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  1. Can’t wait for this! I was half expecting a Two Point Theme Park successor so this is a nice surprise. Will be interesting to see more of this when it’s officially announced, just hope it’s coming to PS as well (I’m sure it will be).
  2. You need to turn each DLC on from the main menu, every time you play the game. It’s a very weird way they’ve done it.
  3. Yeah. It’ll be a bugger for alphabetising. 🙄 Also, why haven’t they shown up on this site yet? Anyone know?
  4. The only Lego games to be remastered so far are the two Harry Potter ones. So it’s unlikely but I guess there could be a slim chance they could do a Lego Indiana Jones Collection to release when the new film comes out. That’s the only possibility for the first one to get trophies now.
  5. In this case it’s 2 thousand 6 hundred and eleven. In English we usually use a . for a decimal point (ie 2.6 “two point six”)
  6. The version I got free with plus way back was the gold edition and it has all three DLCs. No idea about the disc though I’m afraid.
  7. Sorry to dig up this months later but since the PS3 Store is closing down, I decided to check through to see if I have everything I need. In doing so, I came across a few games on my download list I got with Plus that included DLC: • Assassin’s Creed III (seems to have come with “A Dangerous Secret” DLC) • Port Royale 3 (blog didn’t mention this at the time but it was the Gold Edition that was given with all DLC) • Risen 3 (came with 3 DLCs) • Thief (again seems to have come with a DLC: “The Bank Heist”) 😇
  8. You need to complete another REMIX level to unlock them. I had done the first three, got the star on the fourth, and the World 1 trophy unlocked. For those who have done all the REMIX levels, I presume restarting one of them and completing it again would unlock both trophies.
  9. How did you unlock Lets Swim? Can't seem to get it to pop.
  10. Yeah, they are very simple trophies in theory. The devs are working on a fix to release in the next patch.
  11. Got a response this morning: “Our team are working on a fix as we speak and we're hoping to get it released a fast as possible.” 🤞
  12. Indeed. I’ve contacted the support team and they’ve said they’ll look into it.
  13. Seems the REMIX trophies may be glitched. Has anyone been able to unlock them? I’ve completed the star challenges on the first three but the “World 1” trophy didn’t unlock.
  14. Two Point Hospital has new DLC trophies that need to be added here. Also, House Flipper needs a rescan as the trophy images have been updated.
  15. The new trophies have now been added to PSN. 😉