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  1. *British Broadcasting Corporation
  2. Okay, okay, you got me! Legit may not have been the right word! Haha Ah, then yes. Though of course you still need to check in so they don’t die out there. See I’m helpful! 😎 (delusions of grandeur)
  3. It didn’t unlock for me until I had just over 20,000 caps so either only certain caps count or, more likely since its Bethesda, it may be a little buggy.
  4. Ah okay, what were you asking then? I’m confused! Haha
  5. Okay I just got the 10,000 caps trophy after all, at just over 20,000 caps. It should be noted I have been playing legit mostly with some time skipping here and there.
  6. Damn. I even deleted all my saves (backed up first of course) and tried getting 10,000 again... still nothing. Im thinking (and hoping) that particular trophy may need to be done legit without calendar manipulation or else we're screwed.
  7. Okay, thanks. I remember there were a lot of changes surrounding PP at one point and I lost track if I’m honest.
  8. I heard @xZoneHunter retired from the role of PP “overseer” though? (See what I did there)
  9. What’s the “protocol” for creating new PPs these days? I’d like to be involved with starting a Fallout one now there’s four, soon-to-be-five, platinums available.
  10. Well at least she’s wearing her legendary blue tank top again... that’s something. ☺️
  11. @BeautifulTorment @TaiTchi-_-OwNz I have had the 10,000 caps trophy glitch for me. I’m well over that mark now and still nothing. It does, but you need to check in every so often to collect power, water, food etc.
  12. Thats the one. It’s pretty similar to the EU/NA covers but if you look out for the little black box in the bottom left corner that’ll tell you.
  13. Glad there’s a platinum this time but saying that, the list doesn’t actually seem as expansive as the Vita one was. Dare I say it... bit of a lazy list? 🙊 At least we still need to rainbow clear every stage though so it’ll still take a bit of work to complete. Your thoughts? P.S. Anyone know why the game is not up for preorder on the EU PS Store? I was hoping to get the complete edition with bonus PS4 theme like NA get.
  14. @BlindMango Saw you region tagged some of the Let’s Sing games, thanks. ☺️ You missed the UK stack for Let’s Sing 2017 though. It was released under a different title but it’s the same game: Now That’s What I Call Sing 2. Also kudos on the new “PS2 Classics” grouping! The four Jak games for PS4 are missing through. They are the PS2 versions unlike the PS3 and Vita releases which were full remasters.
  15. Hell yeeeaaaah! This is a must for me, and it will go great with the limited physical copy I have of the PS3 one (PixelJunk 3 in 1 Collection). 😍