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  1. @BlindMango Just wondering what's the deal with the series feature? Why are some game series' accepted and some not?
  2. So I have done all the homie/loyalty quests in SR4 bar Asha’s. I have rescued her in the main story and she is there in the ship to romance but her quests won’t start. Three-Count Royale is in my quest log but when I try to start it, a notice comes up saying “the homie for this objective is currently unavailable. Try again later”. I’ve waited, and tried many times later, AND she’s standing right there in the ship! Is this a game breaking glitch or is there something I can do?
  3. Two more Legends! Well done to both of you. 😁
  4. SaGa series: 1. Romancing SaGa 2 2. Romancing SaGa 3 3. SaGa Scarlet Grace
  5. Same! Really looking forward to this, and it seems some of the features of 4 are back after being missing in 5, like actual fire stations and landmarks.
  6. You do indeed! I'll add you to the very special Legend tier!
  7. Congratulations! Only the second person to reach Legend tier!
  8. It’s “mega aquarium” but Megaquarium looks better as a brand/title. It’s more unique I suppose. Interesting! From the banner image I thought it looked very reminiscent of the old Theme Aquarium game from PS1/PC. I wasn’t too keen on it but Theme Hospital is one of my favourite games ever so might check this out.
  9. These “special edition” designs are so cool! Interesting to see it done with games (first time perhaps?) after many years of this practice for films. Hopefully they expand the series if these sell well. Glad to see my boy Ratchet included! 😎
  10. This is a loooooong time coming. They were probably the closest to a first party studio of all the third party studios out there! Will be interesting to see if there are any noticeable changes going forward, considering pretty much all their output was PS exclusives anyway.
  11. As your trophies are hidden, I can't check if you have all the plats or not so I can't add you. Sorry ☹️
  12. Have Theme Hospital on PS1 still to this day! And preordered this for PS4. Very rarely I go day one these days but I AM READY! 😍
  13. Can’t wait for this! Glad to see the series back on track after the last two releases.
  14. The Serious Sam trophy list is synced to various other trophy tracker sites though? https://www.exophase.com/game/serious-sam-collection-psn/trophies/
  15. Definitely PixelJunk Eden. That game has loads of trophies and is as hard as nails. It would have been an extremely rare plat!