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  1. While this is true, it is a bit weird (and lame) that they just shoved as many as they could on one “DLC” with just two on the other. It would have been better if they had split them down the middle somewhere and then made some silver, or even gold (7 in each, or half and half by points).
  2. I wish they did give this game trophies. I’m having a blast going through it like it’s 1999 again! 😎
  3. no worries 😁
  4. @HuntingFever Thanks for the back-up on “Escape Game”. 👍 Would you agree with these above as well? Especially Zen Pinball / Pinball FX.
  5. This Escape Game series needs another looking at I think. I couldn’t find any link between the Aloha game and the Fort Boyard games: different devs, different publishers, different branding, similar title. I don’t think they are the same series. Also, with the Fort Boyard games, there are three (so stage 2 is wrong linking two separate ones): • “Fort Boyard” (released 2019) • “Escape Game Fort Boyard: (released 2020) • “Fort Boyard 2022” (released 2022) Easy mistake to make though as the lazy devs just copy/pasted the trophy list from the first, to the second game. Wikipedia shows the different games in the series (for reference).
  6. @BlindMango Hot Shots Tennis is missing from the Everybody’s Golf series. Probably as a “no stage” game? Everybody’s Putter Golf as well. Also Zen Pinball and Pinball FX are the same series, they just stopped using different titles for PS and Xbox. So they should probably be merged into one series.
  7. 1. GTA: Vice City Stories (PS2) 2. GTA: Liberty City Stories (PS2) 3. Tomb Raider II (PS) 4. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PSP) 5. Rayman (PS) + all other Tomb Raiders 😝
  8. To all suggesting tagging remasters, ports etc… No, I don’t think that’s what this thread is about. Surely the idea is only for the emulated classics. So the PS2-PS4 games and the new PS Plus classics catalogue. Stuff that isn’t natively ported to modern consoles, only running through the emulators.
  9. Yes! This is amazing news! Hopefully this means the last two PS2 GTAs will finally get trophies to complete the set!
  10. The disc version uses the original trophy list.
  11. I’ll pass then. Since I last played on PS3, I won’t even be able to import my online stuff over to PS5. So yeah, once was enough for me I guess.
  12. It’s not perfect but yes, it’s fully playable and platinum-able. If you have PS Now it’s a no brainer for sure. So much nostalgia and it’s “free”.
  13. A PlayStation/Nintendo merger would be really interesting to see. Imagine the possibilities. If both Nintendo and PlayStation felt Xbox was a big enough threat to them, it could be logical to team up. Also it would go full circle and right the wrongs of the failed Sony/Nintendo partnership of the early 90s.
  14. Just to point blame in the right direction, it was actually Sanzaru Games who remastered this and gave it the name “Sly 1” on the trophy list. My thinking is they didn’t know or realise they could give one list a different title per region so went with “Sly 1” to cover everywhere. The game itself is instead titled as “Sly Raccoon” in the PAL region, and “Kaitou Sly Cooper” in Japan.
  15. Well I’m excited at least. I think it’s amazing the game is still being supported after all these years, and not just with cosmetic stuff, but full-on new mechanics. I do agree that it should have been included in season pass 2 though, or at least offered at a discount for season pass holders.