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  1. Welcome! Project Platinum is just a little club for members of the site who earn platinums in certain series. There are heaps of them you can join, each with unique badges to earn. And speaking of which, you have rightfully earned the platinum rank on this one and "The Prince" badge!
  2. My Top 5 Tina Turner - “GoldenEye” k.d. lang - “Surrender” (from Tomorrow Never Dies) Sheryl Crow - “Tomorrow Never Dies” Patti LaBelle - “If You Asked Me To” (from Licence to Kill) Gladys Knight - “Licence to Kill” If Laura Branigan had done “All Time High” as was originally intended, that would’ve been up there for sure. But instead we got Rita Coolidge’s lacklustre version thanks to Barbara Broccoli! Damn you!
  3. Not sure if it’s rare but my most uncommon PS3 game at least would be the PixelJunk 3 in 1 Pack. 😁
  4. The PS4 version *is* the PS2 game though. It’s just emulated.
  5. Exactly! This is what I thought as soon as I saw the trailer. Although I think “Sackboy’s LittleBig Adventure” has a better flow to it.
  6. The trophy unlocked for me mid-project so they definitely count as you go along. I can’t say for sure if deleting the project would reset the count but I doubt it. The nodes of the first project are all very simple though so may as well just do them all then start over.
  7. Updated the list for you. Please let me know if I'm missing any 😇
  8. If you have an alt account you could use that for the two player nodes, however it would be rather tedious and there are some that require more than two people. Should be noted that you don't need to do any multiplayer ones for the trophies. The first project can be done solo and since you can do the same project as many times as you like, you could just keep doing that one until you complete 50 nodes. You would miss out on the unlockable items but would get all trophies. Otherwise, as above, Gaming Sessions are the way to go.
  9. Sandbox Mode and Superbug Initiative released today via a free update. Three new trophies added as well for Superbug!
  10. Noticed you've platinum'd WW and TTT since this post, so went ahead and added you to Sand Master! 😇
  11. The Adventurer rank requies two "Tomb Raider" platinums I'm afraid. I've added you to the Doppelgänger rank instead though.
  12. @BlindMango Here's a better header image for Two Point Hospital: link. It's a bit more appealing and matches nicely with the PSN game icon. 😇 Also the thread "Two Point Hospital is coming to PS4" can be moved from unreleased games to the game's forum section.
  13. Includes all the Steam achievements from the base game except one (Peer-reviewed: Complete a Multiplayer Challenge), and all from the first two DLCs. The only other achievements missing are from the Close Encounters DLC, and the Superbug Initiative and REMIX updates. All of which aren’t on PS4. Hopefully they’re added later though. 😇
  14. There are 31 trophies in total. I’m playing on an original PS4 and have had no issues so far. The fan doesn’t go crazy either.