not “Jak & Daxter” for their series. I’m annoying I know...
  14. So good! Though I’m not all that keen on the “legacy” thing that pops up. It should’ve just been how the PS2 boots up without a disc in. The PS2 logo comes up when playing a PS2 game on PS4 anyway. So now with this and the 20th Anniversary theme it’s just the PS3 boot that needs recreating!
  15. West - JP -トゥームレイダーアンダーワールド Also Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves and Run Sackboy! Run! are missing from the LittleBigPlanet series collection thingy, as is Bentley’s Hackpack from the Sly Cooper series.