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  1. Count me in, but I dont think I have the 50 points yet! This challenge will more than motivate me to be bothered haha EDIT: Nope, I don't. Damn it. But I have my backlog list! ARGH
  2. I am quite genuinely afraid of getting the keys in Crash 1. No way is that happening any time soon
  3. Can't, digital copy wont let me.
  4. Right, can anyone point me in the direction of a guide that actually works? None of them explain jack. I've been doing this for about 6 hours last night, rage quit, had a sleep, now just played 3 hours of it. I'm just sick of it, I'm done I'm about to just delete the game and move onto my next platinum and call this a fail.
  5. I dont know how to quote platinums.. So I got the Skyrim Platinum a couple of minutes ago. Not up on my profile yet due to syncing though.
  6. Note: I also mean the list of trophies on my profile when it shows me all my trophies. I want them hidden here, not just on the PS App.
  7. So basically as the title says. There are games on my profile showing up in Gaming Sessions and trophy advisor that I no longer own. I was thinking a way of hiding old games could be implemented in the system? Just a thought. Thanks
  8. Now a Squishy Vanquisher Just got A Crack in Time and Gladiator putting me up to 5 platinums
  9. Was using a L99 SuperNova. Just changed it to the Magma Cannon and got it 3rd try, thanks
  10. Oh sorry, basically kill 13 cycloids with the same weapon.
  11. Hey, I need help. I have trouble getting the "A Baker's Dozen" skill point on the Valix Belt, fulfilled the criteria by using the same weapon and it seems glitched. What do? Its the last skill point for my platinum trophy on it.
  12. Seems as though I qualify with 3 platinums. Am hoping to have it up to 6 by the end of the month though. I have R&C 1-3 and I'm going for A Crack in Time, Deadlocked/Gladiator and All 4 One.