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  1. Noticed you've platinum'd WW and TTT since this post, so went ahead and added you to Sand Master! 😇
  2. The Adventurer rank requies two "Tomb Raider" platinums I'm afraid. I've added you to the Doppelgänger rank instead though.
  3. @BlindMango Here's a better header image for Two Point Hospital: link. It's a bit more appealing and matches nicely with the PSN game icon. 😇 Also the thread "Two Point Hospital is coming to PS4" can be moved from unreleased games to the game's forum section.
  4. Includes all the Steam achievements from the base game except one (Peer-reviewed: Complete a Multiplayer Challenge), and all from the first two DLCs. The only other achievements missing are from the Close Encounters DLC, and the Superbug Initiative and REMIX updates. All of which aren’t on PS4. Hopefully they’re added later though. 😇
  5. There are 31 trophies in total. I’m playing on an original PS4 and have had no issues so far. The fan doesn’t go crazy either.
  6. It isn’t up on Sony’s servers yet but they’re basically the same as the steam achievements. The trophies for the two DLCs that are included are in the base game list and are therefore required for platinum.
  7. Ironically, this was the one game where “Platinum” wasn’t too bad of a name considering it was referencing Platinum Games. 😅 Now the tile doesn’t link to the name.
  8. So is this game anything like This War of Mine?
  9. @BlindMango Just wondering what's the deal with the series feature? Why are some game series' accepted and some not?
  10. So I have done all the homie/loyalty quests in SR4 bar Asha’s. I have rescued her in the main story and she is there in the ship to romance but her quests won’t start. Three-Count Royale is in my quest log but when I try to start it, a notice comes up saying “the homie for this objective is currently unavailable. Try again later”. I’ve waited, and tried many times later, AND she’s standing right there in the ship! Is this a game breaking glitch or is there something I can do?
  11. Two more Legends! Well done to both of you. 😁
  12. SaGa series: 1. Romancing SaGa 2 2. Romancing SaGa 3 3. SaGa Scarlet Grace
  13. Same! Really looking forward to this, and it seems some of the features of 4 are back after being missing in 5, like actual fire stations and landmarks.
  14. You do indeed! I'll add you to the very special Legend tier!